MINI USA is extending the warranty for specific air bag warning lamp issues on some MINIs sold in the US. This will surely come as a welcome surprise to anyone who has been greeted by the dreaded glowing airbag light over the years. Here’s an excerpt from the letter just sent out by MINI USA:

>”We have found and repaired cases in which a wiring harness connector for the side air bag and safety-belt pretensioner as partially loosened. When this occurred, the increase in electrical resistance causes a red airbag warning lamp to light up.”

>”In cases we have seen so far, the airbag and pretensioner would have operated normally, HOWEVER, ANYTIME AN AIRBAG WARNING LAP IS ON IT MEANS THE SYSTEM MUST BE CHECKED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.”

The last sentence is probably the most important one here. Those worrying that this will effect the safety of their MINIs need not be concerned. That said it would be irresponsible if MINI USA didn’t strongly encourage people to bring their cars in for the issue for a proper fix. That’s where the extended warranty comes in….

>”In the interest of customer satisfaction, we are extending the warranty coverage of the vehicle for defects that may occur, for this specific air bag warning lamp issue, on your vehicle for 10 years / 150,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Under terms of this warranty coverage, MINI will cover all necessary repair costs related to this action.”

Along with the letter MINI USA is also sending out a sticker to be placed on page 25 of your Service and Warranty booklet for your reference and for your service advisors reference. It’s worth noting that we do not know yet if this is intended for all MINI owners are just a specific build period. However it would seem that the issue has plagued cars from every model year since the beginning.