MINI’s commitment to the MINI Challenge looks like it will remain strong over for the foreseeable future. This news comes from recent comments made by the head of MINI of Germany and reported on Here’s an excerpt:

> ”The MINI CHALLENGE series has been an unprecedented success for us. The demand within the markets with the dealers and equally importantly the fans has been phenomenal. It meets so many of our marketing and business objectives and it’s a proven mechanic for communicating with our core target audience.

>“We will be running the same specification cars in 2007 as this year and as with the past two years, will continue to focus on predominantly German based races but I would not rule out the possibility of taking the series throughout Europe in the future.”

You can read the entire article here:

[ MINI Confirms Future for the MINI CHALLENGE Series ]

Note: The series referred to above is not the MINI Challenge held in the UK but the one that is run mainly in Germany and beefore several F1 races. It’s also the same series that raced at Misano last year and MINI United.

Thanks Stephen for the heads up.