Details Emerge on the Detroit MINI Concept

This week’s Automotive News has a short piece on what to expect from MINI in Detroit. Here’s a quick excerpt:

While the press is calling the Traveller a wagon, Mini executives hate that word. “Whatever this is, it is definitely not a wagon. It is something else,” Kay Segler, vice president of Mini brand management, said during a November interview.

You can read the entire Automotive News Detroit preview below:

[ Pony cars may outbuzz SUVs, crossovers ] Automotive News

MF Analysis: BMW historically has distanced itself from the word wagon. Ever since the 2002 BMW has shied away from its usage, instead opting for the word “touring” for certain BMW products. I can certainly see the MINI folks going a similar route and insisting on a word like “Traveller” for the upcoming long wheelbase MINI. Not only does it evoke MINI heritage but it distances the car from the dumpy American wagons of the 70’s that some car buyers may still have bad memories of.

Regardless of what they call it, we may actually hear some concrete plans for the 2007 product in the next few weeks. We’ll have more on the “winter sport themed” concept (including more photos) in the coming days.

  • giacomo

    Did they actually get to use the Traveler nameplate? I thought it was owned elswhere.

  • Unfortunately here in Ireland, Traveller has a completely different meaning, and could potentially hurt sales of the car. AFAIK, the name traveller was up in the air as no one actually knew who owned the rights to the name. I don’t think it’ll be called ‘Wagon’ – it’s European slang for P.O.S., nor do I think it’ll be called Traveller … they’ll have some sort of funky name for it in time.

    Roll on the R56, I’ll be at the Dealer launch event, I’ll send back plenty of photos, even if it is over 6 months away 🙂

  • Was it the name “Traveller” or “Clubman” that BMW didn’t own? I’ve lost track now.

  • NSS


  • “Whatever this is, it is definitely not a wagon. It is something else,” Kay Segler, vice president of Mini brand management, said during a November interview.

    Kind of sad when someone in charge of “branding” doesn’t have a recommendation for how to classify their concept when it’s already been at two major autoshows.

    JMO, but MINIUSA has been adrift in terms of it’s brand management ever since Kerri Martin left.

  • giacomo

    So what does Traveller connote in Ireland? P.O.S. is what? I only know it as point Of Sale.

  • Vanwall

    It looks more like an SUV than I care to accept. Hope it gets better than that.

    Owen – We have travellers over this side of the pond, too. 😉

        Rob in Dago
  • Steve

    What is wrong with “shooting brake”? Isn’t that the name that referred to wagons a while back?

  • AFAIK, “Shooting Brake” was a name for coupes that had been converted to wagons. One problem with the name is that Audi already has a concept of the new TT in that form and using the name “shooting brake”.

    Much like BMW and “touring”, Audi likes to use the name AVANT to get away from the wagon name.

  • Ted

    Look at the picture…What do you sense inside yourself? For me, its obvious….its so simple… just fits…


    I’ll take the advertising rights. Thank-you.

  • Can’t wait to see it in person!

    Anyone else going to the NAIAS? I’ll be there on 1/16/06 with (very tolerant) fiance in tow.

  • Greg W

    Old classic Mini came in two models – The Austin Se7en Countryman and the Morris Mini Traveller. Then there is the Leyland Mini Clubman Estate (the Clubman was a Mini with a different nose panel only). So there are three possibilities. Today’s model cars are classed as SUV (Sports Utility vehicle) and SAV (Sports activity vehicle). A Saloon in English markets is a 4 door car, but in USA it is a bar to serve drinks. Just as well MINI is not Japanese as then we would have some weird model name no one knows the meaning of.

  • Chris LW

    Giacomo, P.O.S. also means Piece of Feces (sic)

  • I’ll be there…look for the guy with the Orange Pants.

    Aaron from

  • Damn… I can’t believe I’m going to miss the orange pants.

  • I think Tom is onto something! The MINI Adventure … it’s perfect. Tom, trademark it while you can 🙂

  • Ted

    Check out the latest from the LA Motor Show Mini Canyon Carver Concept Car Double click on lower left Mini Vehicle

  • The canyon carver design challenge entry was for last year’s L.A. Auto Show. This year MINI did not have an entry.