GP Delivery Day Audio

(Posted by Todd at Monterey) As you all know Friday was delivery day for 32 lucky GP owners in Monterey. I was able to capture some interviews with a few of the owners and even a few words from Mike Cooper himself. Michael Cooper is actually John Michael Cooper so he signed my GP dash as John Cooper with a remarkable flair that you might recognize. Check the flicker for a rather poor camera phone image. I’m still without a way to get pictures from my camera to the laptop but I should have those photos transferred and posted shortly.

For now enjoy about 20 minutes of interviews and fun audio from GP delivery day in Monterey.

Download | 17:51 | 16.4MB | WRR @ iTunes

  • I just got back from a nice run with the Nano and had a chance to listen to this. Todd you’ve completely out done yourself!

    This is podcasting at its absolute best.

  • I totally agree! BTW, THE GP SOUNDS AWESOME!!!

    Also, I’m glad you’re keeping the red mirror caps!!

  • That is singularly awesome to have Mike Cooper actually sign your dashboard! How cool is that?!