New JCW Options for 2006


Like MINI, JCW will be releasing a few juicy new bits for the last model year of the current generation MINI. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect for 2006.

As we’ve reported way too many times over the past several months, MINI will be offering the full JCW Engine Kit as a factory option for the MCS. The kit will retail for $6300 (£3,600 in the UK) and will come standard with the JCW Sport Brake Kit and Limited Slip Differential. In the US it will require the addition of the Sport Package due to the larger brakes. For the UK it will simply require 17″ wheels ordered with the car from the factory. The JCW Engine Kit will be available as a factory option from 10/05 on.

(Update: To clarify what we mentioned early – the 16″ X-lite wheels will clear the JCW brakes but due to the tight fit there may be coolng issues with them. Therefore they are not recommended with the brake kit. The only 16″ wheel designed to work with the JCW Brake kit are the new 16″ Bridge Spokes.)

JCW will finally be offering the full JCW Engine Kit for the MINI Cooper S Automatic in 2006 as well. We should see this new kit offered as a dealer accessory sometime this fall. Apparently the kit was held up due to emission related testing (among other things) until just recently. It’s unclear if this will be offered from the factory like the standard JCW Engine Kit or will only be offered as a dealer installed option.

Also new for 2006 will be two different sets of 18″ wheels. The wheels are the same design but will come in either anthracite or with the exterior polished (both pictured above). We hope to have more photos and prices in the next few weeks. You can see a couple of larger shots here: Anthracite / Polished. (Thank you Mr. Anonymous for the wheel photo.)

Finally, the accessory that people either love to hate or love to love, the JCW Rear Wing, (full pic here) has finally be released. It will be available in four different colors: black, aspen white, dark silver and something called high gloss. It retails in the UK for �380.25. US availability has yet to be determined. Here’s another shot (Via MINI2) of it being tested at the Nurburgring.

Written By: Gabe

  • http://bravo5.org/blog blalor

    Can someone explain how to do block quotes?

    You can use <blockquote>, or use the markdown syntax, which is just “> “, just like an email reply.

  • matt

    I understand what mini/bmw is doing… I don’t like their packages for jcw, but they will sell fine, as their is demand… I was bummed at first that I didn’t get the factory installed JCW but dealer installed, but after hearing all your comments… I’m glad I was able to get a jcw, with jcw suspension, 16 inch r84, xenons, rear fog light and lsd for under $30k…..

  • http://www.CarNutGarage.com CarNut

    It’s interesting that the two wheel pictures are exactly the same picture (background, spoke orientation, reflections, etc) which tells me the anthracite pic is probably photoshopped. (The center cap is slightly different orientation, but that was probably edited anyway since it clearly isn’t the normal MINI logo.)

    I suspect the actual wheels will be a bit lighter, like the other anthracite wheels offered by MINI.

  • Pepper Holstein

    I know I’m in the minority but I find all the JCW stuff ugly and not very well integrated to the visual appeal of the MINI. Even the JCW logo is ugly. You may go faster but that is because you don’t want anyone to see all the goofy stuff you’ve stuck on.

    A stock MINI Cooper S is perfect IMHO!

    Go Peppa.

  • https://secure.mawebcenters.com/wc/sd_websites/spirit2/ O(=^=)O Capn


  • https://secure.mawebcenters.com/wc/sd_websites/spirit2/ O(=^=)O Capn

    Did someone say Dinan? Dinan?

    Cool Jackets! Any one want to play Risk?

  • https://secure.mawebcenters.com/wc/sd_websites/spirit2/ O(=^=)O Capn

    Hey nut,

    The lug nut pattern is off from each other they probably took the picture, jacked it up, then swapped the wheels then took the other picture.


    I guess they don’t include JCW door sills in the JCW Package because there’d be a conflict if you ordered the Checkmate Package ;)

  • Greg W

    Car Marketing Depts create the dreams and leave it to Parts and Service to try and make it happen. Surely Michael Cooper and the JCW team have discussed the options at length and in testing. Then there’s MINI USA – one or two people’s opinions can dictate the whole market place – this doesn’t mean they are correct. Who decided that USA cannot have MINI One models? Did anyone ever ask the buying public what they wanted?

  • KevinR

    Since we’re voicing opinions, mine is this: US buyers should be able to order an MCS with no options except the JCW package. That package should include the tuning kit, the brakes, and the suspension kit. And it should be available for around $27,500.

    Won’t happen, but that’s my opinion.

  • nrkist

    I’m totally with you, Kevin. I’d be even happier if I could also drop a couple of hundred pounds by losing the AC, Power windows and locks, sound deadening material, maybe swap out some steel for aluminum here and there, and get some truly “lite” wheels. Then you’d have something worthy of being called a “Works” car.

  • Edge

    Not really… the “works” means EVERYTHING. A stripped car is “as little as possible”. I agree with the concept, but I think it should be called something other than the “Works”.

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    Actually “works” traditionally means something along the lines of factory works program. For instance if BMW fielded a team of factory cars at LeMans next year you could refer to them as “Works” cars. This is in contrast to privateers where independent teams buy the cars from the manufacturer and go racing. It’s a bit of UK vernacular that we seem to have not picked up over the years in the US.

  • the poignant pig

    This post has achieved the hillarious level. There are all the necessary characters for a hit family melodrama! There’s the angry-teenager character who sadly isn’t one that is ironically on LSD and is ranting and raving uncontrollably while obviously experiencing hallucinations, the schizo playing Risk by himself who needs to be in a straight jacket, and the only rational person that tragically no one understands. Congratulations everyone! I’m calling ABC right now. You’ll be right after “Days of Our Lives”, k?

  • http://www.gbmini.net/ Ian

    Where’s JimOhio – another character to introduce to your “soap”, continuously saying “I remember when …” and such ;)

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    Update: To clarify what we mentioned early – the 16″ X-lite wheels will clear the JCW brakes but due to the tight fit there may be coolng issues with them. Therefore they are not recommended with the brake kit. The only 16″ wheel designed to work with the JCW Brake kit are the new 16″ Bridge Spokes.

    The only 16″ wheel designed to work with the JCW Brake kit are the new 16″ Bridge Spokes.

    Which you can’t get with the factory JCW Package :rolleyes:

  • https://secure.mawebcenters.com/wc/sd_websites/spirit2/ O(=^=)O Capn

    I kept my truly crazy comments between RB and myself by email. If you want to see them I will forward them to you.

    something about minis, dress codes and startrek.

    BTW I’m honest enough to post my zanies under my name w/ an email.

  • https://secure.mawebcenters.com/wc/sd_websites/spirit2/ O(=^=)O Capn

    So, does anyone want to play Risk?

    So, does anyone want to play Risk?

    (to self) am i alone in here? (echo) alone in here?

    who was that?…..

  • Ian F

    Hmm… it’s been awhile… not sure I remember how… }:-/

  • chows4rus

    So the wing is really carbon fiber but the parts that get glued to the body are, for example, white?

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