If you want to get one of the last R50 or R53 MINI before the faster, lighter and more effecient (not to mention divisive) R56 comes online, you may want to get down to the dealer ASAP. We’ve been told some dealers are essentially sold out of custom ordered production and others are just a few weeks away. So if you’re wanting a 2006 MINI and haven’t gotten your order in, now is the time.

With all this said, if you’re fine with a pre-specced MINI, you have more time. MINI USA will be importing R50 and R53 2006 model year MINIs with pre-specced options meant to fill the gaps between the time the 2006 ceases production in October and the time the R56 gets here in Late January. These cars should be available until December and January depending on your location and how fast MINIs sit on dealer lots.