As some of you may know, a few days back MINIUSA launched a “Word of the Day” feature on Generally the words are about what you’d expect from a compant that brought you the term “Whiptastic”. The site debuts one word a day and should have a total of around 30 by the time all is said and done.

Thoughtfully MINI has even created a Flash based application for both Mac and PC that you can install on your computer and get a word of the day automatically.

However at MotoringFile, we’re not satisfied with simply reading one word a day. In fact we’re not satified with reading two. So after some major help from a reader (thanks Lex!) we were able to get our hands on the entire list of words that will be featured on everything from the MINIUSA website to ads on gas station pumps.

But then after the sinister laughing died down, we realized something. By posting the entire list of words and their definitions on MotoringFile, we’d be shamelessly stealing the thunder from our good friends at MINIUSA. In fact it could almost be considered a prohibiturn* if you will. So instead we present you with a link to download your own application which will feed you a daily diet of MINI goodness. And who knows… in a few weeks we may just post it anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

[ Word of the Day ]

*Prohibiturn n. To perform a driving move you think might be illegal, yet you do it anyway.