JCW MCS Long-term Review: Part 3


  • The first word was cut off when taping this review. We didn’t realize it until it was done and well, Matt and I didn’t feel like doing it again! Just be sure to read that first word up there before clicking play to get the “full” review!

  • Chad in VA

    Gabe, has anyone ever told you that you look like that guy from Overhaulin’?? 😉

  • All I get at work is a black box 🙁

  • Gabe, has anyone ever told you that you look like that guy from Overhaulin’?? 😉

    After just now seeing a pic of that guy I can say that I’ve never been more offended in my life 🙂 Thankfully I look nothing like him (whoever the hell he is).

  • Chad in VA
    I’ve never been more offended in my life. Thankfully I look nothing like that guy (whoever the hell he is).


    It must be the hat, glasses, and lighting, ’cause I think there’s a resemblance there – http://tlc.discovery.com/fansites/overhaulin/bio/jacobs.html

    And he’s even from Chicago!


  • Oh that guy… well that’s a lot closer than the guy I was thinking you were talking about! 🙂

  • Ken
    Oh that guy… well that’s a lot closer to the guy I was thinking you were talking about! 🙂

    You think so?? Maybe with that new hair cut. But your closer to Brett Favera, Farve or what ever.

  • Nathaniel Salzman

    Great review – very Top Gear. I love how they do their reviews in-car. What camera setup did you guys use?

  • Nathaniel Salzman

    My big question, Gabe – is the difference in the JCW over the pulley worth the cost?

  • My big question, Gabe – is the difference in the JCW over the pulley worth the cost?

    It depends on how fast you want to go 🙂 Seriously though, if you’re a logical person the answer would be no. But since when has logic entered into the mind of a MINI owner?

  • matt

    having driven the JCW car last-night; i have to quote Mr. Bueller, “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly suggest picking one up.”

    i would JCW my S today if i had a spare ~$6k sitting around, it is that good.

  • Yeah! That’s more like it. Can we have more of these video inserts please?

  • alpinamike

    Friend of mine just bought one, and he really likes it, He sold his older one to get it. But he does not have the leather dash gabe 🙁 or and CF parts. He told me his would be one of the last built factory JCW. -alpinamike

  • Woodster

    Thanks for the video review, Gabe!

    I have had the privilege of having both popular MCS upgrades on the same car (2004 MCS). I started down the aftermarket route with the Alta 15% pulley, Miltek exhaust and Alta CAI. I also opted for the Iridium plugs and Hotwires cables. The performance was very good compared to the stock S setup and I was pretty happy overall. But due to a loose spark plug I ruined my cylinder head. The plug chattered its way out of the head, leaving an unthreaded hole in its path, OUCH! (note to self, buy torque wrench…). So here I am with a dilemma: I’m facing a pretty expensive non-warranty repair with 10K left on my factory warranty. Rather than spend 3K on a used cylinder head and labor to install, I opted for the JCW kit. Sure it cost me twice as much, but at least I stay under warranty and get the performance and badge too. Bottom line, I did the right thing. I can attest to Gabe’s review, the car pulls like crazy and now feels balanced (handling and power). While the old setup was quick, it didn’t feel as refined as the JCW and the torque is now available at much lower revs, so I don’t need to think too hard about keeping in the “sweet spot”. One additional note: When they installed the JCW kit they couldn’t install the JCW CAI because they were missing a part. I got to drive the JCW kit with an Alta CAI for about a week before the JCW CAI went in and I must say I was disappointed with the JCW CAI. The throttle response was much slower, and the power didn’t seem as immediate. I’ll be going back to the Alta CAI after the warranty is out; it just makes the JCW feel even more responsive.

  • The Seeker

    Nicely done. It’s not easy to describe the JCW kit without having a big grin on your face.

  • thumbs up on the video review. cool and concise.

  • rkw

    Gabe, given the choice again, would you have done the JCW or still go down the aftermarket path? What are you thinking now for your next performance mods?

  • Great review, but what’s with the shades, Stallone?

  • Neil

    It’s a little sad that you couldn’t find a MINI shirt to wear for the video.

  • Vanwall

    Great review, Gabe, and you look nice & relaxed – must’ve been all that slow driving. 😉 One of the MINI dealers has a JCW’d MC40 I’ve rented a few times and it’s a helluva ride, I’ll agree. It’s the ultimate point and squirt machine, and I wish I had some spare sheckels laying around, that’s for sure. I’d prolly rack up some tickets, tho – it’s a whole lotta MINI ultimate drink-me, and avery corner would be awfully tempting.

        Rob in dago
  • gmini

    That video really made me miss my last MINI. It REALLY did.

    Thanks a lot, gabe. 🙄

    And i’ll be saving for the 08 JCW.

  • It’s a little sad that you couldn’t find a MINI shirt to wear for the video.

    Someone needs to support BMW Sauber. God knows they need it. That and I need to get ready for the massive Bimmerfile launch!

  • MINI Fireman

    Well Gabe, I’ve been getting pretty used to mine, although I do confess to having already made a few modifications to add a little raciness since we talked at the USGP BBQ.

    06 AB/AB JCW MCS

  • Your review sums up my thoughts in one word, FUN!! Although I don’t have the JCW upgrade, I did have the JCW Air Intake added on my 2006 MCS. Maybe someday I will take that jump upstream some more, but for now the added 7hp more than fills the FUN tank. It is one sure way to take the stress of everyday life off one’s mind and refills the FUN gage to FULL!!!! Thanks GABE and next time smile a bit more while having lot’s of FUN!!!!!!

  • Wait a minute…


    Am I the only one who heard that?

    Is it really in the works?

  • …..maybe 😉

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