Dension ICE-Link Plus Issues

As some of you may know Dension has been having a few issues with its latest release, the ICE-Link Plus. The new connector is meant to build on the success off the original ICE>Link (reviewed last spring) while including the functionality of the official iPod connector. However the biggest addition was to be the display of ID3 tags on the head unit.

That addition was to be available when a new version of the connectors software was released around the first of the year. While it still seems that ID3 tags should be available with the software upgrade it now appears they will only work on 2005 head units. Here’s a bit more from Tom and Dension:

“The ice>Link Plus will indeed display ID3v2 tags when the proper firmware is released. What we are finding out is that the pre-2005 will need more development – this does not say this will never be available.

An official statement is that we are looking into the situation at this time, and will release a firmware flash as soon as the ID3v2 text hurdle [on pre MY2005 Minis] is crossed.

Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion some have had with this feature. Initially we reported that ID3 tags would be available on all MINI models since that’s what Dension was reporting. Obviously that isn’t the case at this point.

The other issue with the ICE-Link Plus has been software conflicts due to the ICE-Link firmware. Previous ICE-Links have been relatively trouble free and typically much loved. Personally I’ve had the first version in my MINI for almost a year now and have enjoyed using it. However this new version has been beset with issues that have some users asking for refunds and others asking where to get the latest firmware. That said, it seems that things are starting to work as planed with the release of the last few version of the ICE-Link Plus firmware. Here are a couple of comments from the previous story we ran a few months ago about the ICE-Link Plus that illustrate some of the most reactions to the latest firmware:

I loaded 2.04 last night, no problems so far, course I didn’t really have any problems with 2.01. Just waiting for the IDv3 tag implementation now. – Jim

I just upgrade to Firmware 2.04 and everything seems to work as expected. But I’ve had surprises with the latest firmware upgrade a few days/jours after installation. So I’ll post some comments tomorrow after a full day of use. If you don’t hear from me anymore, that’s probably because my car has burned 😉 – Gregoire

This morning, I installed the latest update 2.05 (it can be found here). I have a 2005 mini-S convertible with H-K stereo. So far, it’s fixed all my problems, in particular with the “hot swap.” I’ve been able to turn the car on/off without my Ipod hooked up, and no problems (so far!) with turn signals and other electrical. – Susan

Firmware 2.04 works on my 2004 MCS with HK. No trouble so far after 24 hours of use. I’m happy after all the troubles I’ve had with previous Firmware. – Gregoire de Streel

For more comments from owners (and a few nightmare experiences with the initial firmware) check out all 149 comments to our original story here: Dension Introduces the ICE-Link Plus.

So it would seem things are almost back to normal with this latest version of the ICE-Link. We were planning on reviewing the ICE-Link Plus this month but we’ve decided to wait until ID3 tag support is implemented to give the product a chance to show-off all of it’s features. Until then we at MotoringFile think it’s important that a potential ICE-Link owner fully understands the situation and the previous issues. While we would still recommend the ICE-Link based on our experience with the first version, it’s important to make sure that you have the latest firmware on your iPod ready to be loaded before use.

The ICE-Link Plus is still the most integrated iPod solution available for the MINI. The Monster iCruze and the official BMW/MINI adapter don’t come close to the functionality or simplcity of the ICE-Link Plus. So while there are other options out there it’s still our opinion that the ICE-Link Plus is the best.

For those curious, you can download the latest Ice-Link Plus firmware here.

  • nice write-up gabe – thanks!

    i was one of the earliest adopters of icelink plus. it was acomplete disaster, but in the end dension refunded my money. a;; i can say to those who go for it is best of luck! in the very brief (and i mean minutes – not hours) time that icelink plus did function in my car i must admit it sounded great. i did have a problem with grounding issues though and could hear engine whine even with a fully professional installation. this was extremely frustrating and i believe even the bmw version is prone to this. while it may not be a problem for many, it drove me nuts as i produce music for a living and could hear the sound during quiet passages and in between tracks.

    after reading all of the reviews of both the dension and bmw/apple products i am sadly resigned to the fact that the ipod/car integration simply just “ain’t there yet” and am going to wait it out another year to see what transpires. steve jobs said that bmw had sold out of its adapter at macworld two weeks ago – and was working on a 2nd generation solution. hmmm….

    for now, 80 minute blank cds are 50 cents a pop and itunes bangs out custom cd’s in minutes flat.

    i’ll be watching and hoping something better for ipod integration comes along…

    cheers – drew

  • steve

    I’ve had the ice link plus from the beginning and must be one of the lucky ones. I think it’s great. Never had any problems and can’t wait for the tags support.

  • The kit was backordered from mid-December and I finally received it a few days ago. Snowed in now so it’ll be a while before I have a chance to install it into the car. Hopefully at a minimum, 2.04 is on there because previous to that – reports were not looking good.

  • Oh, and I have pretty much given up on the id3 tag thing. I doubt it’ll happen for non-nav cars and I realized that having a one line display anyway is pretty useless.

    I will get an aftermarket HU to display text if I want to in the future.

  • ChrisW

    So will they provide ID3 tag support for the 2005 head units in the very near future even if they haven’t figured out support for 2004 and previous models? If it’s working for 2005, let it fly, and release a version for earlier models when possible!

  • Kurt

    Original Problems with my Ice Link Plus: I too had a bad engine noise coming over the sound on my ice link plus and noticed it didn’t have the sound coming out of the right channel, a problem which was fixed by moving the harness connectors (not done properly at construction) with the help of a Dension Tech phone guy and it then worked fine with sound…

    Initial problems, like not recognizing the ipod unless I reset the ice link, seem to be the effort of pushing the product out to early, but mostly have been being fixed during upgrades, which just having the ability to upgrade is a HUGE thing for a product like this…

    After having installed 2.05 and currently running on a 2005 stereo head, I’d very much like to see the update with text abilities…

  • Kurt

    TO DENSION: I, and I think others, would like to see a mailing list that we can place ourselves on to notify us when upgrades have been posted for the ice link plus…

    really, is that to much to ask? if you other mini guys like this idea, I say we all email them with this idea…

  • That’s a great idea Kurt.

  • Also, what’s so different about 2005 HUs and 2002-2004 in terms of ability to display text?

  • Sunchaser

    I said something to Tom about the mailing list thing. He told me that there was not one, but he would add me to his personal list. Well, there has been 2 releases of firmware, but no email. Both times I found out her on the MotoringFile!

    Even though I am willing to stick it out for awhile and let them work out the kinks and the text display on the pre 05’s.

    I do find it in bad taste that they seem to just treat the pre 05’s as o well, maybe, maybe not attitude, and show a handful of comments from people that had the link work in there cars. If you take a look at that post the problems out number the success. You really cannot say something is a success when only 5% are successful!

    In my opinion I think Tom and dension should have started out with an apology! You don’t release a product without testing it. I know they said they did, but with the kind of problems they had it is hard to believe. I talked to Tom after the 2.03 release disaster, and he told me they where bring a mini in house to test for the problem. That only tells me that they never tried it in an actual car.

    Again, though I am not happy, I am willing to wait it out for awhile and see what happens, but I would not say that everything seems to be good.

  • andrew

    thanks for this review. i was considering upgrading to get the id3 tag on the display of my 2004, but since that doesn’t work, you just saved me $110!

  • Steve Carlin

    I have an ’05 MCS Convertible with the HK. I installed 2.04 and it worked fine. I installed 2.05 today. it works fine but still no ID3 text support. One of the last emails I got from the said that it was working with BMW vehicles but only Minis with the NAV.

    What is the striaght story? and when is there at least going to be ID3 text support for the ’05 units?

  • Dave

    I’ll take one once the ID3 issue is resolved. Suggest others considering buying this unit do the same. A little pressure on Dension to resolve the problem as soon as possible would be great (hate to have them never quite get around to it).

  • Dean

    I have an ’05 MCS w/ AUX input for my iPod. I’ll wait a bit longer for the id3 text to show on my head unit before I get one of these. Dension, if you are listening to your clients, get cracking. I feel most of us are waiting on you.

  • Adam Rabinowitz

    I bought this early december and was quite peeved with the original firmware and lack of fix for approx a month. I now have 2.04 installed and am enjoying it very much. I got it as a present so i’m not too worried about the id3 tag functionality however on my 2002 cooper it would be a nice feature.

    I think dension has learned a great detail in their mistake reporting these features and not coming through on delivery.

  • RHT3

    My MINI iPod adaptor works without noise, performs consistently and integrates the iPod seamlessly with the factory HU. It removes the iPod from view which reduces the liklihood of theft and declutters the interior’s unique and stylish design (a primary reason to buy a MINI). The factory adaptor locks out iPod navigation while attached. iPod operation, like ID3 tags or anything that diverts attention away from the road ahead, increases risk.

    Until I can insert an iPod into the factory HU, the factory adaptor seems to me the best solution. It’s available, dealer-supported and works well.

    I’m a huge proponent of aftermarket offerings for the MINI. I’d never buy say, JCW over Alta, but I fail to see the advantage of Dension’s product here. Why wait for aftermarket suppliers to make a product work with a questionable feature when one without them already exists?

  • I think the big reason some people prefer the Dension unit over the official one is it has all the features you mention plus many more for about the same price.

  • RHT3 –

    your is the first really positive sounding review of the bmw/apple adapter i’ve heard. thisis very encouraging! have you noticed any delay in starting up the music when you first fire up the car and connect the ipod? also, are you telling me there is no noise whatsoever from the engine? if so then i will most likely go ahead with my plan to install one in my new (and yet to be delivered) s.

    many thanks – drew

  • Pete

    I took a slightly different approach to having access to MP3s in my Mini.

    I got a Kenwood KHD-C710 Music Keg with a 10 GB hard drive, along with the Soundgate KBMWSIRV2 adapter. The adpater plugs in at the back of the car where the Mini CD changer would normally plug in and the digital player plugs directly into that.

    If you want you can even add the Kenwood Sirius tuner to the system, the adapter and the stock HU work them both.

    I can’t see ID tags and the HU display only shows up to 99 tracks, but I have 1500 songs on a playlist that plays randomly, has great fidelity and is totally “out of sight” for would be thieves.

    The total cost was about $350 for no Sirius.

  • RHT3


    I have no complaints about the factory MINI iPod adaptor’s operation or sound quality.

  • thanks RHT3 – much appreciated.

    i’m in – cheers – drew

  • Frank

    I also ordered the MINI iPod adaptor for my upcoming ’05 MCS. Can’t wait!

  • drew – not sure if you missed it but actually we had a pretty positive review of the official adapter last July:

  • Geoff

    As far as I’m concerned I simply can’t justify the extra money for the Ice-Link over the iPod/MINI set-up, especially given the recent problems. I’m waiting for my order from Classic to arrive now.

  • The price dif for those who may not know is $50 between the official adapter and the ICE-Link Plus.

  • Kurt

    The price difference IS worth it if you are motivated enough to upgrade the firmware every two weeks to a month until text works…

    This is like the argument between an Apple computer and Windows computer… you usually just want one or another for your own reasons even though the other might be better for someone else…

  • ChrisW

    The fact Tom hasn’t poked his head in to respond to this thread has me a little pessimistic…

  • Actually Tom emailed me last night… he’s still lurking I believe.

  • Geoff

    The $50 difference Gabe noted refers to list price – Classic sells the offical interface for 20% off the $149.95 price. That makes the actual difference more like $80. So for $80 I can get marginally more utility (no playlist limits, etc) and – someday (?) – id tags. No sale. I’ll save my $$ for another mod.

  • Well, I have been a “lurker” at this site for a month or so now. I have just ordered a 2005 MCS Cabrio. I am also a dedicated Ipod user (3G). I was at first delighted when I had heard that BMW and Apple had reached this interface agreement a while back. Unfortunately, the functionality as I understand it really undermines the pure beauty and ease of function of the Ipod interface. The beauty of Ipod IS its user interface. Having to create 5 BMW playlists (which would, I’m assuming have to be done via the computer BEFORE one goes motoring)Where is the spontaneity of thet when you have over 4,000 songs in your playlist. At present I drive a 2000 Toyota Celica with an aftermarket Alpine HU Ai-Net which is basically Aux in. I split my 12V connection to my phone and the Ipod and an Aux out from the Ipod. I Love the set-up. I can easily change playlist or song at a traffic light and the sound is great. I really do believe that I would choose the Ipod interface/ ice-link configuration or even the aux-in option that Mini offers over the BMW interface. Now if I’m really off base here in my interpretation of the BMW/Ipod interface someone please enlighten me! Thanks for a great sight Gabe. I’m sure I’ll become a regular contributor

  • Cathy

    I bought the IceLink Plus, sent the piece of junk back at the end of December, and am still waiting for my refund. I was told by Curtis that I’d have it last Monday (17th) but nothing yet. I emailed again, no response. Tom or anyone listening…I want my money back! This is bad business.

  • hang in there cathy – it took them a while to give me my refund. call them up and ask to speak with timea. she was the one who took care of me and was completely honest, professional and (believe it or not) sympathetic! nobody over there has lived up to thier promises – but timea was completely pro. if you still have problems give her a buzz.

    good luck – drew

  • Wow, this is a bit depressing.

    I was about to order an ICE-Link Plus. I have a 17 hour drive coming up, and definitely do not want to be using CDs.

    The official MINI adapter really isn’t an option for me; I didn’t purchase an iPod so that I could lock it up and limit myself to five playlists.

    All of the FM transmitters are a joke, and the Aux In option (being analog) doesn’t offer line-level audio like the Denison does.

    I suppose I’ll have to wait it out. I’d better start burning those CDs…

  • ChrisW

    What’s a “CD?” 😉

  • Mark

    Hey Nate, I have had all the problems above and not thrilled with dension, but I have them installed in both of my Mini’s running the 2.04 firmware. Minus the text display, they are working great. I figured that they had great success with the orignal icelink, I would stick it out.

  • Nate, I wouldn’t write off the AUX input just yet. The price is right, for starters. If you have an iPod with a dock connector, you can get a PocketDock with line out from SendStation. I’ve got one and use it all the time with my home stereo and in my wife’s Jetta (with a Blaupunkt HU with line-in adapter). I really don’t think there will be any decrease in sound quality by going that route vs. the Dension unit. An even better solution is to get the Belkin auto adapter for the iPod that uses the dock connector. It has a line-out jack on it that you can connect to the aux-in port (or use a tape adapter, as I’ve done in my own truck). That allows the iPod to charge, as well.

    The aux input plus the belkin adapter will run you about $80, not including installation. The PocketDock is $20 or $30.

  • Personally I wouldn’t let all of this stop me from buying an ICE-Link. The new software obviously works and. even without ID3 tags, gives you more options than any other adapter. The only argument against the ICE-Link that makes sense to me is that there are other solutions that, while doing less, are definitely cheaper.

    (And please keep in mind I’m not being paid or sponsored by ICE-Link).

  • Mark

    Hey Gabe, have you installed the 2.05 software? I have the 2.04 and working good. I figured if it wasn’t broke don’t fix it. So I was wondering if you, or anyone, as the 2.05 and if it made any difference?

  • No I haven’t.

  • Kurt

    Gabe, I don’t know whether you’ve answered this before, but what audio setup, including whether you have the ice-link plus, do you have in your mini? And any other cool things on your mini you’d like to brag about at the same time…

  • I’ve got the first ICE-Link installed in my MINI and an ICE-Link Plus sitting in a box on the floor of my office.

    I don’t have H/K as it wasn’t available when I got my car.

    Maybe I’ll do a Spotlight on myself someday 🙂

  • Nate

    Brian, thanks for the tips. I completely forgot about the Belkin auto adapter. My friend uses one in his Honda and is quite pleased with it.

    Mark, I may give the Denison a go yet… I have been thinking about gettiing it for so long, I’d be disappointed if I didn’t at least TRY it.

  • Gary

    Mark, I have 2.05 installed on mine, and it works great. I can’t compare it to 2.04 because I just got it. It came with E04, and I immediately put 2.05 on it. I’ve been following the drama here and on mini2 for awhile. I was just waiting for things to settle down, and I could’nt be happier, except for the ID3 tags, of course. ’05 MCS, H/K, ice>link plugged into back of radio.

  • Mark

    Thank Gary. I got my link with 2.01 on it and the dreaded 2.03 was available when I received it. So I went through all the drama. Like you said, now that everything is working, I am really happy with it. I was just hesitant going to .05 since it was working!!

    Now we just need to wait patiently for the text!

  • John

    I’ve upgraded to 2.05. Everything works swell. My question is… Can I now delete the files and playlist off of my iPod?

  • steve Carlin


    yes, you can. They were only on put the iPod as a way to get them from your pc/mac to the ice-Link. I delted them after the update without problems.

    Even though they don’t take up much space, if you do a future firwmare upgrade, you need to MAKE SURE THE OLD UPDATE FILES ARE OFF YOUR iPOD or it could cause problems with partial overwriting of update files.

    I would save the downloaded update package on your computer, however, just in case you need to reinstall later for any reason.

    I deleted them without any problem.

  • John

    Thanks, Steve, for the quick answer. I wasn’t sure if the icelink>plus needed to access those files everytime I plugged in. It didn’t say anywhere on the Dension’s download site whether to delete them, or not.

  • Marco Piff

    I do not have the same car but similar problems with the ICELINK adapter. I do have an Alfa Romeo 147 with a factory installed Blaupunkt radio. I installed the icelink and every thing works ok since I do start the engine then the icelink loose the configuration and you have to send it again using the ipod. The support at dension is useless and now they even removed the forum…

    Anyone with similar problem on the mini ?

  • Steve Carlin

    I have an ongoing problem with versions 2.04 and 2.05. After it has been hooked up to the ice-link, I cannot toggle the backlight on and off by holding the menu button down. If I rset the ipod, it will restore the functionality until I next hook it up to the ice-link, when the problem will reappear. while it basically works, this thing has been a big disappointment. I still have no answer as to when ID3 support will come to ’05 models, wich they claimed a while back was very near. the web site is virtually impossible to navigate. I only found the update page from this site. Going to the Dension site, i defy you to find an active link to the firmware update page. I guess it is just anothe tech company that is not ready for primetime. They came up with a good idea, and like lots of others, they over promise and underdeliver.

    I bought the ice-link in large part based on the rave reviews of the original and the Plus from this site. They must have given Gabe models that were actually tested and checked before being sent to him.

  • Buzz

    hi everyone,

    i found this discussion via google. i have the icelink+ (2.05) installed to an audi navigation system. when i start my engine the icelink+ “hangs up” especially when temperatures in the radio rack are about 35°C. that means in the cold car erything is fine after driving half an hour i got the problems when i try to start my engine. then i have to unplug the icelink (only a few seconds) from my navigation system, after that everything works fine until the next restart.

    Has anyone the same problem or
    a solution?

    (sorry for my bad english)

  • Blue Brummie

    Dumb question. I purchased the original Ice-Link last April. Can I upgrade to Ice-Link Plus ??


  • If anyone wants to know more about the Dension ICE Link plus please visit our compatibility page:

    Dension ICE-Link Plus

    Or call us for a chat, all advise is FREE and you don’t buy anything:


  • William Stapel

    Just had the icelinkplus installed with a Becker Traffic pro Bluetooth Radio( supporting Silverstone 7860 changer) The radio doesn’t recognise the ipod. after long trouble shooting upgrading the firmware reseting everything and so on i just got the following email from Dension “according the Dutch import office of Dension this radio doesn’t work with the icelink-plus”

    is this correct?

  • John Pritt

    Following on from William’s comment, I have an ealier version of the Becker (in fact, I have the JVC version, KD-NX1RB) and a 3G iPod. I received my ICE Link plus last week (version 2.05 pre-installed). According to the website, “Models compatible with the Becker Silverstone 7860 CD changer. This includes DTM, Mexico, Mexico Pro, Monza, Traffic Pro, Traffic Pro High Speed and Online Pro as well as selected manufacturer-branded head units used in Aston Martin, Ferrari, Maserati and pre-2003 Porsche.” I installled, the IceLink, reset the iPod and the head unit. If I choose the AUX IN setting, I can (just about) hear the iPod, but have to turn the volume right up to max. If I choose the CD setting, the iPod isn’t recognised. Worse: I can’t control the iPod from the head unit. Which means I can’t even choose the iPod gui controls. Since the Dension overrides the iPod controls, the only way to select the iPod gui is to push the CD6 button — which of course isn’t showing up on my display, since it doesn’t recognise the iPod or ICE Link as a CD! I’ve opened a ticket with Dension and am patiently waiting for a response. Any ideas anyone?

  • Do you know what’s funny? When I inquired about purchasing the IceLink I got a reply the next day. After I purchased it and have had constant problems with it no one from Dension will return my phone calls, my open tickets on their “support” site, nor my emails. Buyer beware. So far my experience has been: 1) They take your order and money, 2) Shut off all further contact!

  • Chris Williams

    I bought the ICE Link Plus in December. Took me about an hour to install into my BMW and worked fine. . . .until the next day when I just saw CD – on the display. I can change tracks by unpluging the iPod and manually changing but steering wheel / head unit controls are unresponsive. The sound quality varies. I have loads of 96kbps files that, when the bass kicks in sound terrible, but all 128 upwards files are fine. When I had my Audi wiuth a cassette adaptor it was drawing analogue sound so there was no problem, it seems that the Dension draws directly from a digital feed, and so half my tunes are unlistenable. . . I have just unplugged it and plugged it back in (thinking there may have been some kind of short circuit), …. it worked again for about 3 hours (sound quality still sucked with half the tracks) then. . . CD – I was on a 5 hour journey, so the ignition was on and there was no way that the connections could have loosened. This has to be a fault with the hardware. This s u c k s. I was expecting something amazing and have now reverted to burning CD’s again.

  • John Pritt

    I just want to update my comment. I’m still waiting for a response from Dension support…but in the meantime I contacted Dension France who told me (the same evening!) that it was probably the JVC changer protocol that was the cuprit. ALthough the head unit is a rebadged Becker, it seems it doesn’t use the Becker changer protocol. I swapped head units to a “real” Becker (a DTM) and everything now works fine: it is recognised as a CD-changer, I can hear it, I can control it. So, I’m happy again.

  • Willem H. Stapel

    I’m still waiting for an answer i’m using a real Becker traffic pro bluetooth and i still doesn’t understand why is shouldn’t work so i’m thinking of a hardware problem

  • John Pritt

    WIlliam, I agree that it sounds like a hardware problem. The 7945 Traffic Pro Bluetooth is compatible with the Silverstone CD Changer, and so I see no obvious reason why your Ice>Link doesn’t work. Have you tried it with any other Becker unit to test?

  • Willem H. Stapel

    Just got an answer from Dension

    “current ice>Link firmware (2.05 and earlier) has compatibility problem with certain BECKER head unit. The BECKER code is completely rewritten in the new 2.06 release and according to the test results works fine with BECKER head units now.

    2.06 is still in beta test phase, but if you are interested and ready to help us with testing, we can give you the latest version and would be happy to see your feedback.

    Best regards… Dension Support

  • John Pritt

    Maybe this will help some people…Dension have just released a new version of the ICE>Link software (2.06). You can download 2.06 firmware from These are the release notes:


    Firmware upgrade recommended for the following car interfaces and users: – SONY – C2 + SONY (OEM headunits with Connects2 adapter) – BECKER – KENWOOD – MERCEDES – BLAUPUNKT – Alfa Romeo (Alfa 147, 156) – VW/AUDI – iPod Photo users – AUDI – VOLKSWAGEN

    New features: – Double size display characters on iPod while displaying song informations.

    Bug fixes: – Corrected menu acces with OEM HU + C2 adapters. The previous versions switched off ice>Link Menu after 2 seconds. – Fixed Kenwood and Mercedes freezing problem. With earlier versions the HU refused the ice>Link after some weeks. – Corrected Blaupunkt interface. Now compatible with DX-… navigation HU-s. – Fixed Blaupunkt communication interface. The previous versions froze at engine start. Now fully compatible with ALFA ROMEO 147 headunits. – Fixed Blaupunkt functional problems around track step. – Fixed VW/AUDI Pause problem at ignition/radio off. The previous versions sometimes left the iPod in play state after radio power off. – Modified SONY/BECKER communication interface. Now compatible with PORSCHE CDR- 220 (tested), and maybe with CDX-F5000 serie.

    Known Bugs: – AUDI navi+ ignition on problem – “CD Check” message on new (2005) BMW headunits while track change.

  • optimind

    Has anybody with a mini able to upgrade to 2.06? When I tried to upgrade it first sat there for a while and then displayed an error code to the screen. I tried it again and I keep getting error code 13. If I watch the track numbers go up on the headunit it stops at 34…

  • Steve Carlin

    I just upgraded from 2.05 to 2.06 with no problem. I guess that doubling the text size on the iPod is what Dension meant by id3 tage support. At least now I won’t go blind or fumbling for the iPod while driving trying to see what is playing.

    I remember it like yesterday: “we’ll have id3 v2 text support for the Mini before the end of the year” (two and a half months ago).

    When will I learn never to bet on a software company’s promise. It’s like buying a tv from on those online “stores” that are all located in Brooklyn: here’s the price and your receipt until you “call to confirm”, then there’s the insurance, the warranty, etc.

    This kind of crap does not advance the trustiworthiness of e-commerce.

  • Steve Carlin

    I just upgraded from 2.05 to 2.06 with no problem. I guess that doubling the text size on the iPod is what Dension meant by id3 tage support. At least now I won’t go blind or fumbling for the iPod while driving trying to see what is playing.

    I remember it like yesterday: “we’ll have id3 v2 text support for the Mini before the end of the year” (two and a half months ago).

    When will I learn never to bet on a software company’s promise. It’s like buying a tv from on those online “stores” that are all located in Brooklyn: here’s the price and your receipt until you “call to confirm”, then there’s the insurance, the warranty, etc.

    This kind of crap does not advance the trustworthiness of e-commerce.

  • SAM

    Ive got a 2005 A3 s-line and would one of these kits installed. I have purchased the dension kit and a dasmount. Does anyone live in the UK who can fit this for me? willing to pay? Midlands, Manchester or Leeds is where i work so i am free to get to you.

  • Kurt


    This runaround by the company is just some straight up bs… I remember there being talk that the text worked on the 2005s, but they were fixing it on others.. well? where’s the code to make it work on 2005s???

  • Kurt

    TAGS SUPPORT!! (But Beta Version)


    or go to and click on the support area… BMW text should be one of the options… I haven’t tested this yet though to see if it works on my 2005 mini…

  • Steve Carlin

    Has anyone gotten the beta for id3 text to work? I just tried it with my ’05 MCS convertible with HK system (no NAV) with absolutely no luck. When I started playing the “text to radio” file and plugged it into the ice-link while the radio is on, it did not appear to trigger an update at all. After a second or two, the standard ice-link screen appeared on the iPod and music started playing.

    Any thoughts?

  • Steve Carlin

    Well, I just got a response from Zoltan at Dension USA. He says the beta will only work for cars with NAV. If you have the NAV, go to this site: and download the “text to NAV” materials and try it. I am going to try the others and NAV, too, even though I don’t have it.

  • Torfinn

    I have had the Icelink plus with IPOD 40Gb installed for a couple of months in my A6 with Navi 2002. I have had problems with intermittent lockups on the unit from day one. However I feel that both support from Dension in Sweden and US have been great. They have responded to all mail and from fw 2.06 it is noted in the readme file that this bug is known. I have been offered a complete refund for my unit. I’m still waiting for next f/w release and hope they will solve the problem because this is a really great product. If anyone have experienced the same problem or have a solution please email me.

  • alfred


    Are these compatible after firmware 2.06 upgrade?

    Can anyone tell me?

    If you have a BECKER TRAFFIC PRO, what was your experience with the ICELINK-PLUS ? Did it keep the ipod on even with the radio turned off?

    * Please reply *

  • John Pritt

    I have a Becker DTM, almost the same. I had problems with version 2.05 (disappearing connection) that seem to be resolved now with version 2.06. The actual update was very easy – less than 2 minutes and no problem. There still is a problem with traffic announcements. What I have noticed is that the radio cuts in at the start of an announcement and then returns to the iPod at the end– as it should, of course. The trouble is that the iPod does not pause at the beginning, only at the end! And doesn’t restart. Since I use the iPod gui, this isn’t a big issue for me anyway, as it’s easy enough to push the play button, but if you’re not using the iPod gui, then it’s a hassle. Dension say they are aware of it and that it should be fixed in a future release, but haven’t said which one, or when. I have seen one comment elsewhere that someone was having continuing problems with 2.06 (disappearing iPod, needing a reset of both the iPod and the head unit), but as far as I’m concerned, version 2.06 is much more stable and works.

  • Craig Cesman

    I have just installed IceLink Plus in my new Alfa GT. Uses same radio as 147 – Bluapunkt 937 OEM.

    Buttons 1-6 don’t work, the only way to get to the IceLink menu is up button (6 times) to CD06.

    I assume because the car comes with a 10 disc changer not a 6, that this is the way it works.

    Firmware std 2.07

    Can anyone tell me which radio buttons do what?

  • Rich

    I just installed the icelink plus in my 2003 Z4 3.0. I am getting a horrible whinning noise when I accelerate. It seems to be associated with the rpms. There is also some interference at all time that is most noticable between tracks. Does anyone know how to fix it? I am waiting for support to call me but after reading all of this I am not hopeful.

  • alfred

    Thanks John for your reply

    The problem I am having is the cradle charge does not turn off when the radio is turned off

    The headunit is not communicating with the icelink unit to turn off?

    Anyone else notice this problem?

  • John Pritt

    Alfred, you can configure this from the Dension menu. You have three choices: – charge always when iPod is on, max 2 hours after ignition turned off – no charge – charge while ignition is on

    It looks like yours is set to always charge (in theory it should switch itself off after two hours).

  • John Pritt

    Rich, I think you’ll need to connect an earth wire to get rid of the noise. I’m pretty sure its one the loose wires attached to the Ice>Link, but can’t remember which one.

  • Steve Carlin

    The attached is now on the already hard to find firmware update page: “Important notice !

    Dear Customers, current ice>Link Plus models implement the full desired feature set already, therefore no generic firmware updates released in the future.

    However we are comitted to continue our product support and to make bug fixes available if necessary.

    Feel free to contact Technical Support if you have any issue.”

    Sure sounds to me like they are telling their customers to take a flying leap when it comes to ID3 tage support. Whatever happend to alleged version 2.1?

  • John Pritt

    I agree with you, Steve, that it looks like they are telling us to stop bugging them! On another site, however, I read that someone already has a version 2.10: the person had a problem with his Ice>Link and a Becker head unit that didn’t work properly when he receied traffic announcements. He returned it to his supplier, got it back, installed it, checked the version number…and it read 2.10. According to the vendor, 2.10 will be released to the general public…sometime. I also read about someone who had a version 2.07. So, someone, somewhere, does seem to developing upgrades at Dension. But noone seems to know how to get hold of them! Perhaps we should all write a form letter to Technical Support?

  • smartin

    Mercedes Benz + ice>Link PLus + firmware 2.06 work OK , but with AUDIO10 CD dont work to enter in menu options of ice>Link

  • Maximo Yarritu


    I have an Alfa GT with a Blaupunkt 937. I’m thinking of buying an icelink so as to connect my ipod-mini. But I have some doubts I hove someone can explain me : 1.- Dension affirms that you can have as many playlists as you want. On the other hand you can only access to the first 5 playlists using buttons 1-5 or up/down of my radiocd. Is that correct ? 2.- The only way to access to the other playlist is to go into the icelink menu via button 6 and navigate using the ipod interface. Is that correct too ?.

    Thank you very much.

    Maximo Yarritu Arnaez Madrid – Spain

    Alfa GT 1.9 JTD Distinctive

  • Steve Carlin

    Could this be the holy grail? I was just wandering around the hopelessly disorganized Dension web site and found the folloiwjg link to a firmware update for ID3 text support for BMWs WITHOUT NAV: I am going to download and try tonight. Keeping fingers crossed.

    Let me know if anyone else has any luck

  • Steve Carlin

    It had to be too good to be true. The links to download the software from the page I referenced are empty. Thus, you can’t download either the zip or exe files. The download history link does show that it is not compatible with NAV systems.

    These people are EVIL! Every time I think they are finally delivering on their 11/04 promise of ID3 support, they get my hopes up and then crush them. I have never dealt with a company so disorganized.

  • Scouser

    Just you all on a search. Glad that someone else has Version 2.10.

    I just bought a Plus and I thought I was going mad as all I can see for firmware version is 2.10. But I have prety much all the problems outlined here for pre 2.06 upgrade.

    I have a Blaupunkt DX-R70 head unit and I keep loosing the menu when I turn the head off. I was about to upgrade to 2.06 thinking that the 2.10 I read was some other versioning. Now that I see someone else has a 2.10 I acn see I have the latest and greatest version. Except it is very flaky and requires me to entirely disconnect the IcElink adaptor at the power end to reinitialise it every time I switch the head unit off. Otherwise all I get is playlists and I can’t access the damn menu on either the head or the ipod in order to get to iPod UI. I give up!!

  • Steve Carlin

    Well, the newest files are now there, but don’t work on my unit. I did the update and it now shows that I am running version 2B1 of the firmware. Unfortunately, not only does the access not work, but after I did the update, I lost the ability to access the ice-link set up menu entirely! I then tried to launch the text support file maually by going to genre/_config/menu/BMW text/text to radio and starting the text to radio file and then hooking up to the ice-link. It has no effect and the ice-link immediately starts playing music.

    Let me know if anyone has any luck with this update, but be warned about loss of access to the ice-link menu.

  • ChrisW

    Eureka, text display is working for me! 2.b1 firmware, Feb ’05 build, H/K audio.

    See pics here, post #977.

  • JohnM

    Am I missing something? I’ve just purchased a the ICE link Plus but it has only got the 2.02 firmware. Where can I get the latest 2.6 firmware from? The link is useless….

  • John Pritt

    Try this link, it has almost all of the different versions:

    Hope this helps.

  • Fin G.

    I could really do with some help! I have the icelink plus with 2.10 firmware. It’s connected to a VW Golf V head unit (RCD300).

    My ipod is getting power from the head and I also get the Dension menu.

    However, the head unit does not recognise the icelink as a CD changer. Also, the menu system on the ipod hangs whilst connected to the icelink cable.

    I’ve tried to reset the head unit by (a) removing the fuse and (b) disconnecting the car battery but to no avail.

    Seems that the head unit has an internal battery back-up (I’m not asked to re-enter my CD/Radio ID code), so I’m guessing that it’s not reseting.

    I’m not keen to disconnect the cable as it’s almost impossible to reach.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Fin…

  • Rob

    I don’t know who to be more upset with, Dension or MINI USA.

    Dension promised ID3 tags for 2005 MINI’s. I have an ’05 with a 10/04 build date and the firmware didn’t work. I wish they would get off it and either honor their commitment or offer refunds to those of us who were duped into believing they would follow through.

    As for MINI USA, it seems they change the radio software every week so some ’05’s work with the Dension firmware upgrade and some don’t. The local dealers tell me they can’t upgrade the radio software, MINI USA tells me using the ice link voids my warranty. Even if you could get a software upgrade for your MINI radio, who’s to say it’d even work!
    While the fact that Dension’s firmware is not working isn’t MINI’s fault, MINI, of all manufacturers, should know that we buy MINI’s for the ability to customize. Their unwillingness to assist in issuing a software upgrade is upsetting, particularly because they issue software upgrades for the engine management system from time to time. Heck, MINI, and many of its dealers, can’t even do a $0.99 fix for their notorious H/K passenger door speaker buzz. We end up having to do it ourselves after much complaining. Do we need to get a petition together and send it to Dension’s management and demand the ID3 tags?

  • Jake

    Hi , Please help, I’ve got the icelink plus with v2.02 firmware. I’m trying to connect it to a VW radio navigation unit.

    Problem 1: There are two wires (brown and orange, on the harnes, where do I connect them?

    Problem 2: Connecting the unit (without these wires) have no response from the head unit (no shuttle found.)

    Heeelp please? anyone please help.


  • mark

    I just had an IceLink+ installed in my BMW 523 which has a “business radio” I think. They told me it would work with the new firmware 2.B1. I went thru the installation steps but at the last step of selecting the text display function from the IPOD menu and getting the display on the headunit to select CD#2 to get the text display working it did not work. Despite trying to restart/reboot etc I now cannot even use the #6 button to get the IceLink menu on the Ipod. Basically come to a standstill. Then I found this site. Should I bother trying to get this sorted or just get them to take it back?

    Thanks MG

  • Dan

    I have the icelink plus with v2.04 firmware and have it connect to the trunk CD Changer on my BMW 2005 3-Series. I works fine for a while, but then eventually cuts out and no longer see’s a CD Changer connected. The only way to fix this is to disconnect all the cables, restart the car, and plug everything back in. Has anyone had this problem, or have any insight into a solution?


  • Jorge

    I have installed Ice Link Plus in my RCD 300 Golf V radio, but i can´t see song information in the radio display, i only see track numer x, when playing the songs from my ipod. Anyone have idea obout what happen with my radio?, thanks…

  • Dimi

    The orange cable goes to the illumination wire of your dashboard.. for brown cable I have no idea, but I really need to know too.

  • John Pritt

    Re: the coloured wires, isn’t the dark brown one an earthing cable to be connected, for example, to the radio’s chassis or cage?

    Also, if running v2.02, really suggest you look to upgrade to the latest version.

    As for displaying song information, doesn’t this depend on the radio’s ability to display text? And if so, then I think that the text option has to be set in the radio’s menus, which should be explained in the radio user manual.

    Good luck!

  • Mark

    It seems so many have been having trouble with their Ice links.

    I too have been having woes, my unit was working fine in my 2004 mini S. But I suppose my greed for text display got the best of me. My tries at firmware upgrade failed, and now I can’t even use my I pod in my car! I worked with Tom at Dension, but after two emails he stopped replying. I’m going to send him this link just to see our satisfaction.

    It’s too bad its as promising piece of hardware but as for now it’s just a piece!

    Here’s hoping we all get some satisfaction.


  • Dennis

    Hi, all!

    I just bought an Ice>Link Plus with f/w 2.05. Like Rich (above), I get a nasty whiny engine noise. John Pritt wrote about connecting the ground wire as a solution (also above).

    Does this really work to fix the problem? If so, which wire is the ground wire?

    If anyone has a solution for the engine noise problem, please post…

    Thanks very much! Dennis.

  • Dennis

    Me again. I found on another forum that Dension has an official fix for the engine noise/whine for BMWs. Call their tech support and ask for the “BMW TRUNK EXTENSION CABLE REPAIR” in PDF form.

    They’ll email you the document right away. The fix is pretty simple–it involves gently popping open the 6-pin connector to move the black ground cable to a different pin position.

    NO nasty splicing and NO need for ground loop isolators or noise suppressors.

    I have successfully upgraded my Ice>Link to firmware 2.B1, which makes full use of the headunit’s display for all Ice>Link menus and song information.

    Here’s one VERY HAPPY Ice>Link customer.


  • There’s a lot of bad press with respect to the Dension. However, I think some of the comments are very unjust.

    BMW have had a very bad two years with respect to electrical faults and a lot of these problems are purely down to BMW and not Dension.

    Also having the unit fitted incorrectly is also a common cause of problems. My advise is use UniCAR to fit them…they are the UK’s authorised fitting company for Dension.

  • Tim Barker

    Unfortunately I have had a mixed experience with the Ice>Link Plus 2.07 on my Blaupunkt DAB54 and iPod Photo 60GB, here in the UK. The sound is great, but I have had 3 problems from the outset:

    1. The number buttons don’t select playlists although playlists can be selected using the CD up/down buttons.

    2. Although selecting playlist #6 brings up the Ice>Link Plus menu on the iPod, I can’t select any menu item – although I can move up and down the menu options. This is a serious limitation.

    3. I’m repeatedly told on my iPod screen that the Blaupunkt profile has been loaded and that I need to switch my engine off and on again.

    However, these issues pale in comparison to the total lack of response from Dension Support.

    I opened ticket “BCH-14059-577” on 20th August and then updated it to request any comments/feedback. There has been no response from Dension to this whatsoever.

    On 25th August I sent an email to the Dension “” address supplied, asking for a response to my ticket. Dension’s response was to open another ticket “BCH-14059-577” containing only the original email text. This isn’t really appropriate, although it may have been an automated response.

    I work in a fast-moving IT support environment, so I posted a reply to this redundant call on 1st September asking Dension to simply close it. So far there’s been no activity to even close this ‘nothing’ call from Dension, which is utterly ridiculous.

    All I can assume is that they are either overwhelmed by support issues, under-resourced, don’t have adequate procedures or are just lazy.

    As such I recommend that people steer clear of Dension Ice>Link Plus unless you are absolutely sure that your head unit and iPod will work to your satisfaction with the Dension product – including the firmware version.


  • Steve

    I just installed my new ice-link plus with a Kenwood EZ700SR head unit. The firmware version is 2.07.

    So far, operation is extremely flaky with this Kenwood model.

    In Dension-UI mode almost any operation from the head unit puts the iPod into REPEAT and/or SHUFFLE mode. And, as with almost every other iPod->car integration scheme I’ve read about, communication with the head unit and LCD updating is extremely slow.

    In iPod-UI mode (if you can get it there – you must make sure the disc number is NOT set to 6 before reconnecting the iPod) the track/fast forward/backward skip functions sometimes work, and sometimes don’t. The pause function seems to mute and/or power-down the iPod instead of just sending a pause command – I’d heard this was a kludgy side-effect of some Mercedes factory HUs, but the Kenwood?

    I never got any response to my pre-purchase “support ticket” to Dension tech support asking about specific ice-link integration with the EZ700SR, and I couldn’t find any first-hand reports on the web about experiences interfacing these two products. There’s no forum on their site (they’re probably leery of the avalanche of flame postings) and their firmware page says “everything is up to date” – yeah, right. (A 2.11 beta release is already available at the link mentioned above.) Faced with this total lack of information, I figured I’d order it, hope for the best, and return it if it didn’t work.

    At this point returning the unit looks like the best way to get value back out of my $200 purchase. Even though Kenwood’s own iPod-interface has received absymal reviews, it can’t be worse than this, and hopefully the integration with Kenwood’s own head unit will be more graceful.

  • Rob

    I found version 2.03 to be most stable with my Kenwood.

    It came installed with 2.10, I tried the 2.11 firmware and various old versions but settled on 2.03. It generally works well, but sometimes loses connection from the head unit to the Ice Link so have to turn ignition off and restart the car in order to fix.

    I too have had no response at all from my Dension ticket. Grr!

  • Ben

    I recently got an Ice Link Plus for my Kenwood KDC-MP8017 and at first it was really frustrating. However, I found the 2.11 (shows up as 2c11 on my ipod) firmware online and updated my Ice Link. After that it worked pretty much flawlessly. Every now and then my radio will lose connection from my ipod (30 gb photo) but after turning off my ignition and turning my radio on and off it works again. A quick note about my 30gb photo ipod. On Dension’s website they said that the 30gb photo ipod wouldn’t work with the active docking cradle. However, it works fine for me. I don’t know if I got a new version of the cradle that fits or something but it works fine. For anyone with a Kenwood head unit, it took me a while to realize that the FM and AM buttons control the Disc changer (discs 1-6), which gets you to the ice link menu. While I have had to tinker a bit with the ice link plus, for the most part I am satisfied. I haven’t tried any support but I have heard it’s bad.

  • I just bought the I20-JVC Ice>Link Plus. I’m having the same issue as John Pritt (earlier posts). I have a 4th Gen 20GB iPod. If I choose the AUX/INPUT setting, I can hear the iPod no problem, but the head unit controls don’t do anything (with the exception of the SOURCE and VOL +/-) and the iPod continues to play songs but the click wheel doesn’t respond. If I choose the CD Changer setting, the iPod isn’t recognised. Worse: I can’t control the iPod from the head unit. Which means I can’t even choose the iPod gui controls. Since the Dension overrides the iPod controls, the only way to select the iPod gui is to push the CD6 button — which of course doesn’t work because I can’t control anything on the head unit! I too have opened a ticket with Dension and am patiently waiting for a response. Any ideas anyone?

  • John Pritt

    Tim, you don’t say what your head unit is. My (first) probléem was that I had a JVC navigation unit, but was using the Becker version of the ICE>Link (because I thought that the JVC, being a rebranded Becker, would have the same CD-changer protocol — I was wrong). This is “solved” by getting a “proper” Becker head unit. If you are using the AUX input, then I don’t think that the ICE>Link is needed. This may be why the click-wheel doesn’t respond, since I guess it would be disabled by the ICE>Link. Have you tried resetting both the iPod and the head unit (disconnect it from the power supply)? This may enable the iPod to be recognised when using the CD changer option, and let you configure it. Also, check the software version of the ICE>Link to make sure you have the latest compatible version. You say you have the JVC version, but as far as the Dension compatibility list is concerned, there isn’t a JVC version. Go figure. Perhaps you should check with the dealer who sold it. I hope this helps.


  • Johnny Colon

    I just received my Ice Link Plus and installed everything but the power cables. Don’t know where to get the power from. My Car is a 2002 BMW 540i with DSP. Any ideas.

  • C Yarbrough

    I just purchased a Harmon/Becker Traffic Pro 4773. I received a new 30GB ipod for Christmas that I need to be able to play throught the TP. I talked by phone to a salesman about the Dension products. He suggested that I buy the Dension universal which they have listed as the Dension I20-Aux rather than the Dension I20-Porsche. He stated I would control from the Ipod only and that the I20-Porsche would only provide limited control through the 4773. He also stated he had never seen the 4773 used with either Dension products. If someone with personal experience would offer advice I would be verey appreciative. Thanks.

  • The Dension kit for the Becker is one of the most straight forward kits you can purchase. Basically the becker kit will work with any becker headunit and it can be viewed here:

    Dension for Porsche

    Most Porsche have Becker headunits installed as standard and thats why we have categorized this kit under Porsche.

    We also sell the Becker headunit removal keys:

    Becker Removal Keys

  • ben senize

    ice link causes an unbearable amount of alternator whine and dension provides no support. 250 bucks in the trash.

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  • David

    I used the Dension Ice>Link Plus to bring iPod play with MP3 tag text display to the BMW CD unit and steering wheel controls. Hats off to BMW for their forward thinking design in the 2003 325xi by selling prewired CD Changer 6 pin connectors and a head unit that was capable of text. The ease of install and quality sound and maneuverable play lists have been very enjoyable. I suspect some of the install problems related to firmware upgrades needed, not rebooting the ice>link on install by battery disconnect and poor use of ipod playlists. Dension has moved onto new and oem products and has change head unit design for the better.

  • ozone567


    For all of you that have probably been ripping your hair out trying to figure out this problem I too have wasted many days on this. I tried to install the dension iceLink in a couple of 2002 & 2003 330i models as well as an 05 M3 and always had the same problem this annoying buzzing sound accompanying all of my tracks. I tried playing with the connections, re-wiring all the cables, hell I even bought the latest version of their product as of late 2006 and none of this solved the problem. I tried playing with different setting like the iPod EQ, turning the halogens on and off to see the differences and NO FIX!!.

    Until finally after contacting Dension almost 2 dozen times and them having told me buying the latest product would fix my problems, which it never did I was able to get a PDF document out of them which in 8 super easy steps details the process of switching the ground wire around. Apparently this is a known issue, and known enough that they have a document with pretty good high quality images that explain how to move the ground wire around that should be on one of the connectors in the trunk. After months of struggling with this, in about 10 minutes I switched the ground around and VOILA! No more buzzing, no whining nothing. It was all gone. Here is a link to the pdf I through up on my server, please enjoy, I hope it helps and pass it around as I know hundreds of people are having this same problems.

  • ozone567


    Updated Link, the last one got modifed during the post. This one should work.

  • Darren

    Please HELP me.I have the icelink plus in my AUDI A4 and I was trying ot upgrade the firmwar from 2.05 to 2.15 and i started playing the start_update file then inserted the ipod into the cradle.My cd changer display imediately started scrollin throught tracks 1-99 but when it got to 99 my head unit switched to the in dash cdplayer and the icelink never rebooted.I cannot switch to the cd changer at all anymore and nothing happens when i insert my ipod into the cradle.I tried pulling the fuse for a few minutes but still nothing from the icelink.Is it dead? Can’t I reload the firmware to it somehow for another try.I can’t get it to do anything.I even unplugged the module from my headunit for awhile and then put it back in.Still nothing.any help would be much appreciated.Thanks

  • mark from Hong kong

    thanks ozone567, I have the same problem you had, it works perfectly now.

  • Arfster

    Ozone you rock man…i was so pissed for the last 4 weeks thinking id just have to get used to the noise…U ROCK! it works!

  • RFBakeruk

    Hi Darren did you find a fix for this as I have the same problem?

  • Dennis Chang

    This was originally written for’s thread but I couldn’t post with all the URLs in my document. See the original thread at:

    And here’s my post:

    Hopefully this will help someone. I went through all the firmware nightmares before when installing my ICELink>Plus I20-BMW-T into my 2001 BMW E39 530i with Business single-CD HU, and I was rewarded with three years of solid, fully-functional use on firmware 2.2B2. If I remember correctly, I had to swap out my ICELink>Plus hardware version 1.1 for a hardware version 1.2 in the troubleshooting process.

    Imagine my surprise to find that the exact same ICELink>Plus unit would work in my R52 2007 Mini Cooper S Convertible with non-Navigation Harmon Kardon (Boost single-CD) HU! (It did take a while to figure this out, as no source specifically mentions the 2007 MCSC as being supported, but I found that it’s pretty much the same as the 2006 MCSC, in which there were two or three success stories on the web.)

    Some time ago, I had driven over to Dension USA in Signal Hill, CA and swapped out the cradle for the glove-box dock cable and the trunk cable (noisy, even with the proper pin-swap), so I effectively have a back-of-the-head-unit kit, not the original I20-BMW-T (trunk) kit. I had reinstalled the kit so many times I can do it in my sleep and know the pitfalls (such as the HU connector not seating properly, resulting in crackling/cut-outs in some of the speakers).

    Here’s what I did:

    1) I followed the DIY instructions at

    to remove the HU.

    2) Then, the instructions at:

    to install the back-of-the-head-unit cable, but of course I don’t have the cradle and decided to drill a 0.5-inch hole in the left-side of the glove box to feed the dock cable through. I used a strain relief-type grommet to plug the hole and secure the Dension dock cable.

    3) At this point, the ICELink>Plus was working in the following ways:

    • My 60GB Video iPod w/ iPod firmware 1.2.1 is detected by and plays properly through the ICELink>Plus
    • track info is shown on the iPod but only “TR01” on the HU Multifunction Display
    • iPod wouldn’t respond to any of its own controls and could only be controlled by buttons 1-5 and Next/Prev on the headunit and the steering wheel controls
    • HU button 6 does not bring up the Dension menus
    • RND button shows and works

    But hey, I was happy, since I could play my first five playlists and charge the iPod while it’s hidden in the glove compartment. This is a step up from using the AUX jack, and at no additional cost for hardware.

    4) I read here and at MotoringFile that some people had succeeded in getting ID3 tags working on 2005+ Mini Boost HUs with a firmware upgrade (from early versions such as 2.01). So I searched for and found the latest possible BMW-specific firmware, 2.2B4.

    I downloaded the latest BMW-specific ICELink>Plus firmware, 2.2B4 at:

    Looking at the included text file that shows the changes, it appears that there really is no benefit to me upgrading from 2.2B2 to 2.2B4–they are pretty much functionally identical. In the face of the high risk of bricking my ICELink>Plus, I figured I’d go ahead and upgrade it. Doing so was as simple as:

    a) putting all the firmware files into iTunes and putting them all by themselves into my iPod’s first playlist b) plugging in the iPod and turning on the car, at which time it began playing the last song I had played c) pressing the HU button 1 to force the ICELink>Plus to play the first playlist containing the update. I had to do this because I could not access the ICELink>Plus Setup Menu either through the HU button 6 or through the iPod, which was not responding to its buttons

    The upgrade went fine from TR2 through TR99 and then rebooted the ICELink>Plus, resulting in my HU switching to FM radio and telling me I could disconnect my iPod.

    d) I pressed HU button “Mode” to switch back to the Dension, at which time it discovered my iPod and displayed firmware version 2-2B4. Success!

    5) But my HU still wasn’t displaying ID3v2 tags, and I still couldn’t control the iPod except with the very rudimentary Next/Prev and playlists 1-5 buttons. So I began reading more of this thread and tried:

    6) resetting the Dension by unplugging the fuses at F10 and F27 (F10 did nothing–it was F27 that shut down the radio). This didn’t work.

    7) Downloading and playing the CarIf_Clear.mp3 file from:

    (The trick with this and the following steps is to detach the iPod, turn on the car and HU, switch to the CD changer mode, then press play on the song, and then quickly attach the iPod to the ICELink>Plus.)

    This did nothing either, and it would just start playing the very first song on my iPod.

    8) Downloading and playing the CarIf_BMW.mp3 file from an earlier post in this thread.

    No luck–the Dension still ignored the file and skipped to the first song on my iPod.

    9) I figured that since my ICELink>Plus and iPod appeared to be half-stuck in iPodUI mode and half-stuck in BMW Text mode, I’d probably have to reset the unit to be fully in either one of the two modes. I found the BMW_Text_disable.mp3 file:

    This did the trick! I saw some text on my radio (“ANNOUNCE” if I remember correctly, but it flashed by pretty quickly). Then, I pressed the HU button 6 to activate the menu, which showed up in teeny tiny text on my iPod’s screen.

    10) The iPod’s face controls were still not working, so I used the Next/Prev buttons on the HU to navigate through the Dension menus (Playlists, Artists, Albums, AlbumPlay, Setup). I drilled down into:

    Setup>Text On

    and then I held down the Next button to activate this.

    Immediately, the tiny menus on my iPod disappeared and I started seeing the menus on the headunit’s Multifunction Display. “Artists” showed up clear as day.

    And I found that even though my iPod’s face controls still didn’t work, the iPod now showed no track info on the screen, just the Dension logo (as it did before when in my E39). More important, the HU button 6 now works and kicks the ICELink>Plus into its menus.

    So, everything appears to be working great (have yet to let it burn in to see if electrical problems surface, but I made sure that “Charge>Play” was set so that it doesn’t charge the iPod nonstop.

    11) Finally, for safety purposes, I removed all the ICELink>Plus files from my iPod.

    With this switch, I avoiding having to spend $160 on a new DICE unit or $500 (dealer-quoted hardware plus install) for the official OEM Mini iPod interface. I hope that someone else can make use of these instructions–thank you to all the other people who posted their problems and solutions in various forums, because it was your answers that helped me assemble my solution.