Ask MotoringFile is back after a brief hiatus, this time with an ever popular iPod related question:

I was wondering if there were any new/improved iPod mounting ideas for the MINI to take advantage of the much smaller size of the iPod Nano?

I have seen many good and bad ideas for the “standard size” iPod, but it seems even the good ideas would seem a little silly considering they are geared toward a device 2 or 3 times larger.

Andy S.
Plymouth, Michigan

Good question Andy, I’m struggling with the same issue. Currently I run the wire from my Dension Ice-Link Plus (non-cradle version) below the toggles and simply let iPods rest down there. That actually has served me quite well since it works with all iPods and can be both out of the way within reach when needed.

However I’m still thinking the ideal situation would be to somehow mount the Nano on the dash. I’ve even thought about buying a rubber sleeve, putting velcro on the back, and affixing it to the dash between the speedo and the right vent. The Nano weighs so little that it would easily be held there firmly and you wouldn’t need one of those bulky and aesthetically questionable iPod mounts. The downside is that a little circular piece of velcro isn’t the nicest thing to look at when you’re without said Nano.

But enough about my ideas… lets hear yours…