MINIUSA is at it again with more faux advertising. This time they will be creating an advertising campaign based around three products; the G-Whiz, the MOTO-GO Grip, and the Hey Horn. The products are supposedly “sold” by a company called MOTOmate. However it won’t take too long for one to realize who is really behind the site and the products.

As you might expect, the products, the descriptions and the testimonials are absolutely hilarious. But even better, all three products have full informercials (seen in the above photo) that are guaranteed to have you LOL-ing the rest of the day.

The G-WHIZ even has a G-Force simulator that allows you to simulate G-force effects commonly seen when riding shotgun in the MINI.

As some of you keen MF readers might realize, news about MOTORmate products was posted a week and a half ago while the campaign was not official public and the site was still hosted on a development server. However, now that the site is live, we thought it was a good time to repost the story and let folks officially check out the products.


Via Josh Wardell

  • That made me LOL!!!

  • Paul Norton

    Funny, Although the website goes to all the way to check out, does that mean you can actually but these things?


  • Steve

    I need a Moto-Go Grip in red with offset white racing stripes. How do I special order?

  • Yes, you can order these items from the website! The products should be about ready to go.

  • Paul!

    Someone help me… I just placed an order for all three! 🙂 The Moto-Go in stylish Racing Stripe!

    Didn’t see a shipping estimate, but it’s coming from NJ, and I’m in the DC Metro area, so hopefully not too long! Expect a full review!


  • Edge


    I want to see these at the next meet. 🙂 The one I would most likely consider is the G-Whiz, if it works well enough… shove it right on the visor, in front of the passenger, to see just how hard we are taking those corners and curves! 😛

  • Brantv

    Ever get that deja vu feeling 🙂

    Personally, I want all three.

  • Gabe still need to fix the G-Whiz link.

    Paul, shipping is included in the prices.

    I placed an order for a g-whiz on friday, I’ll let you all know of its status if it ships or arrives.

  • pk

    will the horn fit under the hood of a MCS?

  • RB

    WOW, coulda sworn this had already been a recent topic, old age must be getting the better of me!

  • GBMiniGirl

    I just saw the G-Whiz commercial on tv!

  • Capn

    On the g-whiz, I’m not sure if it is supposed to be a mirror reflection or what. But if it is, then everything is all right. The direction that you turn the wheel and the g-whiz indicator is correct but the face is backwards in relation . If it is supposed to be a mirror, then there isn’t a head rest. It would be cool if it showed your face in the rear view mirror being all distorted.

    Anywho, it still is really fun. Not to be nitpicky.

  • Aubrey Green

    Yo this thing is soooooooooooooooooooooo funny

  • FYI my card was charged on 5/26 so it should be on its way 🙂

  • Michael Dunn

    Anyone buy the hey horn? What a great way to say howdy to other MINIs. So pricey. And wonder how loud it actually is.

  • My G-Whiz arrived today 🙂

  • Oh, he’s so modest: “smokin'”

  • Blake Hayner

    As a collectables dealer I would say that each of these items will be worth a great deal in say 5 years, I highly recomend that everyone by at least a case of these items as a future investment opportunity.

  • You can see Mini’s g-wiz commercial over at tubespot:

  • Ian

    TOo late – website’s been pulled

  • I was the voice talent who was hired to do these spots. Its nice to voice commercials that have a sense of humour.

    You can see all three commercials from this link but I see they are all sold out of the products. Perhaps they “will” become collectors items.

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