Good reading for both the newbies and the oldsters among us. Here’s an excerpt:

>Road & Track has been conducting owner surveys for some three decades now, on all manner of cars — from Corvettes to Camrys, from Peugeots to Porsches — and we can’t recall being so amused by so many of our readers’ responses to our survey questionnaire.

>They filled their forms with additional comments — mostly odes of joy to their Minis. Some wrote long letters describing their experiences with their Minis. Some enclosed Mini “baby” pictures.

>They described feats of Mini heroics: “I followed an Aston Martin at 110 mph — no problem!” wrote an owner from Deerfield, New Hampshire. Oh yes, he added, a bike and kayak happened to be strapped to the Mini’s roof at the time.

>”At the track, the go-fast cars pull away on the straight, but in the corners I’m catching them. On Turn 5 at Thunderhill, I always risk rear-ending a slow Porsche,” said an owner from Ashland, Oregon.

>…Indeed, the devotion of our survey’s respondents to their Minis runs so deep that most are willing to overlook the darker side of Mini ownership: spotty reliability. The Mini was one of the more problem-prone cars that we’ve surveyed in recent years.

Like other’s who owned early cars, I can speak to that problem-prone issue. While I’m happy to say that my ’05 MCS has been boring in it’s lack of problems (seems I’m not alone in noticing), I’m sure it’ll take a long time for the general public, (let alone auto journalists) to think of the MINI on the whole as trouble free.

You can read the entire article below:

[ MINI Owner Survey ] Road & Track

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