MotoringFile Review: MyMINI Knee pad

Owning a MINI and being 6’2″ has presented little in the way of comfort issues over the years. There’s always enough leg room front to back (more than enough in fact) to allow for total comfort and with the adjustable steering wheel there’s never a knee clearance issue. However there is one area within the car that doesn’t correspond well with long legs, the left down tube. When driving I’ve often found myself resting my leg on the left down tube as part brace and part in-car ottoman. While it’s not entirely an uncomfortable spot, as hard plastic, it’s certainly not ideal.

The MyMini Knee Pad attempts to rectify this issue. The knee pad attaches to the down tube via a large swath of velcro attached to the pad and (after self application) to the down tube. The result is a secure installation that is easy to remove and reposition.

The pad is made of 1/2″ foam and is wrapped in either black or red leather. The result is an addition to the car that doesn’t look out of place in an entirely stock car. In fact there’s a functional look to it that implies spirited driving or race inspired. Of course it’s the added comfort makes it a necessity.

The only downside I can find is that the leather actually seems to be of higher qualiity than the standard MINI leather seating and thus doesn’t match perfectly. Of course you can only see this difference up close.

The comfort that is added from the knee pad, especially on long trips, is a welcome addition. For my money, the pad has joined the ranks of those must have upgrades like the auto-up circuit or the Euro parcel shelf. It’s that good.

Rating: 4.5 (out of five)

The MyMini Knee Pad retails for $35 and is available from

  • KevinR

    I have short legs and still end up resting my leg on the left down tube. This looks like a pretty good solution.

  • 05DSMCS

    I have had it ever since I purchased my MINI and have loved it. Very much worth the purchase. Takes care of the dreaded “MINI-knee.”

  • Bilbo Baggins

    It should keep you from wearing the paint off the plastic as I have done. Fortunately the dealer replaced it under warranty.

  • Aaron

    I have had this for about a month. It’s the best $35 I have spent on the MINI thus far. It really helps on long trips and also at the track. I no longer have MINI knee!


  • Steve

    Anyone else order the parcel shelf with the spray-on felt base from Just wondering how it holds up over time and how it compares to the rubber base, if it’s worth the $20 savings.

    I need to get my Cooper fully Gabe-ified! The only mods I’ve got are a Whalen, the original OEM armrest and glovebox organizer.

  • dickdavid


    Finally my leg is saved. This was probably my only comfort issue with the MINI.

  • darkmcs

    I totally agree that the Auto-Up circuit and the Euro parcel tray are musts for any MINI owners…

    I guess I’ll have to give the MyMINI pad a try soon! lol

  • Bob

    Off Topic: How do you get your iPod hooked up like the one in the picture in this article (instead of in the glove box)?

  • Ian

    Really nice! I shall get my order in right now – looks like a nice match with the anthracite downtubes too 🙂

  • I saw these when they came out, and I think they make sense for UK RHD drivers who need to rest their clutch leg. But although my left leg is always resting against the door, my right never touches the downtube, so I don’t really think they’re needed in the US. If you gas pedal leg is touching the downtube you might just need to adjust your seat position properly.

  • KevinR


    You and I are obviously built differently. I don’t see any possible way my left leg could rest against the door panel. However, any time I’m cruising at a constant speed, my right knee does rest against the down tube.

  • Jason

    This is a great item to buy. I wish I had ordered on before I drove from Texas to Florida though. It looks great, doesn’t fall off, which is what I was worried about in the Florida heat, and it makes driving your MINI that much better.

  • Installed the Dension Ice Link Plus and just routed the wire through the bottom behind the toggles. It comes out nice and neat via the vents. This way the iPod is out of site yet I have the ability to control it manually if the need arises.

  • Grumpy


    How about posting a site where one may acquire this nice piece of equipment?


  • Long Run Nick

    Gabe, Please quit posting this stuff. I just ordered a RED knee pad to Match my CR/W 05 MCS body color interior dash. I have lived w/out the arm rest for a year, and don’t miss it; the knee pad resolves the long drive knee against the column issue. Thanks. Keep up the great work.

  • Holly

    Grumpy: The website is

    Give Pete a call and have him hook you up! =P

  • Ian

    RED!? Damn I should read web pages better …

  • Bruce

    Thanks for letting us know about this! I’m also 6’2″ and my right leg is constantly in contact with my MINI’s down tube.

  • Vanwall

    Ok, I’m gettin’ one of ’em. Now if they only had one for the left side, on the handle part of the door trim.

     Rob in Dago

  • Grumpy

    Thanks for the site info Holly!

  • jared

    I guess I’m in the minority.

    I think it looks tacky…and resting my leg/knee against the bolster really doesn’t seem to bother me.

  • Rick B.

    Same company sells a leather wrap for the door handles. It works great for my left knee. And feels good to grab too.

  • Rick B.

    I forgot to say that I added padding to the wraps as they felt empty. Much better. Tight, feels good, functional.

  • Steve

    Love my knee pad. Got it when Gabe included it in the Christmas gift guide. no more mini knee. the wraps are nice too. Pete has a lot of unique stuff, thanks Pete

  • Julian Mayer

    i’m actually searching for a similar thing to let my left elbow rest near the window, on the spot indicated on this picture:

    if anyone can point me to such a thing i’d be really grateful 😉 the elbow really starts hurting after a few minutes there…

  • Ken


    You and I are obviously built differently. I don’t see any possible way my left leg could rest against the door panel. However, any time I’m cruising at a constant speed, my right knee does rest against the down tube.

    I too have the save problem as Josh. My knee rests against the top of the handle when preparing to depress the clutch. I can’t relate to all of you that have your knee against the right side pillar. That hits my leg below the knee mid shin. Yes, I have LONG legs.

  • I’d like to thank all of you for your comment and your patronage of MyMini. I’m currently working on a couple of other interior items, as well as others, and your input is always appreciated. Feel free to drop me an email with your thoughts/requests and we’ll see if we can do them!

    Thanks again! Pete MyMini

  • chows4us

    I got one of these from Pete and its probably the BEST accessory I ever got for the MINI! No more painful right leg!

  • jock Holden

    two very large thumbs up for this product from this vendor . I also got some totally fly pedals from them and although I wound up knuling the gas pedal myself and having them all clear powder coated, they look fantastic.

  • Justin

    Oh no they’ve stopped selling this knee pad! I’ve been looking for exactly this for such a long time. Where can they purchased now?

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