The Bangkok Post does a good job of putting into plain english (a bit ironic if you think about it) all the the recent technical information that has been released on the new range of MINI engines due late next year. Here’s an excerpt:

There are four versions of the 1.6: non turbo 74hp and 115hp units and turbocharged 143hp and 170hp engines, although BMW won’t use the 74hp version.

All versions of the new engine include variable valve timing, composite camshafts, single vee-belt drive for all ancillaries and energy-saving `on-demand’ water and oil pumps. The oil pump alone contributes a one percent rise in fuel economy.

The crankcase has a two-piece bedplate, common in race engines, and the crankshaft is cast for the non-turbo engine and forged on the turbo.

The engine is narrower, lower, but slightly wider than today’s unit, and weighs a reasonably light 120kg in turbo form.

Non-turbo versions use BMW’s Valvetronic throttle system, although that name won’t be used in the Mini because BMW bought the technology from a Swedish company and the license only covers the BMW brand. The turbo engine has an unusually high compression ratio of 10.5:1 for a forced-induction unit. Today’s supercharged S makes do with 8.3:1.

It also features a common-rail direct-injection fuel system that pumps at up to 120bar and a twin-scroll turbocharger. This cuts turbo lag because the flow of exhaust gas to the turbine is split into two lighter and faster reacting gas flows.

…Eventually the engine will feature in 20 Mini, Peugeot and Citroen models and be made in a volume of one million units.

Peugeot will limit its use to the 1007, 207 and 307, and Citroen will use it in the C2, C3 and C4.

The new engine will be introduced by PSA at the end of next year. PSA’s engines will be built at Douvrain, France and Mini’s in the UK at BMW’s Hams Hall factory in the Midlands.

Talk about econimies of scale. It looks like the new engine will find it’s way into just a few more cars than the relatively paltry number of Euro-spec Neons and MINIs the current engine is found in.

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