Like last year, MINI USA will be increasing the prices across the model range for 2006. However, unlike last year (when all cars on the lot by 1.1.05 got the increase) this will only affect cars wholesaled on or after March 1st. Here are the details:

  • MINI Cooper: + $500 ($17,450)
  • MINI Cooper Convertible: + $500 ($21,950)
  • MINI Cooper S Convertible: + $500 ($25,400)
  • MINI Cooper S: + $300 ($20,900)

[ New base prices are in ( ) ]

Production affected by this price increase include February and potentially January and December (unless those cars are wholesaled before March 1st 2006). Unlike the 2005 increase, MINI USA isn’t altering pricing for any options.

MF Analysis:

The Pound vs Dollar battle strikes again. Expect more of these small price increases in the next few years due to a number of reasons (including fluctuating currecy values). And if there’s anyone in the US who feels that these prices have risen too high, I recommend checking out the base prices in the UK. That’s sure to put things in perspective.


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