The MINI is Officially Delightful (updated)

Here’s MINI USA’s official press release on the news we reported back in January:

The 2006 MINI Cooper Convertible has been bestowed three distinct honors in the latest Strategic Vision Annual Vehicle Experience Study (TM). Specifically the MINI Cooper Convertible won a Total Quality Award (TM), Total Value Award (TM) and was named “Most Delightful Vehicle” in the “Convertible Under $30,000” segment. More significantly, this has been the fourth consecutive year a MINI has won its respective category in each of the three Strategic Vision surveys. The MINI Cooper Convertible also joins it’s BMW Group sibling – the BMW 3 Series – as one of only two passenger cars to take top honors in all three surveys in its respective category.

The Strategic Vision Total Quality Index (TQI) measures quality from a variety of perspectives including product experience, vehicle reliability, dealership experience and emotional response to the vehicle. The Total Value Index (TVI) adds to the TQI the dimension of economic consequences and expectations. This encompasses issues such as the negotiated price, warranty coverage, resale value and expected operating costs. The Customer Delight Inde(TM) (CDITM) assesses the customers’ responses to specific aspects of their vehicles and captures the strength of the emotional response to what the vehicle delivers.

Dr. Darrel Edwards, CEO, Founder and Creative Director of Strategic Vision states, “The ability of a vehicle to lead in Total Quality, Customer Delight, and Total Value means that it delivers a completely, positive emotional experience that is worth the price. Total Quality and Total Value address the rational aspects of the experience. Customer Delight provides an emotional bridge that looks at tomorrow. These vehicles can be expected to be strong for years. These vehicles are exemplary of what the industry should deliver.”

“We are extremely pleased with the MINI Convertible’s results in all three of Strategic Vision’s 2006 surveys, yet more impressively we are thrilled that MINI has been a consistent winner in all three surveys for the last four years” said Jim McDowell, Vice President, MINI USA. “It is clear that “MINI instills a strong sense of passion and delight in our customers and the results of these surveys underscore the quality and value our owners experience throughout the complete ownership experience.”

Source: MINI USA


    I’m afraid to comment.

  • Call

    I’m not afraid to comment. I think my MCS Cabrio is absolutely the best vehicle of any kind I have every owned. The value to satisfaction ratio is off the charts as far as I am concerned.

  • DaveK

    I don’t put lot of faith in these survey because if you check out J.D Power the initial quality on the Mini is towrds the bottom of the heap, but I think Mini gets by on looks and performance. Mini has among the highest reported problem but it’s soo popular that it maintains to stay on top of most appealing car. Don’t get me wrong I am going to get the 07 Mini but this quality issue is a problem for me especially after seeing the Volvo C30 design study.

  • Neil

    Consumer Reports in their annual auto issue (just release) judged the Cabrio high on “character”. I didn’t see any other car rated in that category nor do I recall ever seeing that category listed before. Go figure.

  • duncan

    davek, you’re worried about quality issues, but going to buy a first year production car?

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