Award-winning MINI Convertible

From MINI UK Press:

The MINI Convertible has taken the top trophy in the convertible category at the annual Auto Express magazine New Car Honours awards. The MINI Convertible launched in 2004 comes in the three variants of One, Cooper and Cooper S and beat off rivals including the Renault Megane C-C and Audi A4 Cabriolet. The fully-automated roof impressed the judges, as well as all the fine attributes of ‘stylish design, top-notch quality and fun handling’ present in the hatch. The success of the MINI Convertible is partly responsible for the four consecutive record UK sales months MINI has enjoyed since March 2005.

  • Melanie

    Exactly the same things that impressed me! Here it is, eight months later and it’s still a joy to drive. I invent excuses to take trips in it for the sheer pleasure of motoring with the top down!!

  • ChrisW

    A MINI is a car (and a darn good one). A MINI convertible is an event.

    Bah to those who consider a convertible a “sacrilege.” A hardtop car is, well, a missed opportunity.

  • Eric

    The MINI Convertible Sucks. All I do is motor around in mine at every opportunity that I get. I never drive anything else. Motor, Motor, Motor, MINI, MINI, MINI, top up, top down, top up, top down. Heck I even lost all of my old (non-MINI and anti-MINI) friends and had to make a bunch of new ones (all of which own MINIs/Minis).


  • RB

    Eric that’s funny.