Chalk up another positive review for the MINI. This time it’s the JCW MCS and the Toronto Star. It may be worth mentioning that the dollars that the author speaks of are Canadian and not US so don’t be thrown by the $50,000 price mentioned. Here’s a short excerpt:

>Okay, there’s probably a fair amount of profit margin in a fully loaded JCW Cooper S (opt for the convertible and you can breach the $50,000 Canadian barrier). That’s hardly sensible when you consider just how capable the basic Cooper S is and the vastly improved value it offers in comparison. At this price point, you could also be driving a much bigger, more powerful, rear-drive car like a Nissan 350Z.

>But after some time spent behind the wheel, it’s hard to begrudge Mini, or Mike Cooper, their earnings. The Works S is a complete, if tiny, package — a true performance machine that will, on most roads, eat those bigger, more powerful cars alive, while simultaneously retaining the styling and personality that make the basic Mini so attractive to begin with.

The author mentions some creaks and rattles. I’ve personally had none in six months with my new 2005 MINI and from my experience have heard little of these problems in 2005 and 2006 MINIs. I wonder if this was simply one of those press cars that has been thoroughly trashed by the always willing automotive press?

You can read the entire article here:

[ This Mini justs wants to have fun ] Toronto Star

And yes… that could be the worst title ever for a MINI related article.