Another important moment in Mini history, this time brought to you by the BBC’s On This Day website:

1966: Future of Monte Carlo Rally in Doubt
The Monte Carlo rally has ended in uproar over the disqualification of the British cars expected to fill the first four places.

The first four to cross the finishing line were Timo Makinen (Finland) driving a British Motor Corporation Mini-Cooper, followed by Roger Clark (Ford Lotus Cortina), and Rauno Aaltonen and Paddy Hopkirk, both also driving BMC Minis.

But they were all ruled out of the prizes – with six other British cars for alleged infringements of complex regulations about the way their headlights dipped.

The official winner was announced as Pauli Toivonen, a Finn who lives in Paris, driving a Citroen.

BMC and Ford have lodged protests but even if they are upheld, the reputation of the rally has been severely dented.

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Photo courtesy of the BBC.