Official MINI Protective Boot Strip DIY

We’ve got more DIY goodness for you this Friday. This time it’s the official Protective Boot Strip that owners can put on just below the hatch to protect their rear bumper. As the owner of a Jet Black car with some impressive gouges on the bumper, I can definitely see the need for this one. Sounds like a garage night is in order.

[ Official Protective Boot Strip PDF ] MINI

Notes: There is actually a picture on MotoringFile of this accessory. I just can’t seem to find it (imagine that). So bonus points for the first one to correctly link to it in the comments section!

EDITED by Dave: Thanks Berthil!

  • Berthil
  • What does instruction #12 mean?

    Is that thing an engine?

    No driving for 48 hours? No putting engines in the boot for 48 hours?

  • Ted

    Looks like #12 is a car wash.

  • curv872

    Bought one a few weeks ago for my Space Blue MCS. This is the first place my dogs would step, so it works perfect. The strip also has a slight texture to it, sorta like grip tape.

  • 05DSMCS

    So is this essentially just applied like a decal?

  • Tom

    So, do you have to apply it using a mirror or is there really a model with the exhaust tip on the left and the wiper on the right?

  • curv872

    It’s applied just like a clear bra:

  • Charlie

    Seems simple enough! If I could only find that part on ebay.

  • curv – you transport your dogs in the boot?? lol


    Had one since last August (05), Looks great on an all yellow MINI and offers functional protection.

  • agranger

    I think that the machine in #12 is a pasta roller!

    No lasagna for 2 days!

  • Hello.

    There exists any chromed? Thank you!

  • usaaus

    I think they want you to stay out of the carwash for 48 hours. (step 12)

  • Bwana Yak

    So where does one get the kit? Anyone have the MINI part number?

  • The retrofit kit numbers are in the PDF. You can get both the black and the clear kit at any MINI dealers. However you may want to try one of the four dealers that advertise on MotoringFile as you’re likely to get an MF related discount!

  • Dion

    I believe #12 would be a car wash.

  • O(=^=)OCapn

    So, what type of wheels are those on the car? lol