The Counter Counterfeit Commission In Action

[ CCC Border Raid Video ] / 3MB Quicktime

It just gets better and better…

  • Eric

    Sweet! Just wish the 9 minute DVD wasn’t $20. Ouch!

  • RB

    I just saw the commercial on TV here in LA around 5-6PM. FUNNY STUFF.

    I ordered the DVD for a fellow MF follower who lives in Germany but it, the site, suggested it would take between 6 & 8 weeks to get.

  • Vanwall

    Guess those funny-looking jalopies from down in TJ are gonna be fording the Tijuana River soon. La Migra will have full garages right quick! 😉

           Rob in Dago

  • PocketRobot

    I saw the commercial on cable and I thought it was great. Alas, my wife just does not get it.

  • Allan

    The commercials are hilarious, I think I might buy the DVD for the heck of it.

  • Travis

    could somebody please email me and tell me if this is a joke or if this is actually a problem. i got a splitting headache looking at that counterfeit mini website and there is no way there can be that many idiots in this world that would buy 2 motorcycles duct taped together or a 70’s impala painted up supposedly being a 2003 mini cooper but has a tape player and 3 in the tree transmission. PLEASE SOMEBODY TELL ME IF THIS IS A JOKE!

  • This is a joke.

  • Anthony

    i loved this commercial, and i am a huge fan of the Minis. Just wish that the video wasn’t $19.99 !!!

  • Alex Palomino
  • Alex Palomino

    this website sells the counterfeit minis in the commercial and it looks real???

    the site has all of these crappy looking “mini coopers” and it says that the cars were actually bought.

  • Alex Palomino

    2004 MINI COOPER


    SOLD FOR: $3,887


    Check back soon for another great deal from MINI 4 Auction.

  • Alex – that site was covered a few weeks ago on MotoringFile. It is part of this campaign by MINI.

  • Nadia and Sebastian

    Where did this joke start? We are trying to figure out how someone got the money to pay for all these commercials all for a joke. We don’t get it. Thanks Nadia and Sebastian

  • Brian

    I think everyone knows its a joke… but I dont want to pay $19 to watch a commercial!

  • I don’t know if the commercial is effective or not for other people.

    For me, it’s a given the cars must be fun to drive, and easy to park, but I would like to have technical info, (not just go-fast, but on longevity/reliability) which would convince me it’s worthwhile to buy the car, for the crowded city, where I live, but also to go on road trips, into remote areas and dirt roads, where I like to go on vacation.

  • I don’t know if the commercial is effective or not, but for me, who would buy the mini primarily because I live in the crowded city, and want an easy car to park, but also want to go on trips into remote areas, (not “off-roading” for a wild ride, I want to get into quiet areas to camp) this site lacks technial info, on reliability and design, which I want in detail.

  • This commercial made me toot soo loud .. and than i sharted myself.. but if i had 20 dollars i’d buy it for a friend then make a copy for myself and love it..

  • Keith

    hmm, you know, if people really are that dumb, i may just paint my truck with the english flag and sell it for twice what its worth…it looks more like a mini than a freakin GTO. but seriously, thats a great advertising campaign by mini, cus its funny and people are going to remember that commericial.

  • theres a counter counter counterfeit site…

  • Me

    I know the commercial is a joke. But it seems like something too odd to spend money for an actual commercial for. Is there some sort of actual product?

  • Victim 100

    I have been the victim of a counterfeit mini cooper. I paid 12,000 dollars for my 2005 “mini cooper”. I took it to my mechanic to have it checked out after it spent 18 long days in a crate being shipped from antarctica. My mechanic told me it is actually a 70 dodge duster with a British Flag and racing stripes painted on it. I tried contacting the person i bought the car from but i was informed by someone that he or she had fled antarctica in fear of me finding out that the mini cooper was a fake.(im not serious)

  • nibiano

    victim 100, i thought you were serious at first. this is nothing to laugh at.

    i purchased a counterfeit mini off ebay. i’m still fighting with ebay over who is culpable. the seller has pretty much disappeared.

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