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This report comes from Philip Hubertus, a frequent contributor to MotoringFile and, as always, our connection to the happenings in Germany:

Last weekend was the weekend of a very big MINI event in Germany. Many enthusiastic MINI owners in Germany and some from other parts of Europe started their engines to join LET’S MINI. The event had been organized by MINI Germany. The meeting was at the Loreley festival arena with a great view over the Rhine river and lots of twisty roads around the site.

Classic and new MINIs were on display, as well as the XXL MINI, a couple of Challenge MINIs and the three new special editions: Seven, Park Lane and Check Mate. Mike Cooper and Rauno Aaltonen strolled around, held lectures and signed autographs on whatever you waved at them. (One owner even had his Pepper White MCS signed.)

The MINI range was available for test drives and many used the opporunity to take them for a tour. The tire manufacturer Dunlop had a stand where you could drive Coopers with one flat tire (runflat of course) around a small course. For only little money, MINI Driver Trainings where held and those who preferred a virtual drive could do so by sitting in a real MINI that was connected to a racing video game.

Later on Saturday two bands and DJs rocked the crowd on the main stage and a Beach Club with a terrific view over the Rhine valley had been set up for those who’d rather chill than party.

As the event lasted two days, many stayed over night in near by bed-and-breakfasts or simply set up their tent on the camp ground.

This might have been the biggest MINI meeting in Germany so far. An official confirmation on how many MINIs were parked on the parking area is promised for later this week. There are rumors that there had been more than 1,000 MINIs and Minis on the parking lot on Saturday.

But pictures speak louder than words, so here you are:

New MINI IG (German MINI Online Forum) User Album
[ forum.mini2ig.de/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=178 ]

Philip’s LET’S MINI pictures
[ http://www.hubertus.net/mymini/ltzmini/ ]

Thanks Philip! Lots of cool stuff here. First off this looks to be an absolutely incredible event and put on by MINI of Germany no less! I’d love to see MINIUSA attempt something like this. Then there are the MINIs! Some of the customization is just incredible and certainly one-ups most of what I’ve seen here in the US (especially those seen in Philips pics).

And then finally for those with keen eyes you may have noticed two new accessories in the photos. I won’t give them away but I’ll give you a hint… one will be mentioned on MF tomorrow.

Also look for Philips review of a track on the Nurburgring Nordschleife in the weeks ahead on MotoringFile.

  • James

    You must mean the new JCW wheels. 8^)

  • You must mean the new JCW wheels. 8^)

    Sorry – I should have said ‘un-announced’. It’s not the wheels 🙂

  • gabe: Is one of them These gages?

  • Nope. Both of these accessories have not been mentioned on MF and one I’ve never seen mentioned anywhere. Both are JCW related.

  • Tom M

    Is it the 2002-2004 Cooper bumper bling that appears to be on a 2006 Park Lane edition Cooper?

  • Instead of continueing to guess I’ll let someone else take a stab at this.

    BTW, “Let’s MINI” looks like a shakedown event for MINI prior to MINI United.

  • Adam

    What about the “gills” on the hood of the S??

    Very cool pictures indeed. Looks to be a fun event.

  • CF Bonnet

  • db

    oooo ooooo ooooo

    I know I know I know 🙂

  • PocketRobot

    I think is the the carbon fiber hood. Since its a JCW and a lot of carbon, I’ll bet it will cost about $4,000!

  • GSKChicago

    Is it the Carbon Bonnet?

  • Kaan

    is it the carbon bonnet on the red jcw?. and a bigger guess; could that be the rumored lightweight edition??..

  • CF Bonnet

    Yes – Carbon Fiber Bonnet it is. Matt – your “major award” is in the mail 😉 I’ve never even heard of this but it would appear that it is indeed a proper JCW accessory (as it was in the JCW tent).

    Or could it be a small glimpse of the lightweight MCS that people seem to be talking about?

  • Kurt Gillespie

    Are those carbon fiber side view mirrors too? Is that the second one?

  • Kurt Gillespie

    Thank you Philip for some AMAZING new pictures and a great look into the mini events “accross the pond”…

  • Are those carbon fiber side view mirrors too? Is that the second one?

    Those were released last year actually. The second one is just about impossible to get.

  • the seats?

  • Edge

    OK, so one is the JCW CF bonnet (Phil’s pics, page 47 for those who want to find it fast)… what about the other?

    Is it the MINI trailer? (New MINI IG, 71/153)

  • Okay – major hint time. You can see them both in this photo of the JCW tent.

  • not the seats then.

  • 05DSMCS

    Is it the fog lights? They look to have a different surround.

  • Charlie

    Is it the JCW Rims ?

  • GSKChicago

    The checkerboard at the runner on the Mini in the background? Or is that just part of the checkmate option?

  • The checkerboard at the runner on the Mini in the background?

    Yes it is – nice job Greg. Those are the new MINI Challenge decals as seen on the MINI Challenge JCW cars in the UK and European racing series. We’ll have more info on them tomorrow.

    All other accessories that everyone mentioned above have been reported on MotoringFile previously.

  • saw the sticker, dismissed it thinking it couldn’t be what you’re talking about, only to be wrong.

  • DanC

    Its gotta be the fog lights or the entire front bumper/trim, it seems a bit different. Or mayby its just the door graphics of the Dark Silver MINI in the background. I dunno, i’m stumped.

  • Dan – the last one was answered two comments above yours.

  • DanC

    Thanks, my connection’s a bit slow, and so is my typing 😉 The two post appeared after I hit the post button… oops. It was fun anyways

  • Edge
    All other accessories that everyone mentioned above have been reported on MotoringFile previously.

    Gabe, even the MINI trailer I pointed out? I haven’t seen anything on that before. Maybe it’s a one-off creation by an enthusiastic MINIac, but it looks like an EXCELLENT match for the MINI (same taillights, etc.), so I wondered if it was official, even if rare.

  • even the MINI trailer I pointed out?

    I believe it’s a one off.

  • Wow. Looks like an amazing event. We need something like that in states!

  • R50

    Great photos, Philip Red Nose Day – har

  • Josh

    Wow, there’s no telling how much that hood is going to cost. I wonder if they will release the weight savings too.

  • minjadude@yahoo.com


    Very nice pix.

    Didn’t get to hook up with Nederlands MINI’, was way to busy with family stuff here in Hilversum, or as they call it here Hilverslum, for 3 weeks.

    Heading home Saturday, sorry we couldn’t have connected.


  • Gabe, thanks for posting the article and I hope many of you can make it to MINI UNITED in Italy later this year.

    The event was very cool, but there are definitely some areas of improvement for BMW. The catering was lousy and overpriced. The community of MINI drivers was not well presented – the different regional MINI groups had not been well integrated in the planning of the event.

    My MINI friends here in the Rhein-Main region had prepared chilli, pepper and salt MINI shaped cookies, a slide show and flyers but we ended up with not getting a proper stand on the event.

    But as this was the first centrally (BMW) organized event we are looking forward to next year. The location was awesome and thanks to all the people is was a truly memorable weekend.

    RB, no worries. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Europe.

  • Oh-ho!

    The official news are in: 2,237 fans and 1,320 MINIs participated in the LET’S MINI event.

    We’ll top that in Misano 😀

  • Steve

    I wonder if a CF hood would be more impervious to stone chips…

  • Paul

    I was one of the few Americans who attended the Let’s MINI event (I live and work in Bavaria), and I can confirm the event was simply massive. I especially enjoyed the 1.5 half MINI Drivers Training where they featured the JCW Cooper S in both emergency breaking and showed each student how to do essentially a Italian Job-style 180 degree turn at full speed from reverse. I’ve got more pictures, so if anyone wants to see one of the first MINI Coopers used as a police vehicle, and more, just let me know. Cheers!

  • O(=^=)O Capn

    I liked the CF spoiler in these pictures, it didn’t stick up as high as I thought it would.

  • Vanwall

    Out of curiosity, did Aaltonen happen to bring his home movies?

          Rob in dago

  • Ryan

    Nurburgring review?????!!!!!!!! woo-hoo

  • Kyle

    Any high resolution shots of all the cars making the word “MINI”? I want that as my wallpaper!!!

  • Robert Smith

    You should consider making that lead picture, the one from above with cars spelling MINI, as a poster – its great

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