Next Generation MCS Spotted in California

MotoringFile reader Donald Hull brings us these pictures taken just a few days ago in San Francisco. They’re not too revealing but Donald tells us that the black MCS he spotted was very lightly camouflaged. Get those camera phones ready San Fran!

In the next several weeks on MotoringFile expect to see more revealing photos, updated 2007 production and ordering information and the debut of the full R56 color list.

  • eto

    It is going to be an exciting summer as we near the September reveal of the next-gen MINI. I am looking forward to all the professional and amateur spypics. I don’t have a MINI, but plan to get one in the next two years, so I am eagerly watching for any next-gen content.

    Thanks again, Gabe, for providing the greatest MINI news site on the ‘net!

  • Neil

    Ah, summer in San Fran. The car looks good bathed in the romantic glow of the horrid fog.

  • alpinamike

    gotcha, looks like the same in LA…lol

  • Baby got back.

  • Craig

    Loch Ness MINI. Vague MINI shaped blob barely visible in the morning fog.

  • maybe it was all just a dream!

  • OH Steve

    Very sinister looking

  • Mini Driver

    Hey… That’s ME!! 😉

  • Jakob

    Mini fans needs become better in the actual pursuit of the elusive R56 and they definitely need better cameras ready for action!

  • Theo

    Looks like the S model…with twin-scroll turbo…?

  • RudyT

    Why stop with photo’s. I say bring on the video camera. Lets get some real action with the spy cam.

    BTW… Is that fog or just really bad smog in San Fran. How can one breath in that? Oxygen anyone?

  • bluzeke

    . . . Run that TAG! 🙂

  • Bradee-oh

    It’s fog – “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco” is my favorite Mark Twain quote.

    After these spottings of the R56 around SF, I’m keeping my camera with me at all times 😉

  • okeeton

    I knew I saw that R56 in Pacifica the other day(7/12)… though I’d swear it was a Cooper… no hood scoop on the one I saw in Pacifica (So of SF by 20 miles) Almost turned aound and gave chase but work “beckoned”

    And the fog keeps the lungs moist and healthy!

  • Siddhartha

    And I thought Don Hull had disappeared! Hi and nice going, Don.

  • gokartride

    MotoringFile….the official stalkers of the R56 MINI!!! Good going…I eagerly await more juicy details, especially the revealing pictures and that color list!!! You know….some people think all this is an illness!!!! 🙂

  • Jon

    Really looking forward to seeing the coming details. What I’ve seen so far more than compleatly interests me.

  • EricR

    ‘San Fransico’? Freudian slip? 😉