Space Grey Cloth is Back

Just in time to say good bye to Solar Red, Liquid Yellow and Purple Haze, MINI USA has announced that a new supplier has been found for S4PN-Space Grey/Panther Black Cloth. It should be available for ordering as of right… now.

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  • alpinamike

    beep ..beep…beep… hot of the wire Space gray cloth is back…..beep


  • Chad

    Sweet! I was a little scared that it was gone for good. Just in time for my order!

  • Aaron

    Does anybody have a link to photos of the Space Gray upholstery? I just placed an order for an MCS (won’t go into production til mid may), and in general I prefer cloth over leather as I find lether/plastic to be too sticky and non-breathable in the summertime, for my taste. I’m just wondering if I should consider changing the order from leatherette to the space gray cloth. Guess I need to pay the dealer another visit.

  • Here’s a photo of Space Grey Cloth with the Seven (Piano Black) Dash

  • I wish there were at least one picture for every MF article.

    all in all. great news! i love space!

  • mtbscott

    I am extremely happy with the space grey cloth I got in my car back in November. 5 months/10K miles later, it still looks like new, is breathable, and allowed me to spend the saved money on other things. Not to start an argument, but I just had a MCC with leather for a loaner, and compared to other vehicles I’ve owned and been in, the MINI leather is definitely not worth what they charge.

  • Lee L

    That a mighty white room you got there Dave. 😉 😉

  • Jeremy

    D’oh. I was really upset when SG wasn’t available for my order. If I had just waited another month…

  • benzamg

    Love my Cloth/Leather.. best of both worlds..

  • Crusoe

    Is this avail. on both the standard and sport seats?

  • Crusoe – if you’re considering the stock seats in the Cooper, I’d highly recommend looking at the optional sport seats. Big difference and one of the must get options on a Cooper IMHO.

  • Crusoe

    Yes, I’d upgrade to sports seats assuming I could get cloth. So is SG/PB normally an option? Love my ’06 Impreza’s seats which are quite sporty.

  • Crusoe

    Yes, I’d upgrade to sports seats assuming I could get cloth. So is SG/PB an option with sport seats?

  • Space Grey/Black cloth is only available in sport seats. I’d recommend checking out the configurator for all the details.

  • Jimbo

    I have the space grey/black cloth seats in my 2005 MCS. Me likee.

    Pleather too sticky. Leather too much $$$.

  • Disco Stu

    Disco Stu digs Space Cloth in his Mini

  • Crusoe

    Good deal. The configamajig has had the SGBC option disabled for months. Just black cloth on regular seat worked, go figure.


    I love my leather, nothing against any other type, but I love it. My daughter has the cloth seats in her MC. They were very comfortable when I drove her car cross country but, I’ll take the leather.

    I also love the colours MINI’s dropping.

  • mark pierce

    Why did they drop space cloth in the USA?

    It has always been available in the UK.

    Was it something to do with the airbag sensors in the seats for the US?

  • Damon

    Our 2002 Cooper had the Cordoba Tan leather and I loved it but it doesn’t ever get too hot here in the SF Bay Area. It was very durable and easy to clean. Our 2004 MCS has the Space Cloth and we love it. It has better grip and is warmer than leather. It seems to wear very well and is easy to clean, just vacuum. Our other MINI , a 2005 MCS has the Tartan Red cloth and Leather. I love the way it looks but it is actually hard to keep clean. Any water or a drop of something oily leaves marks or water rings. I’ve had to clean them several times over the year. I think the Space cloth is the most user friendly and it looks cool.

  • Why did they drop space cloth in the USA?

    It has always been available in the UK.

    Was it something to do with the airbag sensors in the seats for the US?

    Space Cloth Unavailable After 1.06

    Because MINI’s supplier went out of business. It wasn’t available worldwide for the first half of ’06.

  • John

    Ugh, of course they bring it back after I already got my MINI. That might have been enough to convince me to get the sports seats. They look slick.

  • TSizemore3

    Since I live in Florida, I ordered the Space Grey cloth seats in my 2003 MCS for livability reasons. As I started autocrossing and hearing the problems the MINI owners who had leather seats were having staying put in their seats, I reconfirmed the wisdom of my choice.

    After almost 3 years of use and abuse, they are wearing very well. I believe that in the heat and humidity of Florida summers the cloth seats are much more comfortable than the real/fake leather seats.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Glad to hear that it is back. Had it in my ’02MCS and loved it. Very durable, handled the wear very well. Looked almost like new when I traded it in.

    My early ’06 MCS has SG/PB again and it is still great upholstery. Now at least there will be one choice for my next MCS.

  • ChrisW

    Love my Space Grey, but wish they offered Space Black.