2006 Model Year Timeline

Update: It now appears certain that the 2006 model year will begin in September 2005.

MotoringFile has just received word on the time-table for the 2006 MINI. While a final decision is yet to be made, it looks like the 2006 model year production may begin in November rather than the customary late summer/early fall timeframe of years past. The change means US deliveries may not happen until mid to late December or even early January. This of course is in stark contrast to the 2005 model year which began production July 1st 2004. While this is not yet confirmed, the information did come from a source in the know.

While it’s not clear what the true reasons for a change are, we can speculate that the delay may have something to do with the rumored introduction of JCW factory options previously reported on MF. Interestingly, these options were said to start with November production. But It could also be due to the next generation MINI timeline which is due to go into production in the fall of next year.

We’ll hopefully be in a better position to confirm this in the weeks ahead.


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Written By: Gabe

  • Kurt

    As someone whos pondered selling my 2005 MCS for a 2006 JCWs I find the extra time a good thing because I can get in some extra miles on my 2005 and still sell it before the 2005 model is replaced with the 2006… Then again, practicallity aside, I’d love to get in the 2006 earlier if possible…

  • http://www.detailingconcepts.com matt

    this helps me as well. i can continue to hold onto my 03 and helps delay some tough choices.

  • Wraith

    i don’t think i can wait till December/January for another MINI, but it will allow a lot more time to save some cash… of course i’ll have to buy snow tires straight away now :(

  • Matt S.

    What terrible news!

    I was really looking foward to ordering a new ’06 Mini in late July or August; now I’m not sure what to do. I hate to buy a vehicle towards the end of a model year (especially when I don’t get any end of year discounts), but I really don’t want to wait until January for my dream car. This really puts a damper on my recent obsessiveness over owning a Mini…

  • Eddie Marmolejo

    Pardon my ignorance, but is the 2006 model (discussed in this article) primarily the same Mini and not the highly anticipated next generation?

  • http://www.gbmini.net/ Ian

    Eddie, Yes – the ’06 MINI will be very similar to the ’05; check out the links in the main story detailing new colors and options.

  • Eric

    BMW is quite possibly the only car company in the world that can make people sweat and lose sleep over wondering whether or not to purchase a car in its LAST model year.


  • Alex

    I was thinking of taking the MINI plant tour round Thanksgiving time, will it be open then or will they have closed it for the switch to 06?

  • HyperBlueRich

    Just for clarification; would this mean that ’05 spec Minis will be built through October or so?

  • Bruce Hord

    Matt S., could not say it for me better:

    What terrible news!

    I was really looking foward to ordering a new ’06 Mini in late July or August; now I’m not sure what to do. I hate to buy a vehicle towards the end of a model year (especially when I don’t get any end of year discounts), but I really don’t want to wait until January for my dream car.”

    Guess I’ll order now

  • Andrew

    GOOD! Cause i definitely want a 2005!!

  • mataku


    hm.. why would you prefer an 05? with all the extras you could possibly add and it being a last model year, it seems more sought after than an 05. That is unless you want one of the discontinued colors or don’t want to be tempted by those extra options.

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    I would disagree with your assumption mataku. What makes the last year of a particular model sought after? There will be no mechanical changes to the cars from ’05. There will be no performance increases. The only thing we’ll see that is truly new are several of options that we know very little about. If you aren’t necessarily interested in the new colors, a couple of new wheel designs (oops, did I say that?), or some Recaro seats, I really see no reason to wait for an ’06.

  • Matt S.

    Well, either way is a sound decision, I suppose. But for me–and this is just my humble opinion–I don’t like the idea of having a car be “old” in just a few months. I’d rather it be new (i.e. that model year) for as long as possible. This is MUCH less true with a Mini, because their resale value is so high, but still true.

    Still don’t know what I’ll do…but I’ll probably save my money in those few extra months and go with the ’06.

  • Andrew

    Gabe said it well. The changes are minor and nothing to change my mind. Plus I will be waiting awhile anyway and There is no reason to make me wait longer. But the biggest thing is I am either gonna get Jet Black or Electric blue….. MINI doesnt like me apparently:/

  • mataku

    well.. definitely some good colors are going out, so get them while you can. I don’t know, but for me, it’s just interesting to get what I would call “The last of the superchargers.” I mean, it’s the last model year of the supercharger series and for some reason that appeals to me, I’m probably just wierd. Then again, if you are getting a non -S MC, that’s a different story.

  • Bill

    I agree there is some appeal to getting the last model year of the supercharged MINI so I intend to wait it out. I only hope the $$ increase is no more than $500.00!!

  • nervous

    Well, this cements it. My lease is up in Sept. ’06. Before word/details of the ’07 model were “released”, I was planning on ordering an ’07 fully blown JCW. Then when it wasn’t clear if JCWs would be available so early within the release of new model/engine, I was on the fence whether to go with an ’06 JCW or the high-tech ’07 S engine. Now that ’07 production/delvery has been pushed so far beyond the end of my lease, it looks like I will have one of the last ’06 JCWs. Only one question left… lease or buy? My ’03 S was the first car I had ever leased – I’ve always purchased my cars, but I wasn’t sure how long I wanted to keep it. Given the thrill & proven resale, I was planning on purchasing my next. Although, being “old” within months of purchase, I might be sitting on the lease-sidelines watching with anticipation how the new engine/model is accepted.

  • Kurt

    Leasing is for suckers if the car holds its value as well as it does… just my opinion…

  • Matt S.

    Yes, with the great resale value, you can finance for as long as you want and still get back much more than half of ehat you paid for it (even after 5 years)–one of the added perks of owning a Mini. However, lease rates are great too BECAUSE the Mini holds its value so well. Lease rates are based on how much the car will be worth at lease end, so that is why Hondas and Toyotas are much less expensive to lease than, say, a Ford or Chevrolet. Either way, the great resale value of the Mini ultimately helps you.

    “Nervous,” it sounds like you know you like the Mini, and that you leased becasuse there was some abiguity as to how you’d like the car over time. Since you want another one, it seems like buying would might more sense, assuming you can afford the heftier payments. I’ve considered both buying and leasing myself, so I believe they both make sense…Good luck with all that; sounds like you have plenty of time to decide!

  • nervous

    Yes, I suppose under the strictest of number crunching, leasing might not make sense – although, all luxuries have their price. I walked into the purchase of my ’03 S thinking that I was going to buy it – one of the reasons I loaded it to the hilt. But it was between order & delivery that I chose to lease. Guess that I was spending too much time on MINI forums & scared to be stuck with a lemon. A couple of years ago, the following were commonly cited problems:

    “Stumble, yo-yo, cracked windshields, squeaky seats, squeaky windows, windows that mysteriously open while unattended, clunky transmissions, rear hatches that don’t close, rear hatches that leak, tire pressure indicators that don’t work properly, airbag warning light problems, rattling body panels, cruise control problems, & on, & on, & on… My MCS is due to be delivered within four weeks. Looks cool. Lots of toys. Test drive was fun. But, because of the above, I am only going to lease – don’t want to get stuck with a thorn in my side all for the sake of an occasionally twisty road. Come to think of it, I might as well keep my cherry-perfect-never-given-me-a-single-problem PT Cruiser for the time that the MCS is probably going to spend in the shop!!!!” {taken from a post of mine a couple of years ago on another MINI site}

    Funny thing is I’ve had most of these problems & most have been seemingly/somewhat “permanently” cured. While I will concede that this car has been the most fun I’ve ever had with a car, it has also had more problems than any car I’ve owned – more problems than most people’s cars I’ve known. Miraculously the car has retained its value. Maybe this isn’t a miracle when you consider the “it” factor… I made several thousands off of the PT Cruiser I sold before the market dropped off for it. How long did the New Beetle retain a fair amount of value? How long will the “older” MINI version retain value? How long until the inevitable bugs of the new version are ironed-out? (If I had to put-up with another Stumble-Yo-Yo-like issue again for as long as I suffered it & have knowledge of it (God forbid) so pervasively leak into the marketplace that it affected market value, I would surely regret my purchase over lease.) I guess that the afforded comfort of knowing that I’m not tied to it definitely has value.

    I’m still committed to driving a ’06 JCW – I’m just don’t know yet how committed I am to “owning” it. (Commitment issues? Dating, no kids, no pets, no plants… probably)

  • ScottinBend
  • ScottinBend

    My ’04 was built in the first week of Oct which was the first week of ’04 production. Is this different for previous years? I thought that that was the norm and the ’05’s were the first time that it changed to an earlier date.

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    Actually ’04 production started in late August or early September. In fact we posted our first review of an ’04 on October 8th.

  • Jack Wolfe

    I am a little bummed that I can not order the 06 in July I have been counting the days now I can count the months. I am glad that it sounds like the JCW will be factory installed becasue I was planning on loading it up pretty heavy. That will be good. I do want to get a look at those new colors face to face so it makes it hard to order anything until I can see them.

  • http://www.MINIofDallas.com Trey Hill

    This report goes contrary to what MINI managers were recently told at a meeting in Orlando. Everything we’re hearing is September production and October arrival for the 2006.

  • http://www.motoringfile.com/ Gabe

    That of course is why we use the terms “may” and “could”. Granted, this info does come from a vary reliable source.

  • chrisnl

    mataku wrote: “I mean, it’s the last model year of the supercharger series and for some reason that appeals to me, I’m probably just wierd. Then again, if you are getting a non -S MC, that’s a different story.”

    I disagree! All MINIs, Coopers and Cooper Ss alike, are going to be viciously walloped with the ugly stick for the 2007 model year. I don’t see myself wanting the next generation car, so (if money weren’t an issue) I’d love to trade my ’03 for the last possible month of ’06 production, thereby maximizing my time behind the wheel of a MINI. As things stand right now, though, the used market is beginning to tank, so I have an ’05 on order.

  • Ralph

    As an owner of a 2004 Mini I am very dissappointed in the new interior of the 2007 Mini. It is ugly. Who the heck wants the LED info of the radio/CD in the Speedo. If something fails it will cost alot to fix. Right now the audio equip can just be pulled and replaced.

    And the two line LED readout in the Speedo, no way.

    The CD slot looks like some type of flying saucer or cat eye. I think they are trying to compete with SCION young crowd too much.

    I’m glad that they will bring back the 2 spoke steering wheel.

    I have also viewed pictures of the exterior and while I understand some changes had to be made (European Ped Safety) the rear end doesn’t appeal to me.

    If MINI brings in all these changes especially the Radio/CD and other interior items, then they have lost me as a return customer.

    I’m sure glad I purchased a 2004 Mini. I don’t understand why the 2005 had so many of it’s options eliminated/cut down for the non S Cooper (no 8 Spoke rim; which is a classic design i.e Mini Lites), Steering wheel option reduced to one, no bumper inserts, and in the interior the clock was made smaller and moved.

    Everyone I know that purchased a 2005 dislikes what happen to the placement of the clock and they don’t like the steering wheel either.

    On the positive side for 2005 I like the Chrono pack option and the fact that they made the Autodim Rearview mirror stand alone option(without having to get the rain sense wipers.)

    The autodim rearview mirror should be standard equipment (Safety). I get blinded at night all the time. I asked the Mini dealer if they could modify my 2004 with the Autodim and he didn’t know.

    While I understand that some changes are always done, it’s a shame they decided to make so many drastic changes to the 2007 Mini. They should have kept the MINI in a Classic style – Classic hood bump, keeping the hatch(boot) flush to the rear bumper, keeping the turn signal light out of the headlamp area.

  • http://bravo5.org/blog blalor
    Everyone I know that purchased a 2005 dislikes what happen to the placement of the clock and they don’t like the steering wheel either.

    We haven’t met, but I happen to really like both the clock and the steering wheel on my ’05. :-)

    I also think the chrono pack is hideous.

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    Agree 100% with Blalor. When I first saw the clock change I questioned the reasoning. Now after owning an ’05 for two weeks I completely agree with the change.

    And btw the ’05 actually has many more options than previous years. Granted a few were dropped… but quite a few have been added.

  • Ralph

    Yes Gabe it’s true that the ’05 has a few more options then the ’04, like a locking glove box, Stand alone option of the Autodim Mirror, a better key that has a seperate button to unlock hatch, Anthracite headliner, Chrono Package.

    Approx. 3 weeks after I purchased my Mini last yr. Mini called me asking what I liked and didn’t like. It’s funny I suggested the locking glove box, Auto Dim Rearview (as stand alone option), Chrono package as dealer installed option, Darker headliner, seperate button on key to unlock hatch. I wonder how many others said the same thing. I also suggested a Factory installed alarm as opossed to a dealer installed alarm. (which didn’t happen)

    But while they added (which is all I ask, give me choices)they also eliminate choices especially for the Non “S” Cooper. Only two rim options (no 8 spoke rim for ’05), no choice in steering wheel, no bumper inserts.

    All those choices were availble in 04. A person had the choice of either steering wheel, 3 Rim choices, Chrome or black bumper inserts (or body color).

    The big ones for me that they don’t offer are the lack of a steering wheel option, no bumper inserts and only one wheel rim choice.

    I just don’t like the 7 hole rim (and I really dislike the 5-Star rim) . I have the 8 spoke which is classic Mini (similar to S lites style). For the ’05 a person can’t even get the S’Lites for the non S Cooper either in a factor or dealer option.

    But my real gripe isn’t with the ’05 since I wasn’t going to trade in, but with the ’07, since it major changes usually occur every 5 years and there would be a good possiblity I would trade/buy a new Mini in 3 or 4 yrs.

    I don’t like the proposed interior, the design of the hatch not being flush with the bumper (as is now), inclusion of the turn signal into headlamp aray, the elimination of the classic “bump” on the hood, the speedo with 2-line LED readout, the look of the CD and radio controls.

    I know everyone has a different tastes, but thats what choices and options are about. That’s what made getting a Mini so great, each person could get it the way they want it, different they someone else. Lots of choices and options to please many peoples taste.

    Well that’s just how I feel.

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    I don’t like the proposed interior, the design of the hatch not being flush with the bumper (as is now), inclusion of the turn signal into headlamp aray, the elimination of the classic “bump” on the hood, the speedo with 2-line LED readout, the look of the CD and radio controls.

    Good points. Just to clarify, the rear hatch will be flush. I believe what you’re referring to is the testing mule that was spotted doing some cold weather last year. It was just a cobled together mis-match of body work that doesn’t represent the final car at all.

    Also the bump on the hood should return in some way.

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