White Roof Radio Podcast #50

Here we are with #50. We can’t believe it either! Thanks for sticking around and listening. We do appreciate it!

db drives an x3, Todd tries to eat ice while podcasting and is really stretching the birthday out, Gabe makes bacon and everyone decides that monkeys pulling a chariot would be comedy gold! Oh yea, please don’t try to compare the audio quality of any of the TWiT podcasts. Switching from FM Radio to a TWiT cast can blow your ear drums out. Oh yea, we discuss some news too…

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  • Steve

    Show Notes link gives error (WordPress – Error establishing a database connection)

  • happy 50th, guys! It’s been a long journey since numero uno. Is it time to celebrate?

  • Vanwall

    Congrats, Gang! Quite a milestone – didja get flowers? 😉 Keep up the good work.

         Rob in Dago
  • DB

    Thanks gang! Yea, Rob we got the flowers and they were delicious 😉

    BTW, hard drive swap on the server is happening soon plus some other improvements that are causing it to act a little weird. If you can’t reach the site, just be patient! It will be back to normal soon.

  • Shamus

    Happy 50th Guys!!! Still listening since #1 and goin’ strong!