Check this irony laced eBay auction for a 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit “Kooper-ish”:

[ 1981 Volkswagen: Rabbit KOOPER-ish ] eBay

“You will be the smoothest cat in town. Dont be fooled by the counterfeits!!!! THE VW-ish Kooper!!! “what all the A-listers want and just can’t have” If you want to have all the luxury of a 5 star hotel and all the power of Locomotive. Then this is not for you!!

This vehicle is sure to embarrass the driver in such a fashion he/she will get laughed out of their neighborhood.

The “CAR” wasn’t maintained with loving care or meticulous conditioning. The interior vinyl has been cared for with regular beer spill treatment. (A technique not even discovered by the pros yet.)

This vehicle runs!!! Forward and backwards!!! I am not kidding. Only 166,714 miles thats low for a 1981. Rear door is taped shut, but doesn’t have to be, oh and so is the window on that door & the drivers window has issues, but the door opens and closes very well. There is a drivers side mirror, but not a passengers side mirror, those are styrofoam balls. I think they look great and add character. The vw-ish kooper will make a great first car!!! For who, i have no idea–maybe you? Bid with confidence, you will get a running vw rabbit that looks sorta like a mini cooper

Suprisingly enough it actually runs well.

Happy bidding