JCW Steering Wheel DIY

DIY Friday is back this week with a PDF that I’ll soon be studying for my own steering wheel project. Installing the JCW Steering Wheel is easier than you would think, however there are a couple of important steps that this PDF really helps out with.

However there are a few things I’ve noticed that this PDF doesn’t touch on. First is that the “pierced” holes on the MINI wheels aren’t typically there on most wheels. Instead you just have small dimples which you’ll have to gently pierce yourself before doing the install. Then there’s also the steering wheel trim (generally housing the multifunction portion) that will need to be uninstalled on the current wheel and installed on the new one. While that should be straight-forward, it’s worth noting that this PDF doesn’t mention any related procedure.

For those thinking about purchasing a JCW wheel, we should have a review of the leather/alcantara version in the next couple of weeks.

[ JCW Steering Wheel Official Install PDF ] MINI

Purchase information: You can find the JCW Steering Wheel for under $500 shipped at Morristown MINI and Knauz MINI (ask for the MotoringFile discount) and under $450 shipped at Newministuff.com.

  • matt

    $450 shipped, damnit gabe!

  • Jim

    Will this work if I have the older 2-spoke design?

  • modboi


    I’m amazed with all of the high-end mods that you are adding to your car. Are most of these freebies or heavily discounted? Oh the perks of having the most popular MINI webzine in the world, no doubt.


  • rkw

    Hey Gabe, that was my document you pulled from NAM!!! That’s okay, I don’t mind. For those interested in more information and pictures, it came from this thread: http://www.northamericanmotoring.com/forums/showthread.php?t=70194

    The PDF was created from pages printed out from two separate procedures in the BMW TIS CD-ROM service manual. They are “official” in that sense but there is really no official start-to-finish set of instructions for installing the JCW steering wheel.

    Will this work if I have the older 2-spoke design?

    The steering wheel would work, but you would also have to purchase the airbag for the 3-spoke, and spoke covers (either plain or with multifunction buttons). The expense jumps up considerably. However, you should be able to recover some cost selling by your 2-spoke.

  • Hey Gabe, that was my document you pulled from NAM!!! That’s okay, I don’t mind.

    That’s pretty funny. Someone just sent it to me yesterday but didn’t say where it was from.

  • From the pics I’ve seen on motoringfile, it looks like you would lose the MFSW buttons on the standard wheel. Is this true?


  • Edge


    I thought that at first too – but those pics are with the OPTIONAL JCW carbon-fiber inserts. It turns out that you can choose to retain the silver inserts that come with the factory wheel, which also means you can retain the MSFW features!

    I am only too happy about this, because I was also concerned that the carbon fiber parts were permanent/required… asides from keeping the MSFW stuff, I dislike the look of CF and don’t want it in my car. It used to be cool and rare, but there is so much fake CF these days that even the real stuff doesn’t have that “special” touch any more… as far as I’m concerned, the only reason to get CF now is for the weight savings – and in that case it can be painted! 🙂

    I do plan now on buying the JCW wheel. I’m going to go with the all-leather version though, because I think the suede will stain far too easily. Even if it takes a few months to happen, it WILL happen, IMO… and a lot easier than all leather.

  • rkw

    The JCW steering wheel comes with no spoke covers and the only real difference from the stock wheel is the wrapping around the rim. You need to either transfer spoke covers from your current steering wheel (with or without MFSW buttons), or purchase the JCW carbon fiber pieces (which cost around $75 for EACH spoke!). Here’s a picture of mine with the MFSW buttons.

  • rkw

    Oops, that HTML didn’t work. Here’s the link to the picture: http://www.northamericanmotoring.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=13572&stc=1&d=1151619269

  • (which cost around $75 for EACH spoke!).

    I believe you can find them much cheaper at newministuff.com

  • Trick

    Gabe: Any shots of this in comparison to the old wheel? Is it the same diameter? Just thicker?

  • Here you go.

    I’ll have a full review soon.

  • Trick

    Thanks man. . .

    I’ll have to check the rule book, but I believe I can deal with a 1″ +/- diameter and stay legal for G Stock.

    Looking forward to the full review.

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  • lmaxey

    1/3/07 Morristown….$401 Shipped….Wow!

  • GoodFinder

    At $400 this is almost becoming a “must have” upgrade for my GP!

  • Aaron

    FYI: For those of you lusting after the full leather version of this wheel for the R53, I’ve been told that there are only 2 left on MINI shelves (dealers or warehouse). They do not plan to make any more of them.

    I am not aware of stock or production plans for the leather/alacantera version that Gabe reviewed, but one might imagine that it too will soon be going the way of the Dodo.