Edmunds has come out with this year’s list of lowest depreciating cars and everyone’s favorite small car has come in 2nd. Here’s a quote from the PR release:

>The lists show the percentage of its original value that each vehicle is likely to retain after five years, assuming a total of 75,000 miles. Residual value percentages are based on the national Edmunds.com True Market Value(R) (TMV(R)) price for a vehicle equipped with typical options, plus destination charge. Each model’s ranking represents an average of all trim levels in each model’s lineup.

>Among the cars with the highest projected residual values , and therefore to depreciate the least during the ownership period, are:

>1. 2006 Honda S2000 – 51.7%
>2. 2006 Mini Cooper – 51.5%
>3. 2006 Acura TSX – 47.7%
>4. 2006 BMW M3 – 47.6%
>5. 2006 Mercedes-Benz SL Class – 47.0%
>5. 2006 Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG – 47.0% (tie)

[ Vehicle Depreciation Top Ten List ] Edmunds.com