MINI Video Friday

Since it’s Friday we thought it would be as good a time as any to post a few links that have made their way to the MotoringFile inbox lately. Now it wouldn’t have been responsible for us to post them on a normal workday since productivity would plummet. But Friday afternoon… well that’s pretty much the weekend right?

[ Cooper at the Nurburgring ] Google Video [ Top Gear Winter Olympics Ski/Mini Jump ] You Tube
  • JAG

    Nice drive, not too fast but good pace, lucky they didn’t got cought as filming is not allowed in the ring.

  • Maggie

    That was the best Olympic coverage I’ve seen yet

  • Giacomo

    Did they get passed by a Yugo and a CRX?

  • Yegor

    It’s very exciting, but the camera position couldn’t be any worse: the mirror blocks most of the view.

    I wish I was there. For now I’ll enjoy my GT4 with black/red sport-seat and Logitech wheel in front of 42″ plasma:)

  • The top gear video has got to be THE greatest thing i have ever seen in my entire life, and most likely for remain at that position forever.

  • In my excitement for the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, all my communication skills ceased to operate at normal levels . . . Cheers!

  • Ted
  • Yeah, that mirror’s pretty bad. The driver needs to look where he’s going, too; he’s not looking far enough ahead in the turns. 🙂

    Did they get passed by a Yugo and a CRX?

    Yes, and I think it was the Yugo (or Rabbit, or other early ’80s econobox) that he did such a poor job passing earlier on.

    Ok, I’ve really gotta get me one of those tracks. I wonder if Nurburg needs any Java developers?

  • sandm4130

    Those Porsches were the best thing on the video. The way the first one passed by and then the second porsche was bust gone in an instant. way cool.

    I am glad the mini was there justt to get passed.

    Nice camera angle of the porsches too.

  • Sorry about the poor driving 😀 It was my first lap ever on the ‘ring, I’ll try to drive better the next time 😉

    PS: the ’80s econobox was probably a tuned Opel Corsa.

  • The car that I passed earlier in the video was a 4WD 215HP Lancia Delta integrale…

  • Dustin

    For the torrent enthusiasts… search ‘Top Gear Olympics’ if you wanna get the whole episode and keep it. I agree… that one’s going right next to Rendez-vous!!

  • Giacomo


    I’d like to see the 1st time on the ‘ring videos for most of these driving instructors that critiqued you, I wonder how gracious they would be explaining how a Le Car or Fiat Cinquecento Topolino passed them.

    Thanks for the fun, I enjoyed it.

  • Paso

    i’m the co-pilot of Demiurgo at the Nurburgring and he was very fast. it’s really his first time at the ‘ring. and remember, Italians do it better 🙂

  • peter

    awesome ski jumping mini !

  • Yegor

    Demiurgo & Paso, thank you guys, for the cool video. Please place the camera lower if you decide to go again, so we can see the track.

  • Sorry for the mirror, I’m planning to modify the camera mount 😉

  • You can watch the 2nd lap

    Tow-truck overtake and massive understeer included 😀

  • Mark (Ohio)

    Demiurgo – Awesome! Is your car a Cooper S? Do you have any mods? Thanks for sharing! What a thrill to drive on there let alone get to tape it and share with everyone! Nice!

  • It’s Cooper (November 2001) with a Supersprint muffler and BMC flat air filter. (photo)

  • tony T

    Nice work at the ring. If this truely was your first time then awsome. 10 Minutes in a Cooper is a good time. Forget GT4, Nurburgring is truely scary first time out, especially the speeds you were doing in the little cooper . a few better gear changes would have seen a sub 10 minute lap I rekon.

    To everyone who’s done Nurburgring, i salute you. To those who haven’t but have played GT4 – you have no clue.

  • RE: Top Gear Winter Olympics Ski/Mini Jump

    Great clip! I’ve got the A-Team theme song stuck in my head now…. 🙂

  • Paso

    Last week with the MINI we have been to Monza but we didn’t have the camera… it was very exciting…