MINI Oxford Plant 3rd Largest in the UK

Plant Oxford, the only production home of MINI, has just stepped up a place in the UK league table of automotive manufacturers. In less than five years since the first MINI rolled off the Oxford production line, MINI is now the third largest motor manufacturer in the UK. 200,119 MINIs were produced in 2005 with roughly 70 per cent exported to over 70 countries. MINI comes after Toyota and Nissan, but is ahead of Vauxhall, Honda, Land Rover and Peugeot.

MINI Press

  • Bob

    Toyota makes cars in the UK? How many per year?

  • Kind of the point I was going to make… I think the only other manufacturer listed that has worldwide production at said plant is Land Rover. Vauxhall basically produces only for the home market, AFAIK, building the same cars that Opel is building in Russelsheim, but with different badges on them (or have Opel and Vauxhall actually devided models between them?)