Autoweek Takes a Look at the Dibs MINI

As seen in this week’s edition:

Traveling the country right this moment, maybe even passing through your hometown is The World’s Littlest Ice Cream Truck. It’s little because those tasty Dibs treats are little. And it is not just a miniaturized Renault Kangoo/ PT Cruiser/HHR-style little truck. No, that would have been too obvious. The world’s littlest ice cream truck is a Mini Cooper S, Sawzall-ed and fiberglassed into a real ice cream truck.

The actual conversion of the Mini Cooper S was done by customizer-to-the-stars Ron Canyon at his Canyon Motors shop in Culver City, California.

It came apart in two hours, said Canyon. That was the easy part.

The rest of the work took 10 weeks. To get the ice cream truck look, Ron Canyon did research he looked up ice cream trucks on the Internet, scoped out Dreyer’s own antique truck parked at corporate headquarters in Oakland, and got more photos from a movie and TV car specialist.

Dreyer’s/Edy’s (it’s the same company, but called Dreyer’s in the West and Edy’s in the East) chose the Mini for its size, first of all, but also because the vehicle has high-tech items like Blue-tooth and iPod compatibility. To those, Canyon added a MiniMac computer and an HP Tablet PC, all performing various promotional duties during the truck’s 10-city cross-country tour

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  • Polygrah

    It’s nice that people can appreciate good design and function of great toys, together the mini Brothers, the computer and the car.

  • Barry / 10 Ball

    After this, there’s going to be a run on 19″ spinners at The Tire Rack… ;^) -B

  • coupla surprises in this spec re torque and drivetrain

    1.6-liter, 163-hp, 162-lb-ft supercharged I4; rwd, six-speed manual
  • Mike L

    Honestly, I really don’t like that MINI. It’s worse than that $50,000 MCS. Why can’t people ever make things that are just nice and not bling-blinged or whatever it’s called.

  • 05DSMCS

    Well, given that it’s meant to attract attention, it does what they want it to. I don’t think they are offering to sell the modification package or anything.

  • gmini
  • gmini

    is it really rwd????

  • Gilbert

    The way I see it, it’s a moke….

  • groland

    Yeah, if it’s rwd that might explain the $100,000+ price.

  • It looks like they used a sawsall for the gross majority of the work.. terrible…

  • Steve

    Wouldn’t it be “The World’s MINIest Ice Cream Truck?” I