Details are still a bit sketchy, but it is looking like there will be a large-ish national MINI event on June 18th around the opening of the Italian Job Roller Coaster at Paramount Kings Island park near Cincinnati Ohio

For those that might have missed our previous coverage of the attraction, the Italian Job: Stunt Track is a new multi-million dollar rollercoaster based on the recent movie. Here’s more from the official release from August:

Park guests will experience what it’s like to be a Hollywood stunt driver and go behind the scenes of an action movie. Guests board their very own MINI Cooper S tricked out with audio special effects adding to the multi-sensory sensation of the experience. Once strapped into their custom stunt car, rubber meets the road as the MINIs peel out to begin their chase sequence. Drivers twist through a parking garage, dodge near-collisions, race down stairs, chase through tunnels and narrowly escape massive explosions triggered by gunfire from a menacing helicopter. Tires skid out one last time as the stunt cars crash through a billboard and splash down into an L.A. aqueduct concluding the chase sequence and their trial as a stunt driver in this screen test!

You can see lots more at the official site here and check out some photos of what it should look like [ 1 / 2 ] There’s also a promotional video about the ride here (Windows Media – sorry). And finally you can also get a sneak peak at the final ride from these construction photos.

Hopefully we’ll have more info on the event in the coming weeks.

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