White Roof Radio Podcast #53

More GP talk. A full recap of the car, Todd talks about ordering his and what Gabe and db would do if they were ordering one. We never could get him to tell us what color he is getting though and we even asked twice. Is the GP the Mona Lisa?

We will continue with our regularly scheduled programming next week.

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  • Frank

    Guys, I love your shows. One thing that still needs a bit of work is the sound quality. For some reason Todd seems to have the best microphone/connection of all 3. Not a big deal, just a small observation that’s all. Heck I don’t even know how to produce a podcast myself so I admire DB’s initiative and effort in putting these woofcasts together every week.

    My “workaround” to improve the sound quality has been to set my H/K stereo in “Festival” sound mode and the iPod EQ’s setting (4GB Nano) in “Loudness”. All of a sudden the sound quality dramatically improves. It is funny because DB, Todd and Gabe all sound like if they were speaking from inside a cave in Tora-Bora, due to the echo/spatial effect afforded by the H/K Festival sound mode. (Try it, its fun!).

    Another quick comment I wanted to add, is that you guys were talking about the presence of classic Minis in your respective local clubs (I think it was woofcast #50 or #51) and some of you said that you either didn’t have a single classic Mini or had 1 or 2 in your clubs.

    Well, I am proud to say that our local club Minis of Miami has at least 15-20 Classic Minis as registered members along with 60-65 new MINIS. Our club has always pride in the full integration and participation of both classic and BMW MINIs since its inception. Most classic Mini clubs run as separate entities from the BMW MINI clubs but not in Miami. What’s more, some of the classic Mini owners are also new MINI owners and viceversa.

    We have some of the most gorgeous classic Minis in the South Florida region. We have anything from 1961 original Austin Cooper S to 1999 Rover Minis equipped with fuel injected engines, driver’s side airbags, A/C and Blaunkpunt factory stereos.

    Feel free to check us out @ http://www.minisofmiami.com