MINI Cargo Storage Case Reviewed

For those looking for further storage in the MINI there are several key products you’ll want to take a look at. One of the first is Cargo Storage Case (also known as a saddle bag) that is installed just behind the rear seats and is attached to the cargo divider at the top of the boot. There are two different varieties of the saddle bag currently available. One is the MINI version which is made of up many small compartments. The other is the one that is the version reviewed here today that is essentially one very long compartment, ideal as a catch-all for about everything you can imagine.

(This review was sent in by Steve)

The Cargo Storage Case is a bag that attaches to the underside of the parcel tray in the trunk. Approximate dimensions are 32 inches wide (tapering to about 24 inches), 8 inches deep and about 3 inches tall. It’s made of what seems to be black leatherette, typically a good choice for matching the MINI interior. There is a pair of small metal zippers that run the entire length of the bag give easy access to large items and small alike. Overall the stitching, fit and finish is top notch.

Installation is straightforward, with 2 Velcro straps that wrap around the holding pins, and 2 screws that fit into existing mounting points on the bottom of the parcel tray. The black and white pictures in the installation instructions were a bit difficult to make out, but it all makes sense when you see the parts in person. The mounting holes were difficult to line up until I followed the suggestion in the instructions to use a pair of finishing nails in the holes, and remove one at a time and insert the screws.


The bag is perfect for storing all the small items I had laying around the car. I was able to fit a snow brush, ice scraper, emergency first aid kit, hat, gloves, and a small towel and still have a little bit of room to spare. While the OEM version may have the MINI logo on it, the small compartments just don’t allow the flexibility that this version does.

Overall I am very happy with the bag. It looks like it came standard with the car, and does a great job holding all the stuff I want in the car, but don’t want to see. I would rate this bag a 4.4 out of 5.

Rating: 4.5 (out of five)

The MINI Cargo Storage Case is available at Quality Auto Interior for $110.


    Hope this one is better than the OEM MINI one. I had it, it didnt hold anything to well. Sold it on Ebay.

  • Ian

    My problem with the official saddle bag, and presumably this one too, is that it restricts the height of the trunk space.

  • Robert

    Needless to say, when something is stored, it will reduce the storeage space remaining. Under-the-lid storeage is good idea because it keeps all or your “miscelaneous items” neatly out of the way, while leaving the floorspace in the boot for grocery sacks and larger items.

  • RB

    Kinda Kool.

    I have the leather storage bin, not sure of the official name, that sits on the bottom of the trunk, has dividers, works well. As soon as I get my Ice-link installed I can get rid of that DC changer which gets in the way.

  • Jerry D

    A great idea…but if you have the warning triangle and case installed on the underside of the shelf (as I do)then you cannot use the storage bag. The bag would totally cover over the triangle case.

  • TJKonarski

    It would be nice if they came up with something like this for the convertible’s wind deflectors. They come with a carrying case, but it would be nice if there were an installable case or compartment to stow them in an upper area like this reviewed storage case. Right now my deflector is in it’s case on the floor of the boot. I’m aprehensive about putting any groceries or whatever on top of the case for fear of damaging the delicate screen on the deflector.

  • I have the other storage one with pockets, the Saddle Bag. I like its design better than this one large pocket as it can keep things organizes a little better. Then again, it’s not of the highest quality. See what I have inside on my boot page.

  • John

    Anyone know if this will install into a ’05 Cooper S convertible?

  • I dont think it fits cabrios.

  • Rudy

    How much? and Where can we get it?

  • Rudy – the answers to your questions are at the bottom of the review.

  • vadr

    I had the storage bag for a year, loaded with my jumper cables and winter snow brush. But it was too heavy for the light-weight boot cover and made muffled bouncing sounds every time I went over a bump. It never felt secure. Eventually, I wedged the jumper cables into the driver’s side boot pocket and trashed the storage bag. For me, it wasn’t worth the price. Too much money; too little additional space; not well engineered attachment (bolts would have been better than screws). Something like this, attached to the inside of hatch (I haven’t a clue as to how you might do it) would have been better.

  • Steve

    My jumper cables are too big to fit inside the saddlebag. It is best for smaller lightweight objects. I previously had the first aid kit, scraper, brush, and other stuff wrapped in a towel in the trunk.

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