MINI Makes CNN’s Hot-list

Despite the current model’s age in the marketplace, the MINI has made CNN Auto’s 10 Hottest Cars for 2006. Here’s an excerpt:

On average, a Prius spends just nine days on a dealer lot before being driven away by a buyer, second only to the Mini Cooper, which lingers for just six days. (If a car has an average “days to turn” of less than 10, it generally means the cars are mostly pre-ordered so they have already been sold before they arrive at the dealership.)

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Thanks for the tip Aurel.

  • When I went to Hank Arron MINI,I expected to see a great selection of MINIs to choose from,which was true;however,all the selections where already sold/pre-sold exect one: A CPR MINI,automatic,with no sun-roof. Knowing I needed a car ASAP,I was about to fork over the money,until the sound of an auto-hauler rigg stopped the transaction. I asked the MINI advisior,Jeff if there were any MINIs on the hauler that wasn’t spoken for…his answer was,”…yeah,one…the black and white one…”. That,”black and white one”,ended up being my ’03 PW MC with a preminium package that I quickly name SADE. These cars are so popular that while I was doing the final paperwork on SADE,customers were asking the other MINI advisiors if SADE was for sale(LOL)…thanks for the story,Gabe…it brought back a happy time for me…

  • Nick

    It appears that the MCS is pre ’05, or at least one without Zenons. Come on CNN, let’s get up to date.

  • An article in todays Wards Auto World says the new Honda Civic Hybrid is spending just three days on the lot!