MotoringFile Reviews for March

Another month, another set of upcoming MotoringFile reviews:

  • Honda Civic Si
  • BMW 325i
  • John Cooper Works Brake Kit
  • MINI Cooper w/JCW Sound Kit
  • Supersprint MCS Exhaust (Sorry for the delay, it’s too cold to do sound clips!)

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  • Nathaniel Salzman

    I’m really excited to see what you think of the Civic Si, Gabe. I want to get behind the wheel of it myself. Asside from the goofy looks of it, I really liked the previous generation Si – especially the “rally shifter”. I kind of looked at it sideways when I first got in it, but as soon as I started driving it, I saw the virtue of having the shifter right next to the wheel. It’d also be pretty cool to get a mature Civic enthusiast behind the wheel of an MCS and see what they thought.

  • Nathaniel – just to give you a heads up, it’s going to be a fairly short review of the Civic. I don’t want to give anything away yet, but i didn’t get that much seat time. But then again the seat time I did get was on a pretty dynamically demanding road.

  • LL

    My partner just went ahead and bought a Civic Si after long lines of Coopers we’ve had and a Scion TC. I’ve had about two to three days of driving experience with the car now. I’ll try to write up a review to add to Gabe’s as soon as I have the time… 🙂

    In short, I’ll sum it up as: it’s pretty comparable to the Cooper in most respects, but just different.

  • dickdavid

    Wow, another JCW Sound Kit review? I can’t wait!!!!

  • Chris LW

    Note that the Apr 2006 issue of R&T compares the MCS/JCW vs. Civic Si vs GTI…we lose (albeit by a fraction to the Civic, and the GTI comes in first.

  • 05DSMCS

    It will be interesting to see a point of view on the Civic Si. After seeing the review of the GTI, and then reading Road & Track’s comparison of the GTI, Civic Si, and JCW MINI Cooper S (in which the MINI takes 3rd place), I will be interested to hear it from a MINI enthusiast’s perspective.

    I know technology forges onward, and I own a car on the verge of being replaced, but it was sad to see the MINI take the last spot in this test. They were very complimentary of the aspects that we all love about our cars, though.

  • It looks like the new crop of hot hatches being released will all really up the game – I cannot wait to read about the new Type-R v new Mini Cooper S Works v new Pug 207 GTI v new Clio 182 in the future. I had better start saving now!!!!!!!!!

  • Don’t mind losing to those cars one bit. They’ve got no tambourine at all.

    Nowadays I laugh out loud when I see ’em, hearing, “It’s definitely sucking.”


  • turtlebug

    I’m looking forward to the JCW Brake Kit review. I’m thinking of buying the 2007 Cooper S with the Brake kit. Does it really improve braking distance? Or is it really just for the track? Let me know Gabe.

  • Jim

    I too am very interested in the JCW brake review.

    A request: Please include the weight of brake components removed and their JCW replacements! I really want to know if the kit increases unsprung weight, and I have not seen a review that addresses this. (Why make the effort to reduce weight in the wheels if the brakes are just going to add it back.)

  • Paul


    My MCS (Chili Red/Silver/Silver Bonnet Strip) just changed status to Scheduled for Production. I am talking to my MA about making up a MCS JCW Sound System, consisting of the JCW Air Intake (kit) and JCW Sport Exhaust (parts). My MCS should look and sound great along with its R99s and JCW Sports Brakes.

    The MINI Tech is asking about mounting the JCW Sports Exhaust in a MCS. That should be straightforward just like part of a JCW Tuning Kit on a MCS. My concern is about reprogramming the ECU. If MINI has not thought of a MCS JCW Sound Kit before this, is ECU programming going to be a show stopper?

    What is the best way for someone to suggest a MCS JCW Sound System to MINI / MINIUSA ?