2006 Special Options Package Update

We’ve got yet another MotoringFile exclusive for you today.

A few weeks ago we reported on MINI’s plans to make 2006 very special. We’ve now got a little more info. For starters there will be two special editions packages offered. At least one of those seems to partially consist of a factory installed JCW engine upgrade and special Recaro seats designed for the MINI.

We’re told the Recaros will be a big improvement over the Sparco sourced JCW seats currently offered outside the US. Apparently the JCW seats will be a bit more accommodating and generally less confining. They will also feature fore and aft movement and will grip much better than the current sport seats offered on the MINI. Unlike the JCW seats (and like the current oem MINI seats) they will offer side airbags.

And the JCW engine kit installed at the factory is just the tip of the iceburg. We should have confirmation soon on other JCW parts to be available straight from the factory.

  • Notorious BIG

    Any clue on the price tag on this special edition?

  • JFS


    That’s great news! Can’t wait to get all the details.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  • Mike

    Will the Recaros have airbags?

  • As mentioned in the previous article, yes, they will have integrated side airbags.

  • MiniMonkey

    I am wondering if the seats might be available as a retrofit to any previous year Mini’s? That would be great… but kind of defeating the special edition purpose.

  • Ryan

    Will the seats have a reclining adjustment on them? From that graphic, it doesn’t appear likely.

  • John

    Do we know if this is for the MC, MCS, MCc, MCSc, or all the above?

  • KevinR

    Recaro puts some really nice leather/alcantara heated seats in Audis in Europe. It will be interesting to see what MINI decides on for the Recaro seats in terms of upholstery material, seat adjustability and whether or not they’ll be heated.

  • Allan

    Shall I dare ask?


  • fms

    If the JCW factory installed engine kit comes down to close to Dinan’s offering, then it would again be my first choice. I’m dying to read a head-to-head performance review between the two performance upgrades, since for several thousands less and equal performance and warranty, Dinan has the edge right now.

  • nervous

    I’m getting all tingly!!!!!

  • Erik

    Hmmm, I wonder how the factory installed JCW kit will effect SCCA Solo II classing?

  • petsounds

    I think I know the answer to this question already, but will there be a leatherette (i.e. non-leather) option for the Recaros?

  • johnsocal

    Out of all Mini’s made between 2002-2006 a in-house JCW will be the most valuable.

    Historically speaking aftermarket mods or dealer installed ones never have the same prestige or demand the same money with collectors as limited production factory cars.

    So if you going to beat your Mini as a high-milage daily driver it aint worth it , but if the Mini is your weekend car then I say go for it and keep it for many years and you will be glad you did.


    Does anyone know when the ’06’s are due out and available in the USA? I need wheels early August and want to order, but don’t know what is available.

  • Let’s hope the Recaros offer at least the same space from seat to roof. The current Sparco JCW seats reduce the space and thus I can’t fit them (I’m 6.5″).

  • nrkist

    Ooh… Papa likes. This is shaping up quite nicely. Here’s where I’d like the package to end up:

    • JCW tuning kit
    • Recaros
    • LSD
    • Limited edition Lightweight wheels
    • Limited edition colors including a proper non-metallic BRG

    If this comes in under $5k, I may have to flip Minis (again).

  • Eric

    The special package is a glove box organizer, parcel shelf, larger cupholders, and 2006 Special Edition decals.


  • modboi

    Anybody wants to buy a slightly used ’05 MCS???

  • For those that have further questios… at this time all the info we have has been posted.

  • johnsocal

    If this special addition is loaded with every JCW mod like engine tuning, carbon fiber dash, brakes, suspension, wheels, and etc I would think that this thing would sell for over $30,000.

    If you goto to miniusa.com and load a MCS with all those JCW options (not adding dealer labor for install)its easily over $30,000. This is not a bad deal if you can get all those options without having to pay another $4000+ to have the dealer install it all like you do now.

  • gmini

    $4k to install a jcw????? Are those canadian dollars??

    With a silver roof, i’m on it!

  • greg

    fms. did you say that DINAN parts are covered under warranty? I’ve been told (on this site) otherwise. I hope your right as I’d like to beef up my JCW output but keep the warranty.

  • Greg – just to clearify, Dinan parts are not covered under the MINI factory warranty. Dinan parts are warranteed by Dinan only at Dinan authorized dealerships