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MotoringFile advertiser Newministuff is currently offering all MotoringFile readers 5% off all products in the store. That includes such things has the JCW leather dash (available in a wide variety of stitching colors not offered in the US) and JCW steering wheel. And keep in mind Newministuff already offers some of the lowest prices around on these items. To use your discount simply put MF01 in the notes section when checking out.

[ Newministuff ]
  • krammit

    Are their prices in british pounds or euro?

  • Pounds.

  • Cube17576

    2 questions:

    When you put the discount code in the notes section, it does not reflect in the displayed price. How do I know that I will get the 5% discount when I give them my credit card?

    If I use a credit card I am assuming that it will automatically do a currency conversion to USD. The current rate is about 1 USD = 0.523740 GBP

  • Dave

    That leather dash and downtubes are tempting.

  • cube – I expect your credit card company will do the conversion, not newministuff, they will just bill in pounds. Note that your card company may (read: almost certainly will) charge you a fee for this which could be as much as 3%, a flat charge, or both!

  • The 5% won’t show on your order but I WILL manually do the 5% discount before your card is processed. We charge your cards in £ sterling, your card company will then do the conversion

  • Edge

    OK – so is this a limited-time deal, or a permanent discount?

    I have a very large order I want to place, but I’m not sure yet about the timing of the order…

  • Doug


    Same with me. Give me a month with the discount, and I’ll be buying….

  • Information; The offer will run for the foreseeable future – at least till the end of September The discount will not show up on your order total as it is applied by me before we bill your credit card Don’t worry about the online shop showing VAT, it is removed at the final stage for all those outside Europe We charge your card in £ pounds sterling, your card provider will bill you in $.