Tours of the MINI Plant in Oxford

Someone asked about this subject the other day and I had to recomend simply using our archives or the search function since I wasn’t quite sure when the original story was posted. However, it occurred to me that there’s probably quite a few out there who are also interested in this information. So with that in mind here’s the original post about touring the MINI prodcution facilities in Oxford UK:

This information is taken directly from an internal MINI document:

Official tours of MINI production at Plant Oxford have started on 7 May 2003. This will bring MINI and the phenomenon of its successful market launch to both the community in and around Plant Oxford, as well as the growing global audience. External visitors will be given a chance to see at first hand the key steps in MINI production, and our trained tour guides will provide commentary and safe stewardship through the Plant.

Visiting production areas The tours will start in the Plant Oxford Info Centre, with the main focus of the tour being the Body in White (welding) and Assembly Halls. For Health and Safety reasons, visitors will not go into the paint facility, but instead be introduced to key highlights of the paint process with visual aids in the Info Centre.

How to book your group in If you have requests for a visit to MINI production at Plant Oxford then please direct these to:

In writing to : Plant Tours, Communications Dept. (TO-K), BMW Group Plant Oxford, Oxford, OX4 6NL.

We regret that children below the age of 14 are not allowed on site for Health and Safety reasons. Our maximum group size will be 30 people. Plant Tours start at the times shown below, and last approximately two and a half hours.

Tour Times:
AM Tour PM Tour
M to TR 09h30 13h45
Friday 09h15 12h45
  • Ian

    Well worth the trip – but no cameras allowed inside the factory 🙁

  • Brian

    I took the tour about a month ago and it was well worth it! Our tour was moved to the evening due to some internal issue, but that allowed us to wander Oxford for the day. In the tour meeting area you are able to see three of the original MINIs used in The Italian Job, one even has the dents in the hood from the camera mounts. Very cool to see in person!

  • minicoopermike

    Here is my post from NAM:

    I went to the factory back in September and it was great, very . Be sure to check out the “secret room” to the left of the tour meeting area .

    For the factory tour, you need to book in advance as they have 2 tours per day generally speaking (not on the weekends) and sometimes 3 if they’re busy. All that is needed is a donation of 3 British pounds which goes to a local charity.

    We also hit JCW (East Preston, southern England) which really isn’t anywhere near the factory – it’s at least a few hours away down on the coast.

    Here are some pictures from our trip:

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  • Philip

    How much does the tour cost ?

  • Liam

    I’m hoping to get to do the tour in late May. Just waiting on confirmation from MINI. 🙂