A New Way to Get MotoringFile

A few weeks ago we quietly rolled out the MotoringFile Email Subscription service in conjunction with Feedburner.com. This new subscription service allows you to receive yesterday’s MotoringFile articles in your inbox every morning. For those too busy to browse the web or even use our RSS feed, this gives you a way to keep up to date with the site without even leaving your email client.

You can sign up for the new MotoringFile Email Subscription on our Subscriptions Page or by simply entering your email address below.

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One thing worth mentioning however, if you want to see the photos for each article you’ll still need to come to the website or use the RSS feed.

Speaking of that RSS feed, remember that you can stay even more up-to-date via it rather than the new Email Subscription service. For more information, check out our subscriptions page.

  • Great idea if I didn’t already come to the site, religiously, every day. Thanks for offering it up.

  • BTW, I meant that as a compliment. Being the MINI/MotoringFile nut that I am, I went ahead and signed up…. just in case. 😉

  • Charlie

    Thanks Gabe. I’m signed up

  • Thanks Gabe! I visit MF daily through a RSS feed on Gomotoring.com but this is awesome!

  • dc

    My mail reader has an RSS feed so I can keep up with frequent updates.

  • RudyT

    If your like me… I usually check the forums, motoringfile, wrr, and the like, before I check my email… Now I can do it all at once… Great Idea !!!

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