A Clever MINI Owner?

This news comes from frequent contributor and long time reader Timothy Sipples:

Are MINI owners especially clever? Or are clever people MINI buyers? Judging by Alex Tew’s experience, maybe both — and they’re probably lucky, too. Tew, a 21 year old university student in England, wasn’t sure how he’d pay tuition. So he started a Web site, Milliondollarhompage, and sold nearly one million pixels to advertisers at $1 each.

Yes, it’s pretty much that simple, and Reuters has the strange-but-true details here. Even the London Times weighs in on the subject.

So what’s all that got to do with MINI? Well, so far Tew has only spent his profits on two things: paying off his student loans and a new set of wheels. “I’ve treated myself to a car. I’ve only just passed my driving test so I’ve bought myself a little black mini [sic].” [The Times, among others, confirms it’s specifically a MINI, not just any mini.]

Apparently the MINI even comes before taxes, so Tew obviously has his priorities in order. No word yet on whether Tew will also sell each square centimeter on his new MINI, NASCAR-style, to advertisers.

  • Not only is he clever, he also seems to be a Tetris master!

  • It’s genius . . . Now I wonder what’s in that MINI. It better be a fully loaded S. 🙂

  • GSKChicago

    How about another take, a site selling advertising via a pixel of a MINI. With a link to it on Motoringfile.com there are sure to be a lot of hits.

  • JohnDough

    Awwwww, c’mon. Little black MINI is just perfect!

  • CPUWiz

    I just love this idea. So simple yet so original. I think mini advertising is the wave of the future!

  • James

    Brilliant!!! Now why didn’t I think of that….

  • Great idea 🙂 Similar to ferraribillboard.com and smashmyviper.com but less destructive!