Clear Photos of the Next MINI's Interior

While we’ve already reported extensively on what will be seen both inside and outside the next generation MINI, we hadn’t gotten our hands on any clear photos of the upcoming potential interior changes. Until now. Wheels20.co.za has now taken care of that issue with a full page of the same rough prototypes AutoExpress had already published in it’s printed magazine a last week. While there’s nothing new here that wasn’t reported on MotoringFile in our Next Generation MINI Revealed story, the pics do a great job of illustrating many of the reported changes. Check ‘em out:

[ MINI Cooper Interior (2007) ] Wheels24.co.za

For further detailed info on the next generation MINI’s interior, exterior, and new engine range, be sure to check out last week’s MotoringFile scoop: Next Generation MINI Revealed.

Note: The exterior photos also on the site are of a camouflaged testing mule and do not represent the next MINI’s exterior in any way.

Written By: Gabe

  • I said it before


    Put a cup in the cup holder and accidently toggle off the DSC or something else in that little cluster.

    Why put important switches near such a heavily traficked section of the car like the cupholders/ligthers.

    The interior looks like it was thrown together by different people with different ideas on what they wanted.

    My 04 interior is not perfect, but at least it is consistent.

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    I totally agree with you on the DSC button issue. I think that’s an example where the designers were trying to create a rally inspired interior without thinking of actual usability. I love the look but can only imagine the issues in real life with the layout. I would assume that will be caught in the design reviews.

  • Damon

    UGLY! is all I have to say. MINI has not made one positive improvement visually. The 2002-2004 are the best. Too bad. they can’t leave greatness alone.

  • RB

    Exterior is not my taste but who knows if this is just a mule?

    Likes….New door panels, but looks like it looses some storage….some of the center stack….I wonder if that tall toggle-like switch where the mirror button is now is still the mirror button? Kinda goofy and breakable.

    Do some of the steering wheels look really large?

    Dislikes………..Exterior…… especially the trunk area, as shown….someone here commented JHo butt….I’d have to agree. That totally gets away from the original clean look, but it may just be a cover. The front end………well I’ll just have to wait. Hope the keep the S scoop.

  • Mike


    I’ve actually seen the new MINI in real-life and so I can tell you first hand that the exterior looks absolutely NOTHING like those pictures. The MINIs in those photos have a bunch of junk added on to them to hide what the car really looks like underneath. I’m under NDA and so I can’t really say too much, but I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed with the exterior of the car (from what I’ve seen anyway).

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    “I wonder if that tall toggle-like switch where the mirror button is now is still the mirror button? “

    As mentioned in the article we released last week, that’s the optional iDrive controller.

    “Dislikes………..Exterior…… especially the trunk area, as shown….someone here commented JHo butt….I’d have to agree. That totally gets away from the original clean look, but it may just be a cover. The front end………well I’ll just have to wait. Hope the keep the S scoop.”

    Again – that exterior pictures on that site (and eventually stolen and seen on Autospies) are totally camouflaged and do not represent the next MINI’s exterior in any way.

    If you’d like to know if the next generation MINI will keep it’s hood scoop (among other things) read our previous story: The Next Generation MINI Revealed (from last week).

  • petsounds

    Well, there’s not much reason for me to rehash the comments I posted in the previous article about this new interior, suffice it to say that these new photos have only cemented my earlier thoughts for me. Unlike Gabe, I don’t hold much hope that this design will be massaged significantly before rollout next year. It seems too far along in the design process to completely rethink the center console area. The best we can hope for is some sort of damage control. Just putting the console components in black instead of silver would be a big step in reducing the “look at me, I’m a gadget” feel it has going on right now. I actually like the MINI logo-shaped climate unit, but maybe that’s because I have the auto-A/C in my MINI. Unfortunately, the other components fight with it.

    Things they can easily change: the shifter that has “sedate BMW” written all over it; the air vents that look like a cheap 70’s Euro model.

    You know, I do still like the center speedo area overall, but these photos more significantly underscore just how huge it is. As I’ve said in my previous comments, it tends to fight visually with the steering wheel due to its large proportions. The tiny air vents next to it only exaggerate its domination of th e upper dash.

    In the end, the overarching design criticism I have is that nothing flows anymore — the FrankenMINI, as I described it before. Not only does the dash have a different style for each section (upper dash -70’s retro, center console – Best Buy cheap techy gadget, shifter area – stodgy BMW sedan), but the lines of the dash don’t flow very well either. The major lines form this sort of stretched out oval with awkward lines stretching down to the floor..reminds me vaguely of a warped Infiniti logo. The problem area for me are the corner points where the curve of the upper dash meets the vertical lines underneath the speedo (as if the speedo needed another focal point to point it out). The lines just feel very 70s to me.

  • Michael Burchill

    Is it me, or is the MINI’s interior moving too far in a ‘Buck Rodgers-esque’ direction? I don’t like the idea of integrating the stereo head unit into the speedo.

    I’m also not a fan of the way the boot is shaping up… it’s too notchy and sticks out too far. The current car’s boot is better sorted, and ties everything together nicely.

    Other than that, I guess it’s OK.

  • KevinR

    OK Gabe, here are some of my thoughts when looking at the pictures:

    Have you ever seen the sequel to a hit movie and walked out feeling like the directors tried too hard to top themselves?

    The speedometer reminds me of a scale at an old grocery store.

    The center stack wants too much to be hip, cool and retro all at the same time.

    The shape of the dash reminds me of mid-’70s BMWs, but with none of the style or feel of quality. It also doesn’t seem to fit with a 21st century car.

    The door panels look nice, but they do away with storage space in a car that is very short on it to begin with.

    I’m not sure how someone is supposed to access the DSC, Sport and the third button from the driver’s seat, but I can see how they could easily hit them by putting something in the cupholder.

    I’ll refrain from comment on the exterior until a non-camouflaged picture is posted. But I don’t think that making the car bigger is a good thing.

  • renaultf1

    The speedo is way too big as is the arse end of the car…Gabe, swear on your MINI’s owners manual that the rear won’t look like that…it looks like a Jeep or a Subaru Forrester.

    The rest I can live with (oh, except iDrive).

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    I swear!

  • GSKChicago

    Okay, so when will the speculation of what we see in this and previous posts of yours be confirmed, denied or otherwise? I mean, when will the ’07 actually be released to public view for ordering, etc., where we will see actual press coverage from MINI, etc.?

    I would think they will need to start letting people place orders several months in advance like they did when the MINI came out in 2002… That said, late ’05 they will release concrete data? Early ’06? Can you say Gabe?

  • rbm4

    General design of the doors look ok but needs room for storage and the oval detail is too thin. The monotone door dosn’t work. The dash detailing is out of porportion. The overall dash shape has too much BMW influence. I they need to look back more to the original Mini and the current one and try and evolve the shape. Dash is a bit too serious. Speedos surround has too much mass around it. If it can be thinned out it might work. Center console: Poor use of space and porportions need work. I miss the tubes which I think is a styling cue that gave the interior character. The buttons by the shifter need to be moved. I’m sure they will be more improved mock-ups and these posts a a cheap way for BMW to gather comments on there work rather than paying people in focus groups. Looking forward to seeing more updates!

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    GSKChicago – I’ve heard two timeframes.

    (1) that production will start in the fall of 2006

    (2) that the next MINI will debut at Geneva in March of 2007.

    I’m hoping it’s the former personally. But of course MINI will have something special for us in regards to the current MINI for the 2006 model year to make you forget all about this “new” MINI talk and keep sales robust through the end of the current MINI’s lifecycle. I’ll have more on that next week though :)

  • Nicholas P

    maybe the ugly markups are to get all of us to trade in our current MINIs (for them to sell certified pre-owned, no less) and buy 06 to keep the sales strong for the next year until the 07 comes along…

    then they’ll make the 07 much better looking in order to continue sales for 07+ models…

    it’s all starting to make sense now…

  • johnsocal

    As much as I try to like it, I can’t.

    I wont argue that the quality will be better, but it lacks soul.

  • Nicholas P

    ” wont argue that the quality will be better, but it lacks soul.”

    perfectly put

  • Andy

    Oh my, where to start? …I feel the dash looks very disjointed, like there are pieces stuck together that don’t belong. The air vents on the ends are a good example of this. The seam above and below are very obvious instead of a clean surface or line… The joint-lines where the dash meets the center stack are another example… The center speedo I kind of like. The data center could be a nice touch and it does have a sort of retro feel to it. However, unlike the current speedo that seems “housed” in the dash, this speedo seems to protrude from the dash like it was wedged in or is simply too big for the space. Part of this is, again, the use of seams around the top and bottom instead of smooth, flowing lines… The hazard button on top of the speedo looks like an afterthought… I like the idea of a simple slot feed for the cd player but the protruding silver(?!) head unit is too obvious given that the radio info will now be in the data center of the speedo. Why not integrate a clean, simple slot into the dash without the silver surround?… The “mini styled” climate controls are now too obvious. The current setup is much cleaner and understated. Again, instead of seeming integrated it looks silver plastic blocks were stuck on the clean black center stack background… ditto the toggles. Does there need to be a big plastic surround engulfing the toggle switches?… The new shift knob lacks character but I don’t mind the placement of the dsc, etc. switches. There’s really no other logical spot for the iDrive joystick as the MINI doesn’t really have a center console… I personally prefer a 3 spoke steering wheel. It is much more sport oriented. I don’t dislike 2 spoke steering wheels. The one on the 02-03 MINI wasn’t bad. This one is. The spokes are very thick, or tall, almost as big as the center of the wheel. Also, unlike the 02-03 MINI, these are more horizontal giving the wheel a very “boulevard cruiser” look instead of a sporty or fun look… All that being said, I don’t think the new interior is necessarily a disaster. It could be, if it looks very close to this. I’m hoping that because this is a rough mock up many of the seams, joints and “stuck-on” pieces will be more integrated and flowing in the final version. Making the center stack components black to match the dash would be a big help also… The current tach looks almost out of place among all the new pieces. Just my 2 cents…

  • Allan

    Two words. Very BMW..

  • joe

    Allan – I agree, looks like it is influenced by BMW style

    the general contours make it looks more ‘mature’, not quite as fun as the current models

  • Alex

    “Why not integrate a clean, simple slot into the dash without the silver surround?”

    That would be a LOT better!

  • Zack

    After thinking a little more about it, I still do not like the speedometer. If I needed Nav, I wouldn’t mind the speedo because it kinda works with the screen in the middle. But without the LCD screen, I see no reason for it to be the size of a basketball.

  • http://users.adelphia.net/~rocketboy/index.html Rocketboy

    I’m not seeing that center stack making it to production. It looks exactally the same as a rejected idea during the concept phase of the new MINI. I wish i had the pics, because they were actually on one of MINI’s websites (Canada, I think, but I can’t be sure which one), and I swear, it looks just like the mockup-mockup pictured above…

  • schmoop

    I love my ’02 Cooper and plan to keep it forever. There have been very few changes since ’02 that I actually prefer. But if through some sort of tragedy I had to replace mine with one of these 2007 versions, the bottom line for me would be: is it still one of the most fun cars to drive?

  • Bart
    • I love the idea of incorporating the nav screen into the middle of the speedo, so I understand that tends to make the speedo bigger

    • I think the outer casing of the speedo looks to bulky/padded and seems to magnify the speedo size too much

    • I really love the (Hyper Blue) painted dash surfaces in my MCS, and I’d like to see more/larger painted surfaces on the new dash..I think it lets you experience the color of your car from the inside much more, and I think that is missing here (I see a lot of padding on the new dash)

    • I like the MINI logo climate control

    • I think the center stack is trying really really hard to be cool, and maybe needs to calm down some, perhaps by dropping some (or all) of the other silver shapes

    • c’mon, a joystick behind the stick shift for Idrive has got to be as awkward to deal with as a rotary cellphone ;p … why not a 4-way mouse button on the backside of the steering wheel (like the original MFSW-which I still miss BTW) -?

    ~ overall it looks like the roll cage concept of the current interior would give way to a more conventional padded plastic interior..

    nevertheless, it’s STILL beats a Camry interior ;)

  • mataku

    i agree with most of the comments: The center console looks very odd. Too much of the MINI logo put in there. First speedo with the vents mimic the look, then the non-nav speed has the logo at the bottom, then another logo with the A/C controls. Way too much in there, very overwhelming and tacky.

    Also, there does seem to be quite a bit of wasted space in there. Lastly, I agree with the tubes comment, I really liked them on my current MINI, and liked the silver tubes, black center better.

    what is that big red thing on top of the speedo though?

  • mataku

    one more thing, i’d like to see less buttons and more toggles (for the DSC and such). Possibly on the headliner, that would be fun, although i’m sure many disagree.

  • Bart

    You know, on second thought, they should just ditch the speedo altogether and make that big circle a giant analog clock… so when the big hand is on the 8 and the little hand is on the 6 you know it’s time to be at work…..

  • Bart

    lol or is it the little hand on the 8 and the big hand on the 6 -?? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow……

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    mataku – the next MINI will feature toggles on the headliner. Specifically near the rear view mirror.

  • http://www.jamesday.net/mini James

    There are two slightly different center stacks in those photos. The one with the nav is much better than the squared-off joint below the speedo without nav. If the speedo has the nav system, where will the speedo needle be, in the middle of the nav screen and the needle with move in front of the screen? It’s not clear.

    I don’t mind the larger speedo. The two outer air vents look bad, though. And I will always prefer a two-spoke steering wheel, I sometimes like to rest my hand at the bottom where the third spoke is. I like changing the station and volume without taking my hands from the wheel, like you have to do with the Nintendo-style buttons on the front.

    I have seen few changes since 2004 that haven’t screamed “cost savings”. BMW is definitely making the MINI cheaper to build. But then why all the wasted money changing an already great design?

  • mini d

    I don’t know where to start, I see the dash of a 79 Corolla, mated to air vents from a 72 GMC pickup and the steering wheel from an early 80’s Buick Century and the center console looks like something one of my friends would have built in auto shop to put inside his Chevy Luv pickup. I really dislike the interior and the direction they are going. It has been said ad nauseum that it seems as though the designers are trying to be too cool and retro. I think they miss on all accounts. The speedo is over the top, way too big. The outside vents are too big compared to the center vents. I know that they probably spent countless hours in design, but I am afraid with the mish mash of shapes and contours it looks completely thrown together. I am not a fan of the MINI logo climate control either, it looks way too contrived, almost Disneyesque. My opinion is biased I am sure, because I love the current interior. They hit a home run when they designed it, and I think MINI is the first of the retro themed cars to find out the next generation of “retro” is not going to be easy to pull off.

  • J

    I like the new interiors feel. The plastics look to be of a higher grade. It looks more like a BMW than the current MINI’s interior. I really dislike the new speedo. The current speedo has a much better layout. I really really hate the long digital display within the new speedo. It’s really ugly. The moving of more buttons to shifter area is really stupid. The current layout is perfect with the seat warmers located in that area but moving DSC from the toggle switch cluster would be a really bad choice. The button layout makes no sense and seems to make the interior look busy. I’m not really sure about the climate controls. The new door panel layout is also a little odd but the materials look to be made of higher grade plastics. MINI needs to be careful with changing an almost perfect interior. I could see a need for better materials and more storage but a complete makeover is not needed.

  • StevieC

    I have to agree with most comments posted so far, in that I am not very fond of this new interior design. Firstly, the speedo is WAY too big. The current size is more than enough, this new one is much too overpowering – it looks like there’s two steering wheels!!

    I also prefer my two spoke over this new design. It looks like a bad clash of styles, & nowhere near as sporty as the current 2 or 3 spokes.

    The air vents look very generic and don’t match the character of the car, not like the current ones do. The outer vents are also much too large and have the effect of squeezing the dash (making the speedo look even larger again).

    The new shift knob is screaming to me – replacement. The original one is much cooler, literally. :)

    The new cup holders and shifter area of the satnav version looks like Mickey Mouse.

    I also prefer the downtubes in our current minis

    Negative space works great for creating beautiful, clean design, which it seemed they had with the centre console until they ruined it by putting all that useless, unnecessary silver all over it. The toggle switches don’t need the silver fluff all around. And the buttons should be retained as toggles (whether on the centre stack or around the rearview mirror), not placed behind the gearshift.

    I don’t mind the MINI Logo styled A/C control, but don’t care for the earmuffs either side.

    No iDrive, period!! (We don’t need another BMW model)

    In fact this new interior looks much less sporty, a lot more over-designed, contrived & boring. And it poorly translates the cool exterior character of the car to the inside. All of a sudden my 04 rattles are becoming a lot less noticeable! :) Lets hope they’re just playing with us to hear our reactions and see what we really want…

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    Well I can firmly say they aren’t “playing” with you. This is a true mock-up of the next generation MINI interior. I’d recommend everyone who dislikes it either try to get used to the new design and features or began taking really good care of your current MINI as it’ll have to last awhile.

  • Bill Lawrence

    I like:

    The new dash surface and the vents. That part looks better than the current MINI. It will look even better with chrome accents.

    The door panel. At least the overall design. I hope there are some color choices other than the ones shown.

    It looks like the cup holders are more fuctional. Heaven for bid if a car sold in the US has crappy cupholders!

    The MINI logo shaped climate control system. It looks like I will have to have another option on my 2007.

    The fact the the NAV system will have the center speedometer too.

    I dont like:

    the downtubes are not as nice as the current ones.

    The non-nav speedometer seems way too fussy and hard to read. Center mounted speedometers need to be easier to read.

    The gimmicky ICE in the center.

    I-drive – keep that crap Bangled crap off our MINIs!

    The new 2 spoke steering wheel, bring back the 2002-2004 one!

    Overall, it’s acceptable and will still want a 2007 MINI when the time comes.

  • Evan

    So, you may have to shoot me, but overall I like it. Yes, it is more modern, but not too over the top. SOmet items should be downsized a tad. These include the speedo- a size in between the current one and this may work, but MINI HAS to remove the radio readout from the bottom of the speedo. TOO BUSY. Also, the HVAC vents on the ends of the dash are disproportionately large. The new climate controls are cool and the toggles are great. They probably moved the DSC buttons out of there to prevent the dead spots among all of the toggles. It’s tacky to notice right off that you didn’t opt for an option with the blanks in the current toggle panel.

    Everyone hates iDrive, but everyone is headed in this direction for nav systems and the like. Audi has its MMI and Mercedes will be showing its version soon on the new S Class. BMW was the first to do it so has the received the most critism- but it is improving and at least iDrive version 3.0 or later will be in the MINI.

    One key thing is to make the downtubes more noticable and to make sure a large, black plastic background doesn’t surround everything in the center stack. Make it more compact and keep the storage underneath.

    It is more modern, but reasonably clean for a mock up this early- we’re probably still at least a year from finalizing the interior. They want our reactions and boy do they have them. Right now it’s a 7.5 out of 10 for design and probably an 8 out of 10 for apparent quality in the mock up.

    Keep the info coming Gabe!

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    Very well said Evan.

  • RoccosModernLife

    It’s okay, but I think there’s too much going on – too many different design elements, too many different screens, buttons, and shapes, in too many different places! Remember – less is more! :)

  • bullrot

    As Regarding your advert of for sale.I am interested in purchasing it.I would like to know the actual price you are offering to sell it and also it’s present condition.Also the mode of payment which he would be using would be by a Certified Check and also shipping arrangment would be made with a reliable and capable shipping company whon can handle the shippment. Best Of

  • simon english

    WOW !! Thank you Evan for standing up for BMW and the iDrive, yes at first it was a pain ! but it has been improved 10 fold and it’s not by chance everyone is following. Please for everyone out there that jumps to the conclusion that the iDrive is awful, please take the time to try it ! as I’m sure 90% of you that say it’s crape just go off popular car journalist’s opinions! who, just so most of you know are 55 to 65 years of age and can’t program there own voice mail , yes it will take a week to get use to but it’s innovative . If not for BMW, Mini wouldn’t be around anymore… iDrive more than likely will only be a option attached with Nav, most of the people who have nav don’t use it , it just looks cool to have a TV screen in your dash ! lets be honest people. The dash is simple and I’m sure for those who don’t like the Pics once they see it in the flesh will like it and appreciate the better material quality.

  • Andrei Voicu

    I hope this picture was released for April 1st.

    This is ugly.

    I am trading in my 02 MCS for an 05, but it doesn’t look like I will be doing that again, if this horror shows up as an 07.

    Bangle GO HOME

  • simon english

    Bangle signed a contract with Ford a year ago, he is head of design for BMW until his contract is up which is the end of 05, Mini had it’s own design team….nothing Mini has looks anything like Bangles work , also the iDrive was designed and Made by HK…learn the facts Bill and Andrei. Also everyone is following bangles work.God people see something they don’t like and bangle gets the blame…it’s not fair and it’s wrong !!!

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    Simon – i appreciate what you’re trying to say, I really do. However i have to point out a few things. First off Chris Bangle did not sign any contract with Ford. He was promoted to design director of the entire BMW group last year. Secondly iDrive is not made by HK.

    That said I agree that people should lay to rest the whole Chris Bangle design criticism. First off he has yet to design a single BMW. Secondly all the BMWs that have come out while he’s been design director have gone on to outsell their predecessors by wide margins (including the current 7 series)

  • Ralph

    As an owner of a 2004 Mini I am very dissappointed in the new interior. It is ugly. Who the heck wants the LED info of the radio/CD in the Speedo. If something fails it will cost alot to fix. Right now the audio equip can just be pulled and replaced.

    And the CD slot looks like some type of flying saucer or cat eye. I think they are trying to compete with SCION and the Young crowd to much.

    I’m glad that they will bring back the 2 spoke steering wheel.

    I have also viewed pictures of the exterior and while I understand some changes had to be made (European Ped Safety) the rear end doesn’t appeal to me.

    If MINI brings in all these changes especially the Radio/CD interior then they have lost me as a return customer.

    I’m sure glad I purchased a 2004 Mini. I don’t understand why the 2005 had so many of it’s options eliminated/cut down for the regular MINI (no 8 Spoke rim; which is a classic design i.e Mini Lites), Steering wheel option reduced to one, no bumper inserts, and in the interior the clock was made smaller and moved.

    Everyone I know that purchased a 2005 dislikes what happen to the placement of the clock.

    On the positive side for 2005 A Chrono pack option and the stand alone option for an Autodim Rearview mirror (without the Autodim Headlights. I wish they would have done that for the 2004 Mini.

    While I understand that some changes are always done, it’s a shame they decided to make so many drastic changes. They should have kept the MINI in a Classic style.

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    It all depends on how you look at it. I’ve owned a ’02 Cooper and now an ’05 MCS. While there are a few things I like about the ’02 interior and exterior design, as a whole, the 2005 is really superior in engineering and functionality. And for my money, the design as well.

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