Just in time for, uh… February, Edmunds new website Inside Line has a full test of both the MINI Cooper Convertible (MCc) and the MINI Cooper S Convertible (MCSc). Here’s an excerpt:

Whether you’re slicing through traffic or tearing up a twisty road, there’s not much that can stay with this little bugger if the curves are plentiful and open straightaways are few. Backing up this impression is the base car’s fast 64-mph run through our slalom course, which puts it wheel-to-wheel through the cones with full-on sports cars like Nissan’s 350Z and Mazda’s RX-8. Yes, this Cooper had the optional Sport package, which gave it the same sticky tires (195/55VR16 Dunlop SP Sport 3000s) as the S model, but there’s no denying its giant-killer potential.

Able to attack the slalom with even more vigor, the Cooper S whipped through the cones at nearly 67 mph, a most impressive feat. As both Coopers had identical suspension calibrations, the increased speed is obviously due to the S’ greater power that provides more pull from cone to cone. To put this stellar performance into proper perspective, consider this: We’re talking a bigger number here than those achieved by the 2005 Chevy Corvette and Porsche 911.

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