MotoringFile Needs a Server!

MotoringFile has a big problem. It’s a good problem, but a problem just the same. It seems that we now officially have a gazillion people visiting the site every day. And that means our host’s server is getting taxed something fierce. So today we’re starting a search for an affordable solution for dedicated hosting.

For all those readers who have offered us hosting services before, we’re now ready to talk! If you have server space, an extra server to rent, or know of some good deals at a reliable provider, give us a shout via the contact page.

Update: A huge thanks to all the great offers that have poured in over the past few hours offering web storage. Unfortunately our server needs go a bit deeper than just bandwidth and space on the web for our files. Due to the number of readers who visit the site daily, MotoringFile can be a big burden on a server’s CPU. That means that typical shared hosting plans won’t work going forward and that we need a dedicated server of our own to host the site.

Written By: Gabe

  • http://www.tmmz.com Doug

    I would consider, with your daily loads, buying your own server or two or three.

    It’s not easy being the Number One MINI site is it Gabe? In one of my searches, your site here has DOUBLE the activity and recognizabilty of any other MINI site… including MINIUSA or MINI.com!! Congrats.

    You’ll find your solution sooner than you know it!


  • Radiationman

    What about a mirror or two? Or is my web hosting ignorance showing? ;)

  • http://dbmini.us DB

    A mirror would only work if users knew to use the mirror. As it is, every post as MF is already mirrored on at least 20 sites (that I have seen).

    I think Gabe is looking for a good deal on dedicated server solution that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  • Radiationman

    So in other words the answer to this “Or is my web hosting ignorance showing?” Is yes… lol!

  • David Wiggins

    I’m a MINI geek. I work as the provisioning manager for a large web hosting company. NAM are customers of ours, so you wouldn’t be the only high traffic MINI site in the datacenter :)

    We’ve even got 2 MINIs in the parking lot (mine, and one of our senior accounting type folk)

    Not sure what your budget is, but feel free to email me, you should be able to figure out my email address.

  • Mark Smith

    Are you getting paid for those nice advertisements you have on here by their sponsors???

  • FH

    I have a little server that I rent out from 1&1 (http://www.1and1.com). It’s probably best to look under one of the Root servers, or Managed ones. If I recall, they should be under $200 a month. One of my friends hosts his server at Pair (http://www.pair.com) which seems to be a bit more expensive, but from what he says, worth it, though it seems from their website that they don’t offer nearly as much. I like 1&1 though.

  • B

    try he.net. I use them right now. Good service never goes down, and the tech support is always top notch.

  • codemunkee

    DB is wrong. :)

    you can build a front end to numerous backends. it’s called load balancing. old technology too:


  • http://dbmini.us DB

    DB is wrong. :)

    Wouldn’t be the first time that’s for sure! Except, in this case I’m pretty sure I’m not. MF is hosted on 1 server, shared with probably a bazillion other sites. As with almost all shared hosting plans I have seen, there isn’t another server available to split the load. Besides, if the host did balance the load, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be reading this right now.

    Or is my web hosting ignorance showing?” Is yes

    I was trying to be nice about it ;)

  • http://www.worldtraveltips.net/ James

    Hey Gabe – I’ve sent you a note or two. I will get you a good deal hosting with Magma – colocated space, dedicated server(s), managed services, monitoring – whatever you need.

    I’ve been a big fan since even before I got my Mini last November, so I will help take care of things personally. Besides, some of my customers drive Minis and it would be a lark to have you in the Datacenter here.

    Cheers, James….

  • http://www.leftlanenews.com Nick

    Do you have AIM or MSN? We should chat.

  • JK

    DB, you seem cheerful and helpful, which are important when posting online. However, with all due respect, you’ve misunderstood codemunkee’s point. You said a mirror would only work if users knew to use the mirror; codemunkee was simply pointing out that one could set up a front end to multiple mirrors that would redirect HTTP requests based on server load. That is, multiple servers would mirror MF, and whichever one was the least busy would get any new requests.

    Also, “Load balancing” generally does not refer to multiple sites on a single machine, but rather a single site on multiple machines (at least when referring to load balancing on web servers…load balancing on multiple internet connections is a different thing altogether). Gabe is talking about dedicated hosting, not shared hosting (a single machine with many virtual hosts). In other words, you’re talking about the present, while Codemunkee and Gabe are talking about the future.

    I don’t mean to belittle your contribution…your intentions are clearly the best; it’s just a minor miscommunication.



  • http://dbmini.us DB

    DB, you seem cheerful and helpful, which are important when posting online. However, with all due respect, you’ve misunderstood codemunkee’s point. You said a mirror would only work if users knew to use the mirror; codemunkee was simply pointing out that one could set up a front end to multiple mirrors that would redirect HTTP requests based on server load. That is, multiple servers would mirror MF, and whichever one was the least busy would get any new requests.

    That’s exactly how I didn’t read it. I see load balance and immediately think 1 site, multiple machines, same room. Thanks for the clarification! And, I was only explaining the current setup, not the one that Gabe is looking for.

  • Spookyfish

    How much space (MB or GB) and traffic/month (GB, TB or Mbit/s) are we talking about? This matters also in case of a dedicated server.

    What kind of platform? Unix, Apache, PHP, MySQL?

  • Jerry

    I have several servers with ServerBeach and couldn’t be happier. Their dedicated servers are very inexpensive ($200 mo) and they even have unlimited bandwidth plans and such. ServerBeach.com

  • JK


    Thanks for clarifying your position. I think we’re all on the same page now.


  • http://chipgrafx.com Chip

    Take a long, hard look at DreamHost. I’ve been with them for over 3 years without a single major problem. They are awesome.

    And on top of just being great, they INCREASE your storage space AND bandwidth usage EVERY WEEK!! Look at their hosting plans, I’m sure they’ll have something to fit your needs.

    Whomever you choose… stay away from 1 & 1 Hosting. Their customer support is crap. Read about it.

  • http://www.motoringfile.com/ Gabe

    Funny you mention that Chip – we have used Dreamhost for a year actually. They’ve been fantastic and we’re seriously looking at using them for our dedicated hosting as well.

  • Steve


    Take a look at Digital Forest @ http://www.digitalforest.net/. They are by far the best hosting and colo facility in the country. Their support is first rate, they are not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for.


  • Jason

    Gabe, This is what I do all day and I have an excellent company for you. Please email me if your still looking.

  • http://www.savvis.net Tom

    Hi Gabe,

    I work for the #2 managed hosting provider globally and we provide a range of services such as co-location and managed hosting as well as newer approaches such as utility computing (rent the hardware rather than buy it) that might fit your needs.

    One thing that might make more sense for you than other approaches that have been suggested is a Content Delivery Network service. Now that you are one of the big boys why not do things the way the pros do? This could save you money and improve the performance of the site significantly.

    Send me a message if you are interested in talking about some different options.


  • JAG

    Rackspace, I had a commercial site with megazillions of hits back in the days of when Internet ruled the world and I sat in an Aeron chair. I had dedicated servers very cheap (extremly cheap), great service and they ran linux, mysql, an image server (no porn, investors never belived in that and now look what happened!) and a lonley MS server just in case, but never used it. Give them a call.

  • http://foreword.ospreydesign.com Giles Hoover

    Hey, Gabe, got an update?

    Forgive, but quite selfishly, I was looking, too, liked DreamHost, and was curiously waiting to see whether you stayed with them or what your solution was. Sorry to get impatient!

    Okay, sure, so I blog on a totally different subject and only have a quarter (maybe half…;) of your readership. But if they can handle you smoothly….

    Thanks for letting us know.

    (Never know where Mini fans bubble up from, eh? Thanks for the informative and well-designed site — I enjoy stopping by regularly.)

  • http://www.motoringfile.com/ Gabe

    At this point we’re staying with Dreamhost but their single server hosting plans are basically are on some serious backorder right now. So it looks like we’ll be making the switch to their standalone server plan later this year.

  • http://foreword.ospreydesign.com Giles Hoover

    Nothing like demand….

    Thanks for the update.

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