South African GP Availability and Pricing

For our friends in South Africa we have a bit of JCW GP news for you. We’ve recently learned that MINI of South Africa will be getting up to 28 GPs. Pricing is estimated to be ZAR300,000 (US$47,830).

However the same source mentioned that dealers in South Africa are currently not taking deposits.

  • Shamus

    Does this give us a closer idea of what the final price could be here in the US, or will it be cheaper here due to our higher sales? I mean, working the percentage over the base S cost, that puts the GP just under 30K in USD.

  • This has no baring on the final US price. As we’ve mentioned before, I’d expect something in the low 30’s.

  • Greg W

    Hey you guys in Springbok territory – how well is MINI selling in SA? 28 GPs seem very generous given the quotas imposed on other markets.

  • Timmee

    MINI is selling very well in the major centres. In northern Johannesburg they are a common sight. I’ll have to get back to you in terms of actual numbers, but they are more prevalent than you would think.

    In terms of the ZA vs US pricing, we do pay a premium for the MINI in South Africa. The cars are relatively cheap in US terms.

  • Andrew

    The Mini is doing very well. The dealers are unable to satisfy demand. My dealer is getting 2 GP’s and about 10 people have put their names down. We have to wait until September for delivery.

  • Timmee

    Andrew, which dealer are you at?

  • V

    I own a Cooper S and am No 5 at my dealer for the GP. They also said that each dealer would only get 2.

  • Andrew


  • Charles


    These will be pretty rare around the worls and in the US, too. Do you have any information about dates of US delivery?

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  • Timmee

    Received my proposal in writing from my dealer today, confirming indicative pricing and spec.

  • Adrian

    From South Africa: Went into Auto Bavaria (Midrand) on the weekend to sign my offer to purchase, I am No. 2 in line!!! my car should arrive mid- to end of August! Been dreaming of the GP all weekend while driving my 2002 MCS… only complaint is that I would have liked xenon lights but not an option! SA GP’s have auto aircon and DSC options as standard.

  • simone

    for Italy (BMW ITALY) is 34.000 EURO i know because i have buy it (prenoted).