MINI Cooper Remus Dual Exhaust Review

(Reviewed by Lucas) Just installed the dual tip Remus exhaust on my Cooper. This is actually the same kit that is used by German tuner AC Schnitzer kit. The exhaust looks well constructed and everything seems to be made of pretty good quality stainless steel. However it is not a true cat back exhaust, the installation requires cutting of the stock exhaust after the cat.

It is extremely similar to the single tip Remus exhaust that many Cooper owners have and was reviewed on MotoringFile a couple years ago. The main different is the addition of the second muffler, the larger, main one connecting on the right side to a smaller second one. The exhaust tips are 3 inches in diameter with the Remus logo on top and are round in shape.

I have a 2005 Cooper and the exhaust hanger seems to be the same as any other 2002+ Cooper as well, so fitment was perfect. However, I did have to take off the spare tire because of the extra exhaust tip. It took my installer about 1 hour to install the system. Most of the time was spent on cutting the bumper just right and adjusting the left side tip to the correct angle.

Overall I’m very pleased with the system. It looks great, really enhances the look of the Cooper in my opinion. However it is a little bit silly to have 2 big exhaust pipes from a 1.6L engine The sound at idle is a nice deep burble, and I like the little popping sound when the engine revs down too. Surprisingly it is hardly any louder than stock. From 2000-4000rpm it does have a slightly lower tone and a bit louder than stock, and 4000+ it sounds pretty much just like stock. It has basically no sound at all on the highway, however it is a tad louder than stock cruising at 120km/h (75mph) due to the high rpm (3700rpm) the cooper revs at. The overall volume is within 10% of the stock exhaust system.

If you want a system that gives the cooper a unique look, and relatively quiet performance, this is a very good system. But if you’re looking for something louder or something with performance gain as the #1 priority, I suggest something else. Butt dyno and my G-tech timer shows virtually no performance gain from the Remus exhaust.

Exhaust sound clips:

Remus Dual Exhaust sound from the driver’s seat (Windows Open) (184KB mp3)

Standing start, revving in 1st, 2nd gear, and cruising at 80km/h in 5th (292KB mp3)


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  • Thanks Lucas. I’m kind of surprised to hear that you don’t feel it’s much louder than stock. The Remus single exhaust on my old Cooper was noticably louder and sounded amazing throughout the rev range.

  • Tom

    Too bad about having to dremel out the drivers side, but at least it looks good on photo. I saw in the Go Mini magazine where they offer skirts to replace OE skirts of exhaust outlet changes – you think U.S. will catch on???

  • Aurel

    Interesting … I have the single exhaust from Remus for my 03 MC and it certainly gives a much better tone than the stock exhaust, even at idle you hear a nice gurgle.

    Not sure what the point was for them to make a dual exhaust for the MC … looks good however, but it seems it los some of its sound character.

  • Aurel

    BTW … the sound will get louder as some weeks pass and the exhaust “breaks in”

  • I actually have more sound/video clips. The exhaust sounds very different than stock from the outside, and a nice deep burble at idle, very much like Gabe’s single pipe Remus

    With windows closed the sound isn’t very different than stock. Its been 3 weeks and it is slightly louder than day 1.

    Overall I love the sound, very sporty and nice deep tone, its too bad that it sounds better from outside than the driver seat however 🙂

  • nice write-up/pictorial. curious: how is an exhaust attached just behind the cat not a cat back exchaust?

  • It does not include a resonator, its more of a “resonator back” exhaust.

  • that leaves me confused. does the cooper exhaust have a resonator just after the cat? The cooper S does not. I’m imagining the attach point being just after the cat, which leaves me wondering how, indeed, the remus exhaust does not qualify as a true cat-back exhaust…

    excuse my naivité

  • eurazn

    My dual remus is noticable louder than stock, especially 2K-4K rpm range.

    Here are my stock and remus comparison clips from day one:


    Mac OS:

  • eurazn

    Sorry if the links does not work above try this one:

  • Just to clarify, this review is about a Cooper Remus Dual system. Eurazn – looks like yours is a Cooper S system.

  • eurazn

    No, I have a CVT Mini Cooper. I love the design of the “S” bumpers and decided to put them on my Cooper.

  • About the sound volume, I always drive with windows closed, and I have also stuffed sound absorbing sheets in the back of the car, under the carpets and inside all the plastic panels. This could be part of the reason why I don’t feel as much volume change as Eurazn or Gabe.

    Strange isn’t it? I like a better sound but I like the car quiet 🙂

  • Jace

    Looks awesome- but I wonder if cutting the bumper could lead to problems with WARRANTY/Servicing with the 3 year package.

  • CeridianMN

    Slightly off-topic,

    Lucas, how did you go about adding sound dampening?

  • I love the single exhaust Remus as well on my 2003 MC. Sound is wonderful, and combined with my Moss MINI intake, I get comments all the time from people on how nice and throaty it is–and the popping sound is great!

  • About sound proofing:

    I guess I’ll put a guide about sound proofing the MINI up later at my site.

    All I did was take out all the interior plastic panel, stuff in as much sound proofing material as I could without making the panels buldge out (and reuse all stock clips so once everything is done, it looks completely untouched)

    I also took out the carpets and put a layer of the material down there as well.

    The material I used was originally for apartment floor underlay, designed to isolate sound so you don’t annoy the neighbours living below you. 1/8″ inch thick, and fairly light. Covering the whole car will add around 5-10lbs at most.

  • chapz

    i saw on your other website, xtremePsionic, you purchased the exhaust for $300 CND?! where’d you find a deal like that??

    it looks really good btw.

  • S.S

    Will the noise of the Remus Dual Tip Exhaust be any different with an Air Intake Kit ? or does not effect ?

  • R.D.

    Can anyone rate the noice level on Cooper exhausts (Borla, Remus, Supersprint, Playmini, etc.) ? Please use a scale from 1 – 10. 1 being the most quiet, while 10 being the loudest. I’m still deciding on which exhaust system to purchase, so this info wiil be much appreciated.

    Thanks Y’all!

  • Luka

    Could anyone suggest a fairly inexpensive dual exhaust system like this for a mini cooper non S?