2007 MINI Reviews Out Soon

MINI has allowed roughly a dozen publications early drives in the car in an effort to show off the improved dynamics and the new engine. The tests are taking place this week so look for the early driving impressions of the new R56 MINI later this week on the web (when the embargo is lifted) and next week in print.

However if you want a sneak peak at the sneak peak, be sure to read the very first review of seat time in the R56 published right here on MotoringFile last November: Behind the Wheel of the 2007 MINI

  • Who wrote last years “behind the wheel”?

  • Ken

    Gabe do you have anymore information on the rear quarter glass? Does it still wrap around, does it open?

  • Gabe do you have anymore information on the rear quarter glass? Does it still wrap around, does it open?

    It is not wrap-around and does not open.

    Who wrote last years “behind the wheel”?

    That I take to the grave 🙂

  • Gabe, you should be pushing to get on MINI’s speed dial. If they give a car to Road and Track or some other lame publication before you that would be a shame. Maybe that is already in the works?

  • OH Steve

    It would be nice to see some finished pics of the interior

  • Ken

    Saw this at mini2.com could this be how the rear quarter window will look with the plastic at the corner?


  • Avitor

    Given that the front pillars look much like the R53, I don’t see why the rear would be that much different. Though it does look like it soaks up less of the driver’s visibility.

  • John

    I just got my Motor Trend issue yesterday. The featured article was “New for 2007”; a look at all the new models coming in 2007. They completely blew the coverage on the MINI. They stated that the GP was a 2007 model and the remainder of the line was unchanged for 2007. They stated that the R56 was a 2008 and the Traveller was going to introduced in Fall 2007. Maybe their reporters should read Motoring File so they can report accurate information. Gabe, as always, “You da man!”

  • Aurel

    I have a feeling a review from Paul is coming tomorrow on MINI2 😉

  • dr

    Just a thought on wrap around glass…Do you think that it is only a cost saving measure? OR is it possible that the larger pillars are there to provide better rear end crash protection?

  • MrChips

    The other theory I have heard is that the new molded plastic (and specifically it’s vertically oriented ‘bump’) is there to help with rear-end dust build-up.

    I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but on both of my MCSs the dust builds up drastically on the bootlid.