2005 Geneva Auto Show Gallery

We’ve got another auto show gallery for you. This time from the 2005 Geneva Show.

A big thanks to Fabrizio for all the photos.

  • mj

    Gabe, I noticed in these MINI pictures that the rear light cluster is clear for the turn signal. This something new for 2005; a Euro thing? Any news on this?

  • RML

    Love all the pics – it’s great to see so many MINIs all in one place! 😀

    Is that what all the European tail-lights look like? I thought the only difference was an amber indicator lense?

  • RML

    lol, spontaneous posts 😀

  • Gotta say, that new VW GTi is looking goooood.

    All the audi’s new facelifts look great too.

    Of course the MINI’s deserve comment, their display was cool… Probably much better than those used here in the US.

  • Mykl Milligan

    I am curious about those rear light clusters as well. I want those if there going to be available!

  • Fab

    Hi, i’m the author of the Geneva photos. I’m happy that you like the pics! 🙂 The rear light cluster with the clear turn signal is an option in Europe from 1st week 05 production. My MCS (which arrived 10 days ago) has this. It cost in Italy 55 Euros (around $50).

  • Fab

    I send to Gabe some photos of my MCS with the rear light cluster clear, for me no problem if you want put it on a site!! bye from Italy

  • The wing on the Works MINI continues to be fugly…

    I’m glad to see my chosen interior (Tartan Red/Black cloth/leather) featured again. 🙂 But wow is that red door ugly!

    What’s the story behind the MINI/Minis on the stairs?

  • ChrisLW

    Yeah, re: MINIs on the stairs, what’s the Sony Ericcson logo’ng for? A BT hookup?

  • Fab

    The old mini was the original MonteCarlo Rally and was on the floor, and the new on the stairs, is to show how is the car used for European Mini Championship! SonyEriccson is one of the sponsor!!

  • The white tail lights are available as a dealer option outside the US but I haven’t heard anything about them being offered here yet. I can’t imagine they won’t be at some point as the 02-04 version is available.

  • Franz

    Thanks for the armrest pics. It does open! The plastic appeared to be anthracite. Is that correct or was that just lighting? That Lotus was sweeeet!

  • Yes it opens, as we showed here at the Chicago auto show a few weeks back.

    As seen in the pics, the armrest should come in two flavors, silver and anthracite.

  • As seen in the pics, the armrest should come in two flavors, silver and anthracite.

    I ordered my interior with the body-color (Chili Red) interior; can the non-body-color pieces in the car (down-tubes, etc.) be ordered in anthracite? Do those go with the anthracite headliner?

    I’m beginning to think there are too-damn-many options to choose from. 🙂

  • RML

    Thanks for the tail-light answers! I really like the look of them – hopefully they’ll come over here to the US!

  • Robert

    Contrary to what some folks have written, I think the carbon fibre rear wing looks better than I thought it would now that I have seen an up-close picture.

  • David

    I think the JCW wing just looks tacked on like any other aftermarket boy-racer wing. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so… BEHOLD, IT’S UGLY.

    The stock MCS spoiler just flows so much better with the exterior. There are many other aftermarket spoilers for the MC and MCS that look so much better and are more functional as a spoiler and less so as an air brake.

  • dc

    i note that one of the pictures of the interior of the armrest shows it with a phone docking cradle. It looks like they’ll do the same thing that they do in BMWs.

  • dc

    on second look its definitely a docking cradle, but maybe for an iPod? It has a button in the front, but the symbol is not the normal face with sound wavings coming from the mouth… I can’t tell what the symbol really is.

  • Here’s your answer (as reported last November): New Bluetooth Integration and Phone Dock.

  • pseybold

    man i want a pepper white w/ red roof mini like in the pics! wish that was an factory option.

  • Mykl Milligan

    I am curious if i can get those lights as i am impatient and not willing to wait and see if they come here to the US

  • ajigel

    I have to agree about the spoiler – the Mini factory options look like they belong on the car, the JCW one looks like all the oversized spoilers I see being poorly welded to rusted out civics and camrys.

  • Mark S.

    Am I seeing the two-spoke steering wheel in a couple of those pics? If so, what’s the story there? Is it still available in Europe?

  • I can’t believe it took thiis long for someone to mention that 🙂

    Yes it is still available outside the US.

  • Fabrizio

    The red roof is only for the show: my friend that work in a MINI dealer sad me that… so pseybold, be quiet that is not avaible also outside the US! 🙂 the two-spoke steering wheel is standard on all modell in Europe(or better, in Italy ya) and like option we can have 3-spoke with or without multifunction.

  • Frank

    Have you guys noticed that the 2-spoke sport steering wheel is still being offered in new MINIs outside of the US?

  • Frank – look two and three comments up 🙂

  • Mykl Milligan

    Im still more interested in those taillights and where i can get better pics or buy some

  • John Robbins

    Is the yellow Lotus an Exige, or an Elise? I’m wishing the 2006 U.S. model Elise will have the Exige roof line, engine cover, rear spoiler. Any reason to hope?