Forbes Reviews the MCS JCW

And surprise surprise, they seem to like it. Here’s an excerpt:

Add it all up and you have a small car that accelerates like a serious sports sedan. If you’ve never driven a Mini, then you don’t know the thrill of a car you can drive literally by intuition. Parking is a snap, but more importantly, the steering of this car is uncannily direct. No other car–and I’m a jaded car critic–provides the go-cart-like control of a Mini. Add the JCW ingredients and stir for a Mini that handles synaptically quick.

And the JCW car doesn’t feel brutal, the way a lot of factory tuners can. It’s still forgiving enough to drive for several hours on the highway, but unlike a giant family hauler, this car will never bore you to sleep, even if you’re merely commuting.

You can read the entire article here:

[ Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works ] Forbes
  • Surprisingly a great article, and a very unique angle: selling a mini to a grunt-hungry SUV driver! They hit on all the important points, and for I think the first time, I noticed no mistakes.

  • badburro

    I didn’t think lighter wheels and carbon fiber trim were part of the $6300 package from the factory. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Aqualung

    sweet review, that’s my ride, I’ve been very happy with it, may put the JCW CAI on it next….with my short commute I’m only filling up 1 or 2 x a month, so as the article says it is making sense to keep it as gas cost keeps rising…but I won’t be carrying 2×4’s on the roof!

  • Nozz

    That’s my baby! A 2005 MCS JCW. Now, if I can just get the keys from my wife…

  • Vanwall

    The picture is a GP, (!) and their Cooper history is a little garbled, but overall, a nice advertisement for the MINI. They caught the fact that for fun performance, there is no “green” car even close.

              Rob in Dago
  • Great article but my only point of total and complete disgreement with the author is that the back seat is only suited for children. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Numerous times I have fitted over 6FT tall passengers in the back seats, many, many times and medium sized adults with no problems or comfort complaints.

    The only child that has even ridden in both of our MINIs is my 6 year old nephew.

    I don’t think the article’s author ever set his butt in the back seat to begin with…

  • Damon

    I agree with Frank. I have many a time put four people in my MINI. The only draw back is that the front seats don’t go forward enough to really make it easy for people to get in or out of the back. Once people are in it is quite comfortable and with the rear sunroof glass people have a great time back there.

    I have even put four people and my 70lb dog in the boot. She sits with her head just sticking up behind the rear seat. I remove the parcel shelf of course but for a short little trip she didn’t mind.

  • Erik Rutberg

    This is the first time I have seen the S refered to as a “green” car. I have to agree. I bought my 2003 MINI Cooper S as a fun weekend/track car, but fell in love and started driving it daily. When I got my first gas card bill, it was less than half what I had been paying, and since the car was new I was doing more mileage. I was happy when I got 11mpg on my commute in my last couple cars (BMW 540i, M5), now I get twice that if I drive it like I stole it. My point is typical “green” car owners come from other fuel efficient cars and improve their mileage 10-15 percent. The MINI attracts auto enthusiasts that can cut fuel use in half (or more if you go easy) and still enjoy the ride.

    Now companies are bringing out performance hybrids, but the extra 400lbs or more will keep me away. They may have the power to make up for the extra weight, but it takes its toll on handling and braking.

    2006 MINI Cooper S GP, on order 2004 325xiT, wife’s wagon 2003 MINI Cooper S, tons of mods, soon for sale 1997 318ti/Dinan3, supercharged 1988 ///M5, 11mpg on a good day, 7 on a bad, and 2-3 on track 1985 735iA, currently on life support 1973 2002

  • Mark

    I pick up my JCW MCSc in Portland on Saturday! Then if the weather is nice, I’ll enjoy a nice three hour drive east through along the Columbia River gorge with the top down…

  • For those that value’s reviews of things other than tech (not sure why), they did a review of the 2006 MCS:

    2006 Mini Cooper S on

  • Aqualung

    Chris J, thanks for that link, it’s hot off the press. You’re right, why CNET is doing car reviews is a bit odd. Mark, I’m jealous, what a gorgeous area of the country and perfect for that car. Sailboard on the back (Sporthitch)?

  • Pedro

    Am I missing something?? They state the JCW Tuning Kit-equipped MCS is $26,900. How is that? I am on right now and a base MCS with JCW Kit (which requires at least Sport Package) is $29,150. How are they coming up with their numbers? I just ordered a 2006 MCS and if I could have gotten a JCW for $26,900 – that would have been it.

  • Bill

    …as mentioned above, they also state that the $1300 carbon fiber dash is included in the package………way to research, Forbes. But then again, they’ve given a favorable review to a car that costs 1/10 of what Forbes’ target demographic can afford. A victory for MINI I must say.

  • O(=^=)OCapn

    Cnet got one with the parklane options. look at the seats

  • The MINI is “green”? That’s news, considering their POS emission levels.